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Small improvements

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- Rooted Xperia U build 6.1.1.B.1.10

- Installed Root Explorer

- Do with your own risk


- Open the Root Explorer App

- Go to system

- Mount System R/W

- Tap and hold the build.prop and then choose Open in text editor

- On the top of build.prop, write qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 (http://sphotos-f.ak....233495646_n.jpg)

- Save and exit

- Reboot your phone

- Done...



Thanks to "jatinrungta" from discursion forum Sony

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Xperia Launcher MOD (With aditional options):

Only for root !!!


Now install:

1 - Download attached v4.2_ICS_MultiResolution_Xperia_GX_Home.apk and put it on your sdcard

1.1 - Rename it to Home.apk

2 - Download attached v4.2_ICS_HomeAdd.apk and put it on your sdcard

2.1 - Rename it to HomeAdd.apk

3 - Download attached v4.2_ICS_HomePreferences.apk and put it on your sdcard

3.1 - Rename it to HomePreferences.apk

4 - Change the properties of the 3 files to rw-r - r - (See picture):


5 - Go to the folder system / app from your root directory make a copy of homeadd.apk home.apk and in a safe place (absolutely necessary if you ever want to have the original launcher series)

6 - Copy into system / app in your root directory you downloaded the apk and changed the name


Do not forget to back up files and homeadd.apk home.apk, that are in the folder system / app, the root directory.

Apologize for my English and say that the launcher is just like the original, but with the options you should bring this factory.

The only thing I did not like is that there is no option to share in the top to hold a widget or icon clicked, otherwise it's a great addition.


Thanks to "serajr", all this work here



Edited by Loren82

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Sony Yuga Launcher:

Download here CWM flashable Zip (This replaces the factory laucher, if you want to keep a copy of your beam Home.apk and HomeAdd.apk files located in the root system / app /)

Failure by CWM flash, extract the zip Android (in system / app /) and move with root explorer, to our root directory system / app /

You can only install, in case of user with root privileges


Edited by Loren82

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