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Help!...Have I "Bricked" it?

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Huawei Ascend G300 U8815

As a newbie, just as I was feeling pretty good about rooting it I feel I have made a terrible mistake and deleted something I should not have :-(

After rooting the phone to remove some of the preinstalled Vodaphone software I now find I cannot access the "settings" menu. Nothing happens and "settings" are no longer in the app drawer. If I try to add settings to the home screen I get the following error message.

"SORRY.the application HUAWEI Launcher (process com.huawei.launcher3)has stopped unexpectedly.please try again" "Force Close"

Is there anyway forward?

Thanks to info posted on this forum I have managed to install a new ROM and all is now fixed....and better! so much to leard and so little time ;-)

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Aye, read up on installing clockworkmod recovery (if your rom doesn't include it) so you can back up your rom & restore it from card.

Also try a different launcher to the stock one. Some good ones out there, some are free :)

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