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tiltywhirl    0

This is an annoying problem for me... the snooze time choices for alarms is all wrong for my life. I know there must be a way to use a registry editor to change the choices available to snooze appointment reminder alarms. I never need 15 minutes, 5 min before, or 1 hour, but I could realy use 30 minutes or 4 hours. Does ANYONE have any clue how to do this?

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kav    0

Can anyone please tell me what i have to change in the registry for my phone to choose a ringtone from my storage instead of the phones memory. Gettin tired of copying the ringtone i want to the phone and its also taking up valuable memory on the phone. Thanks

there is a tweak (or i might not call it a tweak as it involves really basic things)

in your omnia, just use the regular file explorer and go to the My storage ie the 8 or 16 GB storage that u have depending on ur phone.

then create a folder called My Ringtones and copy any wav,mp3 or whatever music u want as ringtone there in that folder and just go to the settings menu- sounds and notifications and drop down the list and u will find the songs/music there.

I think that in the omnia it is by default that it scans non removable storage for folders like My ringtones and adds them automatically to the list. No registry edits required. saves u a lot of precious space on the My device (ROM).

good luck

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Doctorul    0

Any registry entry to modify so I can get the phone to vibrate, beep, do something when an outgoing call connects?

I know some phones have this feature but my HTC S710 doesn't and I can't even make Vibrate on Connect V1.0 or PhoneAlarm do this thing.


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rungvang    0

Does anyone know how to show up those progs were installed with the Rom in Removed Programs? As I remember there was a trick in Windows XP for PC by editing sysoc.inf but Im not sure about windows mobile )) Any suggestion?

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kaben    0
Any damage caused by using any of these tweaks (however unlikely that may seem) is your sole responsibility, it aint my fault guv, ok

note: all of these tweaks will survive a reboot unless otherwise mentioned


ActiveSync Name Tweak

Wanna change the name of your phone for ActiveSync?

Go into RegEdit and change this key:


Select 'Values'

Select 'Name' (sometimes theres 2, dunno why, just edit any)

and change the Value Data to the new name for your phone (no spaces)

Next time you plug in yer phone, ActiveSync should connect as normal, but the name will have changed.


Start Menu Order

This tweak changes the order in which you have the programs listed in the Programs menu.

Oh, before I tell you how to do this, this is the answer Orange gave (source: Orange Website):

The list of items is in alphabetical order, apart from the first four items - which are fixed. To change the order of non-fixed items, hook up your Orange SPV to your PC, explore to the IPSMWindowsStart menu and change the names to start with 1 - or a -.

Hehe, yeh, good one orange, I think you'll find its the first six items, not four, and two of those are 'Orange Backup' and 'Orange Update'. Now lets do it the correct way ...

Open up Regedit, and browse to the following:


Select 'Values'

Select 'Order'

In the value data you can now change the order of the links in the start menu. The easier way to find the link names is to open up All Explorer, Smartexplorer, or even browse to the phone via the computer, and look at the files in 'IPSMWindowsStart Menu'. Don't forget to add '.lnk' at the end of the program name, or it won't work.

If you want any of your own custom links, just make sure you put them in the IPSMWindowsStart Menu folder.

Now you must reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.


Most Recently Used

Ever wanted to change the default icons of the MRU? (the icons displaying Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Internet Explorer etc)

Fire up RegEdit, and go to:


Select 'Values'

Select 'InitialOrder'

and now just change/add to the links (see the Start Menu Order Tweak for info on links in the IPSMWindowsStartMenu folder.


Correctly Looping Ringtones

This is a tweak I think should be standard on the phone, especially for wav files

Normally while playing a wav or midi as the ringtone the phone has a delay of 3 seconds before repeating, now this is really annoying if you've just created that great wav ringtone, spent ages making it loop properly in cooledit or whatever, and then the SPV does the silly delay, well, heres the fix...

Open the registry editor:


Select 'Values'

And modify 'Script' by removing the w3 (eg. change 'av0pw3r' to 'av0pr')

And thats all there is too it

Ringtones on SD/MMC Card

Open the registry editor:


Select 'Values'

Select 'Sound' and change the Value Data: Storage Cardpath to wavwavname (eg. Storage CardRingtonesmyringer.wav)

Just remember not to delete the ringtone off the storage card, cos otherwise the ringer will default back to a boring midi again.

System Sounds

There are many sounds that you can change on the phone, including dtmf keypad tones (the tone it makes when you press a number while dialing), the startup sound, menu popup sound etc.

Below are the instructions how to change these, and many more:

First of all, grab a voice theme from here and copy the sounds across to your phone (preferably the storage card).

The next thing to do is to turn the keypad tones on by going to Programs>Settings>Sounds.

You'll notice that after you have made this change the really annoying keypad sound has come back again, so lets turn it off...

With the Registry Editor, change the following:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/Keypress

Select 'Values'

And modify 'Script' by removing the p value (the value should now be blank)

Now lets change our first Dtmf tone:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/

then choose your Dtmf number (0-9, also # and *)... Dtmf0, Dtmf1 etc

Select 'Values'

Rename 'Sound' to 'Sound2'(or somethin, doesnt really matter, but better than deleting, just in case you wanna change it back at a later date)

Select Menu>New Value>String

Value name: Sound

Value Data: pathname of the wav(eg, i have installed the sounds onto my storage card in a dir called keypad, so, value data: Storage Cardkeypad1.wav for Dtmf1)

and just repeat for all of the keypad tones ( you can actually speed up the process by copying and pasting the values and just changing the wav number).

Other sounds that can be changed are:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/LowBattery


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/SMS


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/E-Mail


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/MenuPopup


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/MenuCommand


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/SystemExclamation


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/SystemAsterisk


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/SystemQuestion


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/Warning


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/CallDrop

(make sure category is set to InCall)


HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/Dialing

(make sure category is set to InCall)

Sounds better than the nasty standard keypad tones eh!

If sound still doesnt work, make sure your system sound is set high enough in your profile... (programs>settings>profiles, menu>edit 'normal' profile, System Sound Volume, i use Loud, but set it to what you see fit)

Please note, going into the Settings>Sounds menu may reset some of these values (especially the warning sounds), keypad tones survive, but, the darned keypad tone is lost, so you'll have to change that to tone, and remove the 'p' from the keypress registry key as mentioned above to remove the annoying keypress click.

Of course, you dont need to use all of these if you dont wish, it's entirely up to you

Looping Alarm

Want the Alarm to loop indefinitely? (watch yer battery tho)

Use a registry editor, go to:


Select 'Values'

Then select Menu>New Value>String

Value Name: Script

Value Data (for no vibrate): apr


Value Data (with vibrate): av0pr

If you want to add a delay between each ring add 'w(delay)' before the r(repeat), for example:

av0pw3r would have a vibrating alarm with a 3 second wait before looping the ringtone (both wav or midi)

If you want to revert back to the normal alarm ring then simply delete the 'Script' value.

System Startup Sound

This is similar to all the other sound tweaks on this page, except for one difference....

THE WAV MUST BE ON THE PHONE, NOT THE STORAGECARD (nice capitals there so you can't miss it)

I presume the reason it must be on the phone is because during bootup the SD card slot simply hasnt been initialised at the time we need to play the startup sound, maybe someone could confirm this.

Anyhoo, fire up the registry editor and change this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Sounds/SystemStartup

Select 'Values'

Select 'Sound'

Change Value Data to the path and name of your wav (eg, if you save the wav to IPSMWindows then the value is simply IPSMWindowsblah.wav, where blah.wav is the name of your wav file of course)


Changing the Operator Logo (Dial and In-Call)

WARNING: watch what you are doing with this, cos i managed to totally reset my phone, incluing turning certification back on, so change this at your own risk

Theres two operator logo's ('orange' on my phone) you can change that are displayed while typing in the number, and the logo that is there while in-call.

The logo size must be 176 x 20, and the file must be a GIF file.

And the file MUST be on the phone, NOT the SD card.

And here's the Registry Setting:

The Logo that appears while dialing:


Select 'Values'

Select 'BannerImage'

and change the Value data to the location of the logo (eg., IPSMdial.gif if the logo is saved in the IPSM folder and is called 'dial.gif')

The Logo that appears while In-Call:


Select 'Values'

Select 'BannerImage'

and change the Value data to the location of the logo (eg., IPSMcall.gif if the logo is saved in the IPSM folder and is called 'call.gif')

you have to reboot your phone now for the changes to take place.

Skin More Screens

It is possible to change the look of the phone beyond the standard homescreen by doing a few little reg tweaks, example......


note: the xbox skin is used a demonstration, and i would now like to credit jay-z2k for this skin (something microsoft forgot to do at a recent demonstration).

all modifications are made by myself, and none of these screens will be given to anyone without the permission of jay-z2k (although, to be honest, i'd prefer him to make the screens himself :wink: )

note: These images MUST be on the phone for the same reason as changing the operator logo as explained above. Also, all images must be the correct size and a .gif file.

Here is a zip containing Photoshop templates for each of these screens.

The size of the images is always 176 x 180, however, it appears to work for smaller images as they appear to be aligned bottom right on the screen.

The Error, Exclamation. Info and Question dialogs appear to be basically the same, and consist of a title and information. It is best to make sure that the lower part of the display is kept as clear as possible as text may fill the whole of this area depending on the appliction.

Lets edit the registry...

Open up PHM Regedit and change the following values...


and one of the following:

:Callalert (used for incoming calls)

:ErrorBox (used for error messages)

:ExclamationBox (warning messages)

:InformationBox (information screens)

:QuestionBox (when a question is asked)

:VolDlg (for the volume control)

select 'Values'

select 'BKBitmapFile'

and change the path to that of your image (eg. IPSMvolume.gif)

If you want to change skins at any time you may want to reset these values back to the original default screens, these are:

:Callalert windowscall.gif

:ErrorBox windowsyell.gif

:ExclamationBox windowsyell.gif

:InformationBox windowsinfo.gif

:QuestionBox windowsques.gif

:VolDlg windowsvolume.gif

and thats all there is to it, have fun.


Totally Useless Tweak

Want the phone to vibrate every time you open a menu????

Use the Registry Editor and edit the following:


Select 'Values'

Then Menu>New Value>String

Value name: Script

Value data: av1p

To revert this back to normal then simply delete the 'Script' value

By the way, the v1 in the script value is actually a longish vibrate, you can change this value if you wish, but i found 1 being the best value, 2 is too long, 0 is too short, and anything higher than 3 is just plain daft.

This tip works with every sound event on the phone, including the KeyPress event, altho i wouldnt recommend it (maybe thats just a little too silly)

For up-to date tweaks, check out my site :wink:

dude it didnt work... the menu pop up one

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g769374    0

i have tried the search feature but it didnt find anything...

Is there a way to change the unlock key sequence by editing the registry? My * key has stopped working.

Many thanks

Yeah, i would love that =D

My * key isn't that nice positioned on my treo 500v

Edited by g769374

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dopeness    1

Wondering if anyone can help me out with this tweak.

When I want to attach a picture by selecting INSERT PICTURE to my mms message it automatically defaults to the “my Pictures” album on the device. I do not want to transfer all 25 mb’s of pics to my device.

Can someone give me step-by-step instructions (preferably with Resco reg. edit) to have the My Pictures file on my 8 gig internal storage, where I keep all my photo’s, be the automatic default for my pictures?

Likewise, I would like to use the INSERT VIDEO option in mms to default to my “.Gifs” folder I have on my internal storage card as well. Can I get that reg. edit as well.

There are just too many steps to take when I want to attach photos. Thanks in advance.

samsung i910.

Edited by dopeness

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