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How to root when on v10m+

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You will need

1. adb + fastboot

2. recovery-clockwork-

3. cm-9-20130505-NIGHTLY-e400.zip

4. gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip


open cmd as admin / terminal as superuser (terminal than sudo su or su - platform dependent)

adb boot bootloader

adb push "way to" cm-9-20130505-NIGHTLY-e400.zip /sdcard/root/cm-9-20130505-NIGHTLY-e400.zip

adb push "way to" gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip /sdcard/root/gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip

fastboot flash boot "way to" recovery-clockwork-

fastboot reboot


Than it reboots to recovery CWM

Install zip from sd card -

go to /root/cm-9-20130505-NIGHTLY-e400.zip


when finished

go to /root/gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip


reboot (boot normally)


go to MARKET

Search "cwm"

install RomMANAGER


Install CWM/Flash CWM

You are done

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