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Hello all

The stock Froyo rom based on UM840 is working ok, but has the keypad lights kind of problem.

If you fresh install the rom you'll see that keypad lights might not work unless you edit build.prop and change ro.config.hw_opta=153 to ro.config.hw_opta=177, with this after a reboot keypad lights will work.

Now if you want to change your theme to let's say add a black status bar using a kitchen you will note that after load new theme you want get lights working anymore.

My goal is to try to add/create some themes so that keypad lights work.

Metamorph is needed to change clock color from black to white.


Black status bar plus a simple circle battery (% from 0-100 is not working, yet!).


Download framework-res-black-status-bar.apk from http://www.mediafire...yww1zk6hs6d69w9

and upload it to phone using adb

adb push framework-res-black-status-bar.apk /system/framework/framework-res.apk

Also to change clock color from black to white and/or from white to black please use this metamorph theme.

Or flash it trough recovery with Theme_black_status_bar_circle_battery.zip (services.jar also included on zip to change clock color to white)

Theme Android 2.3.3 based on X3 android 2.3.3


Flash it trough recovery with theme android 2.3.3 services.jar also included on zip to change clock color to white)

To revert to Stock theme download Theme_stock.zip and flash it trough recovery

Remember to backup your rom and/or your framework-res.apk/settings.jar.

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Theme_android_2.3.3.zip link not working

corrected. :mellow:

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