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Removing Back Cover For Micro Sd Card

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topcat07    0

Take the sim card tray out first. Then try to start near there with the nail on your thumb pushing into the join on the case. I also used plastic cards to help me. It took me around 40mins to do it is all held on my clips

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geoff1951    2

It's easy to get off. Just go round the edge gradually. There are the usual very small clips that are found round all removeable backs. There's also some of what seems like double sided sticky tape/pads that hold it on. They'll release their grip as you slowly remove it. No need to renew these.

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PAUL1897    0

Use a plectrum or a sanded-down credit card or the plastic card the sim came in

sand down the thickness of one of the rounded corners of the card.

not too thin - about half way and the angle can be fairly shallow

Start at mouth of the sim tray and insert and flex the back case

You will very soon work out the relationship between the clips and the front half

By flexing and twisting the edge you have made while it is inserted you will quickly get a 'technique'

that works for you.

It is anxious stuff but after about 3 clips , it gets ALOT easier

Always keep the case close to the back of the phone, as at the start and when you go round corners , don't

use the fact that case is separated as a way to speed up the disengagement of the last few clips

Just keep doing what works. - I.e "don't try to pop it off because it is hanging off"

Once you have done it you will laugh about all the fuss - but it will be worth it because it will go back on seamlessly


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DaveSimonH    5

I start at the gap between the cover and headphone jack, using a credit card just start to slide it along the edges from there. Starting at the sim card opening didn't work for me.

Now I have the microSD card in there, I doubt I'll be opening it up again.

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