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  2. A mode change or user change is extremely powerful, and literally changes everything; I can't see why that is strange - it's entirely logical. The power of ugo and rwx are part of why Unix-based systems are so secure, and so efficient.
  3. I was able to replace the build prop in TWRP.  Maybe you made the same mistake as me first time round. Everyone says when it says set permissions, choose 644.  But in TWRP you should actually type 0644.  
  4. I successfully recovered my phone after replacing build.prop Twrp was working and just restored system partition from my old backup It's strange some people talking about chmod and they're successfull
  5. Has anyone here tried the CM 13 Rom that chil has posted? If so, how does it compare to this Rom?
  6. It won't boot. It just stays on ZTE logo. I can go to CWM and that's it. Also can't flash rom with SP Flash tool because it's not detecting the phone. Does someone have any solution?
  7. Try all of them... More features with Miui rom. Try all of them and you will decide which one covers your needs.
  8. Miui is good rom. Batter could be better. For me it lasts around 3 and half hours ( if sometimes i watch videos) up to 4 and a half hour   And gta SA cannot be installed on Sd card. That is not MiUi's problem. Its just that R* didnt cover that
  9. Got it, thank you I'm about to dirty flash this puppy, I'll let you know how I get on.
  10. The forum seems to keep screwing with the link for some reason. It should work now. or Use this    f1ux v2 rom download
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  12. Hi everybody sorry for my language i am tunisian i am beginer in this street i have Huawei y300 with version b209 ufficial my problem is to return to the first rom "huawei y300 brand wind b169" i dont find this version and i have another problem, my phone accept the version B209 only another version say update failed help me please
  13. The link for V2 doesn't seem to be working? 
  14. Not quite, I hadn't mounted the system in twrp which is a simple error on my part. Managed to swap out the build.prop with my edited one and it's running well, nothing has died.
  15. What is with huawei site, 403 forbiden ? Dont now how to send information for bootloader code and dc unlock doesnt' work for free ? On mail huawei dont answer
  16. If you replace your build.prop with other build.prop, the phone 'dies'
  17. Official UK 5.1.1 OTA now rolling out

    Just wait. We will get the update.
  18. I would assume it should be OK, you'll have to update google services again though. If in doubt, just make TWRP backup beforehand  
  19. I updated to version 1 from stock 5.0.2 by flashing the latest twrp then your rom. No issues FYI. Is it OK to dirty flash over V1?
  20. Rom updated to V2. Stripped more google apps SDcard should now have read-write access. Still haven't figured out how to integrate the newer google play services. (n00bie!) fyi: I reverted to 5.0.2 earlier and was able to flash and boot into the 5.1.1 recovery. You may be able to update from 5.0.2 to 5.1.1 using V2. Give it a try and let me know!  
  21. Lollipop USB OTG Failure - Tesco Response

    Have a look at "Consumer Contracts Regulations" might be worth quoting these to Tesco?
  22. [Recovery] TWRP

    Anyone notice a strange bug on the TWRP for 5.1.1? Every time I try to look in /system with the TWRP file manager it wipes that folder. Very strange and not sure what is causing this.  Can anyone else replicate this? Obviously make a backup of /system before you try.  Wow, please ignore me everyone. I hadn't mounted the system partition! Idiot
  23. Official UK 5.1.1 OTA now rolling out

    if it's true they're rolling out the UK version it's probable that they'll do it in a phased fashion to stop everyone hitting the servers at the same time for a 1GB file. I've already put the Turkish version on mine so can't tell.
  24. Help, anyone Installed this rom last night and very much enjoying it, great work @fluxcapacitor. I booted into TWRP to install xposed and that seemed to work well but when I rebooted the phone it's stuck on the 'powered by android' black screen.  I have tried different button combinations to get into TWRP but nothing is working. One other thing to mention, I have a write protected device so had copied over an edited build.prop within TWRP to /system and set the correct permissions (644) and I'm starting to suspect that is the cause of my issue.  Any ideas?    OK, managed to get into TWRP and checked /system with the file manager... it was empty! I managed to delete the whole thing. Re-flashing f1ux rom as we speak! Mind how you go folks.
  25. I just backup and manage my Samsung phone data to do this. Using Samsung Backup Software. Download and install it on your computer .Then backup data so easy ! Or you can use Samsung Kies to Backup and manage samsung phone data.
  26. The Ram is a problem for me. When I  connect the phone  to a computer via USB, the phone will restart.
  27. also i couldnt have internet via wifi, i switched on/off a lot and did 2 or 3 reboots didnt work
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