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[STOCK] GEM10312G 290113-1400 ROM

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In this topic you'll find the utility and ROM to restore your Gemini Devices 10312G tablet to the latest software release.

Before you begin, please run the 'Updater' application and ensure your device is listed as a 10312G. This ROM is NOT suitable for the 10312G-rev2.


  • Windows PC
  • microSD card
  • Card reader for PC
    Note that updating the ROM will wipe the device!


    In order to prepare for installation download the following file:
    • 290113-1400 ROM - DOWNLOAD - MD5: 9c6d29735bf24a2f49abd90752086266


    To install the ROM on your device, carry out the following steps:

    [*]Unzip the zip file you downloaded

    [*]Insert the microSD card and reader into your PC - note that the card will be wiped

    [*]Copy the extracted contents of the zip file to the microSD card

    [*]Turn off your 10312G device

    [*]Insert microSD card into the tablet

    [*]Turn the device on

    [*]Watch the screen - you will be prompted to eject the microSD card when complete

    [*]Eject the microSD card and start the device

    If you have any questions feel free to post below! :)

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I tried and It did worked perfectly, but now external USB keyboard for tablet doesn't work.


Before I had to flash this ROM it did work perfectly.

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