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Xperia neo, SI numbers for ICS update

5 posts in this topic

Phone model SI-number Released

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7718 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7719 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7720 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7721 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7724 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7725 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7726 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7734 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7735 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7737 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7738 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7739 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7740 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7741 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7742 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7760 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-7761 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9090 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9091 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9092 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9875 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9878 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9879 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9894 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9895 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9896 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9897 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9898 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9899 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9900 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9901 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9902 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9903 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9904 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9909 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9910 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9911 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9936 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9937 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9949 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1246-9950 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1216 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1217 5/29/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1241 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1242 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1243 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1244 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1245 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1349 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1350 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-1351 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1247-8024 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1248-2011 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1248-2012 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1249-0773 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1249-0774 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1249-0775 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1249-1521 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1249-2515 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1251-2051 5/28/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1251-2052 5/28/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1251-2053 5/28/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1251-4597 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1251-5089 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1252-6136 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1252-6137 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1252-6138 6/1/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1253-9150 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1254-9610 6/4/2012

Xperia Neo (MT15) 1254-9611 6/4/2012

Taken from: http://talk.sonymobile.com/message/199355#199355


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My neo's SI number:


and i dont now when it will be released to my phone :/


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I have 1247 1314. Just need some more patience. The Ray/Neo V/Arc S rollout took about six weeks from start to now. Quite happy with Night-elf kernel and MIUIv4 for the time being. I can wait a week or so longer.


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updated, your two numbers still not show though :(


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updated, your two numbers still not show though :(

Patience is a virtue with official Android updates from what the last few years have taught me. I'm pretty happy with MIUIV4 at the moment, although I'm gonna jump all over this when it rolls round.

Edit: my number is up!! This will be the first time I use an official OEM provided update for an Android device. Wish they'd make it a flashable zip, that'd be so convenient :-P

Edit2: Sony have done a pretty good job on this, all things considered. Won't be stock for much longer though.

Edited by scuzzbucket

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