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MMW 80 - Aaaaand we're back!

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James (@nortools) and I are proud to present the MoDaCo Mobile Week 80 - Aaaaand we're back!

...sharing our views about the news in this week's mobile world!

In this weeks ~1 hour podcast, converted from our live MoDaCo Mobile Week On Air broadcast, we're talking about...

  • Moments
  • Lenovo devices
  • Nokia devices
  • Galaxy Alpha
  • Crazy September!
  • MoDaCo OPO Contest
  • Google Music policy change
...as well as our usual tangents and questions submitted live!

You can get the podcast in the following ways:

  • Direct download from the downloads section of the site
  • Via iTunes (search for MoDaCo!)
  • Via RSS with enclosures - simply add the feed to the reader of your choice
Your feedback is really valuable and will tell us whether it is worth our while to continue running the podcasts! Do you listen? What do you like? What do you not like? Please leave your feedback in the comments below, you can also rate us on iTunes!

You can now leave us voicemail messages for us to include in the podcast!

Call us up on 01379 888206 (from inside the UK) or 0044 1379 888206 (from outside the UK) and we'll do our best to include your message / answer your question!

Or download in MP3 format...

As this podcast was broadcast 'On Air', you can also view the show via YouTube below.

Click here to view the item

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On the subject of 10.1" android devices,  I had the wonderful Advent Vega.  Playing around with it is how I found out about this site by the way!  So, 2 - 3 years ago, with a bit of hacking about, thanks to paul, scanno and others, I could use a wireless keyboard, connect an external HDD to watch pretty much any format.  Browse the web with very few issues, everything I wanted.


The Hardware on that obviously has a fair few limitations and was not in the same league as the Ipad out then (I pad2 ?), and repeated flashing of ROMS probably isn't what most pick-up and play tablet users want.  But what is stopping google producing a 'larger screen' format, or are they just hoping we all buy a 7" nexus and a chromebook?

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More comments from glossywhite please, love him or loath him, at least he's entertaining

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