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  2. Uhans S3 new smartphone with 6.0 inch HD Display. I really liked it because of big screen and design. Main features are: 1GB+16GM (External Memory 64GB), Android 6.0, 8MP Rear camera, 3100mAH, 3G network.
  3. Hello my friend gave me his hudl 2 running latest lollypop, is it possible to downgrade it back to lollypop
  4. Nobody knows how to help me?
  5. I don't see any reason for that. It's already been discussed how to change the brightness manually (echo 'value' > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness). You can write a script or something like someone already did.
  6. Once it is installed, you may easily browse Tv portal app in the app drawer and start to watch Tv shows as well as movies. tv portal for pc
  7. Hi Adeii. Can you make rom for u8951d dual-sim?
  8. Black and white photos have a degree of detail and contrast that confers them a unique, moody intensity. However, a carefully-composed, artistic photo is easily ruined by background objects, which can distract the viewer. Good photographers sometimes manage to use creative camera angles to keep some of this "background noise" out of shot, but such techniques only get you so far. For example, I originally intended for the photo below to center on the removal men at work, but they were drowned out by other objects in the foreground and background. I took the following photo at a low angle to try to give the teddy bear a "larger-than-life" look, but once again background objects stole the show and detracted from the desired effect. When I place my photos side by side with some of the slick, glossy photos my friends share with me, I'm too ashamed to even contemplate posting them on social media services such as Instagram and Facebook. However, more recently, I discovered a clever trick on the HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus that can be used to blur out background objects and make the subject more prominent. This technique produces absorbing, arty shots that are guaranteed to garner you more "likes" on social media. Moreover, no fancy camera angles are necessary; simply take your phone, find an interesting subject, and point and shoot. When you take ordinary black and white photos, usually both the foreground and background are in focus, so there is no obvious subject or theme. However, by combining the black and white and wide aperture shooting modes on the HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus, you can blur out the background and place emphasis on a particular object or person. If you look closely at the images below, you will observe that the photo on the left is overexposed and has a cluttered background. The photo on the right, on the other hand, was taken with the HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus and effectively combines the black and white and wide aperture shooting modes to reduce background interference and create a more dramatic contrast. This is particularly noticeable in the "Cloud Park" lettering, which has a much clearer outline. After learning and applying this technique, and with a bit of practice, my black and white photos now look infinitely better, to the point that I can proudly post them on social media for my friends to see. To achieve similar results yourself, simply follow the four steps that are set out in the animated graphic below. By combining these two shooting modes on the HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus, you can produce photos with that timeless black and white look, while enjoying all of the speed and convenience that modern technology can offer.
  9. You can't copy your contacts and SMS by using USB cable, but It is easy to export contacts from Android to PC by Android Mobile Manager. Download Android Manager program on PC, Connect your phone via USB or wifi, preview and transfer contacts.
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  11. It is about "How to fix 'freezing issue' & 'keyboard dock wake issue" and what about minimal brightness?
  12. Already done a port for my Vi10 Plus. It's available for download on my androidfilehost account. I'm not going to do compatibility patches or any proper release as that build is quite buggy (e.g. pressing home button causes a soft reboot). Have already released a patch for that.
  13. If you install CM12.1/13 there's an option to boot to recovery in the power menu.
  14. Wouldn't you lower ghee minimal screen brightness? It is too bright the evening and unnecessary drains battery with current of ~1A
  15. Hi konsta T I flashed the offical hi10 pro phoneix os on my hibook pro. Every goes well except touch and smoother than remix os. However, I cant use the touch screen. Can I know how to port this tooch driver source of the remix os to the phoneix os? Or will you port this build to other chuwi devixes (like hibook pro z8350)? Thanks.a
  16. How to enter to the recovery on Chuwi Hi10 plus dual boot? I've installed TWRP, works fine but is it the only way to it through bootloader?
  17. as per company leaked news it will be world’s first 6000mAh big battery phone with 13MP dual back camera. Other Leaked information: Seamless metal unibody 5.5 inch display, Front touch sensor, MT6737 Quad-Core, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, and it will be available in three color Blue, Gold and Black
  18. There's no widgets in Remix OS desktop and you can't really change the default launcher either.
  19. Hi, thank you very much for the ROM! It is my first RemixOS and feel something is missing. How to create WIDGETS?? I need TitaniumBackup widgets to quickly batch freeze out unfreeze sets of applications. And maybe in RemixOS launcher is there any other way to have it
  20. It depends. First you have to install official KitKat somehow. Simple option is to just flash the package. Other option is to use Windows flasher (all flashtool firmwares are mirrored here). Windows flasher will also repartition the storage so you'll have more space for Android data. You've probably already used similar tool to install Firefox OS engineering build. Once you've installed official KitKat, you can install TWRP and custom ROM per instructions. What is the best Android version is subjective of course. This is a low-end device with limited amount of RAM. It was designed to run KitKat so CM11 is the least hacked together.
  21. Hello. I have an old ZTE Open C lying around and I want to flash Android onto it and give it to my dad. Now I have flashed Firefox 2.2 onto this as per the instructions on this site using the Open C rooting tool. ( Now I would like to put TWRP on it and flash the best Android version available. How do I go about this? Thanks.
  22. Hi, I have a Honor 5C. I found a guide on hihonor ( for downgrading from Nogaut to MM, everything went, but if I go in the info it says "model number hi6250" and build number "NEM-C900B151", which are not mine. How do I return on the NEM-L51C432B130 ROM?
  23. The system of age restrictions for games and applications takes into account the peculiarities of legislation and culture of individual countries. This allows developers to more accurately define content restrictions and distribute applications to the audience for which they are intended. To set an age limit, go to the Play Console and fill out a special form for each of your apps. Programs that are not rated can be blocked for individual users or countries. You must complete questionnaires to establish age limits and follow recommendations for evaluating content. Apps that are not restricted can be removed from Google Play. Note. All apps and games on Google Play must comply with the Developer Program Policies. If you want to publish a new application, use the previous system of restrictions.
  24. The pictures that I see in my gallery look exactly the way they are in reality
  25. Android 7.1 Developer Preview 1 (NPF10C) incremental update Android 7.0, so if you are expecting the basic features found in Google Pixel, you may be disappointed. What you will find is launcher shortcuts, round icons and support for keyboard images.
  26. Thanks for the clarification and suggestion.
  27. It's probably just easiest to install this Remix OS in TWRP. It has other improvements as well. If you have TWRP backup of the original boot partition, I can create a patch for that specific firmware.
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