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Google Now for ICS

I've found this on XDA so I decided to make a flashable zip for those that would like to give it a try.

Use at your own risk. Applicable to ICS ROMs only (CFX, Paranoid Android 1.6a).

Backup your ROM before flashing.


- searching using textbox

- location services

- google cards

- notifications

Not working

- voice search - external app "Voice search for Google Now" by Jonny_G included but still doesn't work

- can't exit app with back button from google cards screen

- FCs occasionally


- mod requires about 4MB free on system partition

Download: http://tinyw.in/wYos

Credits go to: SilentStormer, reekotubbs, MikeyXda, Lenny_kano, Jonny_G and all others involved (XDA)


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Sweet. I found another way if you want to add it to the post.

I downloaded Google Now app, uninstalled search and then installed Now. Convert to system app after setup process. Reboot. Done :)

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Basically, this zip does the same. Removes original GoogleSearch and installs GoogleNow as system app.

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