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SIM not recognized after flashe Xolo x900

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I have a big problems with my Orange san-diego.

In fact I flashed the original ROM ICS ROM orange by Xolo X900.

flashes and since my SIM is not recognized or indeed any other SIM.

by checking the IMEI number (004999010640000) it corresponds to an IPHONE 4!!

while my phone is an OSD!

I understand, since I flashed the ROM it showed a change in IMEI!

But before the phone worked well!

what happened and what should I do????

I'm lost!

help me please

ps. I am French sorry for the mistakes

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If you contact customer services via the phone it goes to the iPhone section due to the use of a micro SIM(I believe).

Have you tried taking out and cleaning the SIM? Flashing any ROM shouldn't stop the SIM being recognised.

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