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PersonalityMatch offers mobile personality testing

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I bet when you were back at school, you did an exercise where you took a personality test and compared the results with those of your classmates.  Surprisingly accurate and a lot of fun, the same tests have now been adapted into a mobile app based on the classic psychological tests by Katharine Cook Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers and the theories of the psychologist Carl Jung - PersonalityMatch.

Created by PersonalityPerfect (who also offer an online version at their website), the app allows you to complete a sophisticated personality test by working through 30 questions. The idea? To help you unlock the secret to getting along with anyone, and give you an idea about how compatible you are with others... all from within the app. Over 700,000 users have already completed the test!

You start by launching the app and completing the test... both of which are free. Then, when complete, you can invite your partner or friends to do the same... also free! Finally, when they have completed the test, the application compares personality types between you and gives you a compatibility score, as well as revealing areas where you are compatible, areas where you might not get along and tips on how to improve you relationship.

Screenshot_2016-10-01-17-07-40.png Screenshot_2016-09-28-08-35-45.png Screenshot_2016-09-28-08-01-52.png

How well does it work? Very well - just like the test back in the classroom, PersonalityMatch does a great job of analysing your personality... my wife and myself measured our compatibility (75% by the way) and it was spot on. Once you've completed your initial match it's very addictive - the temptation is to connect with everyone you know (a number of social sharing options are included) although if you match better with your friends than your spouse, you might be in trouble! :)

The app is free to download and ad free in use, but an in app purchase is available if you'd like to use PersonalityMatch as a tool for career guidance. After taking the initial test, the career option will suggest the best and worst careers for your personality type.


PersonalityMatch is available from the Play Store, but also from the iOS App Store for your Apple-toting friends!

If you'd like to learn more about the 16 personality types referenced within the app, head on over to the overview at the PersonalityPerfect website.

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