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[ROM] OmniaDroid

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Hi! This is another Ciccio2995's ROM for Omnia i900: OmniaDroid

Ciccio is an Italian boy who has decided to create some Italian ROMs for Omnia i900 because the bests were in English and some people discarded they for this reason.

ROM is fast, clean and very stable! It's perfect!



OmniaDroid is based on build 29018 and its features are:

- Italian language

- free space: 80MB

- free RAM: 52MB

- Manila

- TouchInput Optimized

- Fixed: bluetooth icon, titanium, brand bug and sms bug

- Apps: Obex inbox, adobe pdf, calculator from htc, pim backup, opera mini, quickshutdown, R2VS, Rex-NoData, Ameba, torch; facebook, youtube, multimedia album, touch player, radio FM and mortscript

- Taskbar Android Style

- Dialer: Windows Mobile 6.5 modded

- Csc: already included in PDA

- Calendar, sms, wifi, contacts Omnia Lite

- ...and many more!


no one


- Ssi42 for theme

- RobertoCaroti for programs and contribution

- Stefano92_100 for contribution

Edited by Otaku90

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did any one test this Rom ? Stability, Fast etc.

edit: It's english or lang patch could be easily

sorry for bad english :D

Edited by dregs

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Otaku90, this and the other rom you posted look very nice and promising. Would be good if you give more details about the rom the way the best omnia i900 chefs did in their threads, like chef OCK, Yonn, Steff195, shokka, K1, Obi Wan Radd and many more. Look up for their threads how they present their roms and please do it that way so everyone can be informed good as it should be. And please provide more screenshots as long with screenshots with the Version and About screen.

Please notice that if this roms are previously presented by others and all you did is just cooking a theme in it, that they would be removed by the policy of modaco and copyrights. Yes, Omnia i900 is an old phone and WM is dead OS, but the policy is still valid.

If this is entirely new rom cooked by you or your friends, then please provide us with details about it.

i am sure that you already search this forum to see the threads for the roms from the chefs i mention above, so you know how to do your thread. Please tell us if this roms are WWE (World Wide English) or we need a special cab so we can change it on english? Do not provide us with links for the whole threads about this roms from another forum, cuz as i noticed, those forums are not english.

To avoid posting the same post to the thread of your other rom, i will say that this goes for the other rom called Reborn too.

All the best my friend, cheers :)

P.S. If I could be of any assistance, please let me know, i will be glad to help.

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good point about english. I left a message for the chef on the 'reborn' rom thread. The rom appears to only have italian and no instructions how to convert to any other language.A link to a language install cab would be most welcome.

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hi mates, i'm new here...

can anyone here provide me some winmo 6.1 stock rom and winmo 6.5 rom please...

thanks in advance


my device is Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 8GB



running on WinMo Pro 6.1

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