Rows of small black dots.

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Trevstan    0

Hi all i have gotten the G300 for my GF for xmas and when turning it to make sure it worked i noticed that they is rows of dots with maybes 5 mm space between each one and it covers the full screen this is only visible when titled at an angle to describe them would be like very fine pin prick holes.

Also when the screen is bright white i can see them faintly but not all it depends on the viewing angle.

I done a Google and it says that its the digitizers matrix the thing that understands your touch.

Everyone's the same? Just making sure this is normal for the screen as i have never noticed them on my sg2.

Also sorry if this question has been asked multiple times.

Cheers x

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PaulMilbank    32

Yep, mine is the same too. It is just how the digitiser is made. Some are made using other methods so you may not see the fine dots. My X5 did not have them, but my u8150 and now the g300 do.

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runlevel5    12

yep, same here. gotten used to them now. never noticed them on my HTC wildfire but screen smaller etc.

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