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The best Kernel for Nexus S with CM10

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The best Kernel is Air Kernel ;-)

Features :

- Based on Linux Kernel 3.0.56 (JBN 4.2.X &  4.1.X)



- Touch Wake

- Custom Voltage

- Voodoo Colors, Voodoo Sound V10 ☞ supercurio http://twitter.com/supercurio ☞ Voodoo Control plus on Android market

- Governor : Interactive, Conservative (Tweaked), Ondemand (Tweaked), Performance, Lazy(Tweaked), SmartassV2(Tweaked), LulzactiveV2, Wheatley, Savagedzen,OndemandX, Intellidemand

- Scheduler : Simple I/O, BFQ v4, V®, Deadline, Noop, CFQ

- Overclocking to 1.4GHz

- 65 Fps

- Blue Colors


- init.d support

- FAST AC Charging (by chad0989 (Chad Froebel)) -> Fast charge toggle widget:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...stchargewidget IncrediControl:


- Great Battery Life!

- CIFS, TUN support (as modules)

- SLUB memory allocator

- Optimized CRC32 algorithm

- ARM RWSEM algorithm

- Avalibe 409MB RAM

- Backported CPUIdle from Linux 3.5

- Backported AIO from Linux 3.5

- Backported Lowmemorykiller from Linux 3.5

- Backported ZRAM from Linux 3.2

- Backport CPUFreq from Linux 3.2

- Backport KSM from Linux 3.5

- More TWEAKS ...

- ...


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