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Mugen Power 4000mah extended battery tested!

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Hey guys!

I got this 4000mah battery from Mugen some time ago and tested it over 2 weeks.

After doing what they recommended to set the flags (low charge flag and high charge flag) so the battery knows it's capacity, I've started to test and, man, this is really great. I'm getting something around 16 hours on super heavy use with playing video on full-bright screen.

On average use I put my phone on charge in the evening next day after full charge, so that was around 38 hours of work with 3G on.

Also NFC is working!


Great stuff, guys! If you have issues with battery on Nexus, try this one out. Highly recommended.

Got this from this reference on XDA: http://forum.xda-dev....php?p=27034437

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