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Need Some Advice.

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After installing B934, using the IMEI hack method, I got tired of constantly having to go though the panic of zeroing my IMEI just to install the newest roms. So what I decided to do was to go back to B926 and just flash roms though Clockwork when they are released, this should have the added benefit of allowing me to connect at HSPA:11 speeds instead of HSPDA:9, like the other ICS roms and gingerbread for that matter.

Now my question is that before installing B926 I made a nandroid back up of B934 and I was wondering if I could upgrade using my backup instead of using the CWM b934 zip created by Tillaz?

Also if I did that would I lose the ability to connect at HSPA:11?

Thanks for any info.

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Ok figured I might be on my own with this one ;)

Anyway just recovered my nandroid back up of B934 and it seems to be working perfectly. Although I don't know if I've lost the HSPA:11 connection speed, right now I'm only seeing HSPDA:9, but I've been running B926 all day and I never saw HSPA:11.

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