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CMiui 7.2 Lockscreen weather widget - solution

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Until recently, weather widget on lockscreen was a priviledge of chinese users

due to location restrictions.

Now, a russian (I guess) dev has made a weather app with an option to set itself

to MIUI lockscreen with support for worldwide locations.

App name is Weather BZ (don`t worry - it`s in english, too :))

Now, when we have MIUI rom and a weather app that supports it`s lockscreen, it looks like this:


There are few more lockscreens with weather support in Theme chooser inside rom. Although

there are chinese signs in preview, youĺl most probably have english when you apply it.

In screenshots above there are:

1. Homescreen with Faenza theme (SuaveHD is a good one, too)

2. Lockscreen with Iphone3_weather locker

3. Lockscreen with Slidescreen locker (This one has coloured tabs for various notifications)


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It does, but doesn´t update weather info :(

It stays on starting values.

It would be good to check weather bz after a while to see if there is improvement on this matter.

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