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BBM on Hudl

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Hi, Not sure if this has been covered, I have had a quick look but found no info. I wanted BBM on my New Hudl, however play store informed me it was not available on my device. So not wanting to accept that I looked into any work arounds but found none so decided to try myself.. Luckily for me (as I am not a wiz with tech by any stretch) it turned out to be really easy, here's what I did.


First I Rooted my Hudl using VRoot 1.7 (Headache)

Then I installed ES File Explorer.

I then downloaded BBM.apk from here http://www.apkdrawer.com/bbm-apk/

I transfered the BBM.apk to a usb stick (my hudl won't recognize my sd card, new one on order)

Connected usb stick to Hudl and directed ES File Explorer to the usb drive.

Installed the BBM.apk.

Once it installed and before I closed ES File Explorer I opened BBM.


BBM opened fine, I logged in with my current BBM details and Bingo, it happily transfered my account to the Hudl.


I assume you can do exactly as I did but using sd card to install the apk, and I see no reason why it would not create an account if you don't have or don't want to transfer your existing account.......


As I said I'm not a tech head so I'm not gonna be any help if this is not as easy for everyone, but I hope and see no reason why it shouldn't be......post-1029233-0-99001300-1383753066_thumb




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Or rip the apk from your mobile and email then install from there. No root required :)

Apk extractor from the app store does it nicely ;)

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Root is not required in any way to install APKs. Only reason I can see for root is to access the USB drive, and that is kinda silly when you could just download it directly from the browser on the Hudl and install, instead of downloading on PC and transferring in that convoluted manner. You could even just connect the Hudl via USB cable and transfer the APK to it's internal storage, without any need for root.


If getting BBM onto your Hudl was the sole purpose of you rooting it, it was a wasted effort, I am afraid. There are countless methods of getting an APK onto your device without using root. ;)

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