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SaurabhRCk    66

Ok! I don't know if i have asked here before or not! but I have just requested a forum in xda for our device. Now I know its been already asked before. But this time I wrote a little bit more than just asking. This is the link to my request


Now I am requesting all of the members here whoever is reading this post please visit this link, login to your xda account and give a thumbs up! now we need atleast 40 thumbs up to this post to get it to top 5 post of all time to get it noticed to forum mods,


The thanks button is just bellow the post! 


on the contrary if you guys say that this is an inappropriate move by me, i would be happy yo delete my post! but if it is not, what do you say?? Worth a try! 


it won;t take more than 2 minutes! 


than you for your time, best regard! 




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ZolaIII    98

To tell you a real true behind so called banning of Huawei from US.

Well Huawei pricing makes American manufacturers like Motorola uncompetitive.

Funny thing is this same thing is hitting Huawei on home market.

They didn't actually ban them Chinese government told them to withdrew from US market as uncle Sam owe them series money & it won't be able to pay back if they destroy this new age luxurious jewelry income. NSA don't put spyware as they don't need they instead control servers & owners usually look to other side when they do it & tend to easy up their job by not allowing possible contents that cud be encrypted and hard to crack in short time like specific archive formats (rar,7z...)...

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SH3H1    128

Wow....already +42 :D Keep it up !!!

Don't know if i can rename my name in Xda since it's Shahi00 there..i signed up there before knowing our community is here :P

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luca020400    640

+1 In XDA

( I can't here XD i will press the thanks after mine holidays )

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