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Woah, what a WHINGER!

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Hey :)

So I have a LOT of respect for this guy, Dave Jones, also known for his amazing "EEVBlog" YouTube channel, but man - he whines and whinges about EVERYTHING! Is it just me, or is a constant nit-picking, complaining, super-cillious attitude REALLY ugly in a person's character?

He then attempts (almost always) to mask his grumbling and whining under the "it's ironic" facade... which it obviously is not, he's serious - watch his body language, as his head almost explodes in a rage. People like this are capable of SO much, but they destroy all their good work (VERY good work, he does) with negativity and bitching.

I like this guy a lot, but you can't help but think he has this "I'm Mr. `In Charge` here, and I am TELLING you I am right!" - stamp stamp, tantrum!

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Ha ha! An Aussie whinger, ironic!

Haven't seen the blog but whenever I see (or read) things like this I think, "THIS PERSON WORKS FOR APPLE".*

Something is very wrong about walking in uninvited to someones house & criticising the occupants for their choice of decor. We see this kind of behaviour A LOT from apple fan bois or employees in android forums.

It's just that everytime I see an apple advert, I see it's patronising, childish tone "oooh, you don't have an iphone" (whinging tone). So when I see this I think it's one of theirs.

*I might well be wrong, but as I haven't seen the blog, this is my first thought.

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