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I have problem with ext for external disk :/

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I have problem with ext for external disk :/

I have carte memory SDHC 32GB sandisc, I maked 2 partition:

first is: fat32 - ~26GB

second is: ext4 - ~5GB

I use programe Links2SD, because another program is not working ex move2SD

already I've tried with ext2 and ext3 and nothing :/

is still a problem

when I turn on the phone, the card memory with ext does not start, must be restarted using the links2SD, sometimes it takes a long time

and sometimes you have to remove the battery and turn on the phone again, and again, I can't detect ext

partition I created by the partition MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

I maked root in my phone

I will add that

Now frequently message pops up:

Unfortunately, the application xxx has stopped

report - ok

sometimes the choice is

wait - report - ok

if I select ok and wait, the application still works

Regarding the application de system or external system

Help me and I sory for my english :P

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