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anybody else upgraded to 5.1

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Got mine this morning, device keeps powering off whenever the screen switches off, it takes about 13 seconds of holding the power button down to get it to boot up again, if I deliberately power down it only takes about 2 secs to begin the power up sequence again, so my assumption is this problem is actually some bizarre state of sleep for the tablet.

To try and deal with this I have factory reset the device, and allowed all factory apps to update, other than this I have done nothing to the device except tidy up the home screen. So the whole device is pretty close to virgin stock.

Anybody else having this issue?

Or have I missed some setting?

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I haven't upgraded.  I have Kit Kat running pretty much as I want and would not be happy to move to Lollipop only to find that I HATE it.  Hope you find an answer to your problem.

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