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Update kernel on Tureis with CWM?

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Hi guys :)

I was able to install the latest stock ROM (2.3.5) for the Tureis, install ClockworkMod onto the Recovery partition and use ClockworkMod to gain root access with SuperSU on the device.

Now I want to go a step further: Installing a new kernel.

I already got recent sources from here: https://github.com/KonstaT/zte-kernel-msm7x27

I was able to build these and now I have a zImage.

But I cannot flash that zImage! :(

I grabbed the image.bin from the ZTE website and repacked it to contain my zImage in the boot.img but when I try to flash that image under System->Install from SD it just relaunches and nothing happens.

I suspect this is happening because the original loader has been wiped from the recovery partition.

Fastboot is not usable on the Tureis, so now I got a big problem here - is there any way to flash the zImage using ClockworkMod?

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Okay I was able to insert my own zImage into the boot.img and flash the boot.img with the Restore function of ClockworkMod.

After that, the device is stuck on the ZTE screen, the kernel does not load. I used the stock config...

Flashing the original boot.img with CWM results in a working device again. Dammit...

I built this kernel: https://github.com/K...-kernel-msm7x27

with "make msm_7627_turies_defconfig" and an ARM toolchain from here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1686310

Something I missed?

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