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First mod on ZTE Grand X In: Status bar mod By Sil3nt

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Next v3 prepared to separate the first mod!

Installation Level: ADVANCED!

After installation, the following changes:

● Akksi, signal strength, Wi-Fi icon will be green.

● Changed USB debugging, USB connection and download icon when connected to a USB device.

● Changed download icon.

To be clearer about the change here are the pictures:




Installation procedure:

● The supplied package to download to your computer.

● The statusbar_mod_by_Sil3nt.zip downloaded file, copy it to the root of the SD card without decompressing.

● Turn off the phone and then volume down and power button press and hold until the Intel sign is displayed.

● When Intel released the label release the buttons and wait until the recovery menu will load.

● After the install zip from sdcard menu, you need to browse over the menu choose zip from sdcard external to restart the phone to reboot system now press the menu again after statusbar_mod_by_Sil3nt.zip file and installation.

Recovery can scroll through the menu and the power button is the OK / ENTER the volume down and volume up buttons.

The amendment package can be downloaded from this.

If it will continue to demand changes!

The original amendment not be held responsible for any damages! Everybody can install a mod at your own risk!

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