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  4. @adeii If only this device have 1gb of ram... then port and build fully working N rom would have some sense :D Here's u8833 device tree, for u8951 it will looks most likely the same... However I do remember that i've had to add some patches to twrp tree itself, not sure where it was located atm x| I was using omni 4.4 to compile that. Good luck!
  5. This is very convenient! The mobile wallet lets you sync your debit and credit cards into a single app and to the accompanying Curve card powered by MasterCard. You then simply select Apex essays reviews which card you want the Curve card to act as a conduit for any payments you make offline or online, meaning you only need to carry a single physical card with you.
  6. I think I found a nice alternative to the Chuwi Hi10 Plus/Pro. It's the Cube iwork10 Ultimate. It's laid pretty much just like the Hi10 Pro with the same amount of RAM, storage, and dual boot setup, plus it comes with the keyboard at the same price as the Hi10 Plus on Amazon for $199, or $179 if you don't want the keyboard. Unlike the Hi10 Plus or Pro, it doesn't have USB type C, but it does have a full size USB 3, micro USB 2, micro HDMI, and it can support SD cards up 128 megs. Other differences are the res is the same as the Hi10 Pro, and both speakers are on the right side of the tablet. The body is mostly, if not all, plastic, so it may not dissipate heat as efficiently as the Chuwi. Since I don't really need my SD card in Windows, and I do like the fact the speakers on my current Hi10 Plus are on opposite sides, I may not try to return the tablet after all, especially since I have that Wake Lock app installed. On the bright side, we at least have another option, if you don't mind having both speakers on the same side, that is. I almost forgot to include the link for where you can get the Cube iwork10 Ultimate on Amazon:
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  8. I think there are other options out there, but not on Amazon. If Windows and Android aren't showing as available boot options in BIOS, then I'm afraid the data you had on those partitions is gone (believe me, I tried like crazy to get mine to work again. As for the keyboard, it'll only work for the Hi10 Pro.
  9. hi I got a gpt.bin file ,it will adjust the partition size between android and win10, like make android be 8g,win10 be 16g. I have the file but I don’t know how to use it. the only way to use this file seem that flash stock android rom form official android firmware and change the gpt.bin before. but after changing the partition ,I want to flash cm12.1 right now! so I don’t want to recover stock android. is there any way I can change the partition easily just use the gpt.bin here is the gpt.bin link password: 2xr2
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  16. Thank you for the advice - I also bought from Amazon & they are letting me return it (7 months old) - I did buy with an Amex so I have a 1 year "amex" warranty but figured I would start with Amazon. Only question I would have is if my data is actually gone. I put a Windows 7 USB install stick which boots on all other PC's & this unit just boot loops back into bios no matter what setting i use. When booting to EFI mode it says not found - something is off. Any ideas if the Hi10 Plus will work with the Hi10 Pro keyboard? I also wish there was something else with the 10" form factor. I do IT work for a living so this little guy is great for troubleshooting (windows side) with a usb nic, then playing in android in other times. Wish it had a SSD though.
  17. I actually had the same thing to the Hi10 Pro I had for a while, but was able to get Amazon to let me return it even though it was outside of their 30 day return window. After careful consideration, and a lack of options for a similar setup under a different brand, I got the Hi10 Plus. It's been over three months, I think, and the internal storage is still working, but the SD card reader has been wacky. It'll read the card, but only after removing and reinserting it, sometimes only after several attempts. I get an error in Windows in the card reader properties, and have never been able to get the card to work while on that side, but I don't really have a need for the card there anyway. I was able to find an app that disables deep sleep while in Android, so at least the card will stay mounted there, plus if you're booting from Windows into Android, it the card automatically loads like it's supposed to. The only downside to the app is it does drain your battery a little faster, but not by much, I think. I mentioned the app a few posts back, but it's called Wake Lock - Power Manager. Depending on the battery app you use, you'll see different use statistics, such as in GSam Battery Monitor shows 25.2% battery is being used, but the built-in battery monitor in Android only shows 2%. In either case, it's worth it, at least for me. If you want to use the app, I would recommend turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location if you're not going to be using the tablet for a while to make the battery last longer. You can also install another app called SD Card Monitor, it gives you all kinds of information on your card such as when it was mounted, unmounted, force unmounted, and many other little bits of info. Oh, and I did try flashing the recommended BIOS from Chuwi in the hopes of resolving the issue, but it didn't do squat (no big surprise there). Since I got my Hi10 Plus from Amazon, and chatted up a rep there about my problem with the reader, they said I could still return the device even though it was outside the normal return window, but that was a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure if I can still do it if I wanted to. If I could find another tablet with the same features, I'd be all over it, assuming I could get it for about the same price.
  18. Then maybe can you update CM14.1 for y560, I can let you 8core, 20gb ram, 1Gbps VPS for this if you want. Because u have that patch ;vv
  19. Because of how Huawei butchered the telephony stack. It was discussed here or CM12.1 thread not that long ago.
  20. sir my phone is now totally dead.. it is show only black display... mobile set no .. micromax nitro a311.... . my phone is not connected in pc.. plz help me , how to connect my phone
  21. Oh, thanks :3 I disable block based ota by this "export BLOCK_BASED_OTA=false" EDIT: I flashed my own build and got one problem, LinOS doesn't detect sim card... Why?
  22. Great! I wish I had a chance to come to this place and I would take beautiful pictures of the scenery here. Will quickly arrange work and travel. bouncing balls
  23. 1. See & 2. That's exactly what you should get. Block-based OTAs has been the default since Android 5.0. See &
  24. I regularly visit your site and find a lot of interesting information. Not only good posts but also great comments. Thank you and look forward to your page growing stronger. stickman
  25. Kon- I went to use my hi10 pro and am only able to boot into the bios. In don't see this as a known issue. Any ideas on how to fix it or if my emmc drive may have died? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks Rich
  26. Hi. I try to build LinOS by myself. 1. How to change "ro.product.locale=" before build? 2. After build I got instead of system folder, why?
  27. Hello! I have a question. I am rooted my HUAWEI CUN-L21 and i want to know that is this rom is working on my phone.
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