rattling in area of camera

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trashbat    1

so i went out friday night and had one too many and unfortunately due to the inadequate depth if my pockets (and being pretty inebriated) my phone slid out abd hit the floor a couple of times.

it has held up surprisingly well cosmetically, the screen remains unscathed and there are only slight marks to the corners.

i have now ordered a case in the hope of protecting the phone fron further damage. however, if i tap or shake the phone there is a rattle around the area of the camera. does abyone else have this? could i have damaged its insides?

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RussellS    55

I can't detect any rattle from mine.

Make sure everything is still working ok like the camera, SD card access and SIM access, touch screen and LCD. If these are all ok then it may be a piece of plastic or something broken off inside. You could take the back cover off and check it out. I havn't had mine apart but you would normally find some very small Torx screws visible after removing the battery cover. Take these out and hopefully the rear cover will come off allowing to see what is causing the rattle.

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kyan31    2,002

Yes you probably hae damaged a part of the phone if there is a rattling noise. Have you opened the back of the phone? Maybe your sim card slid out of the hole and isvrattling around.

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