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  3. I was using the link someone made earlier in the thread to enable adoption, I understand about setting up the sd card as portable (which I have done now) The post I followed
  4. Yes, that's what I'm thinking, I'm off on Monday so will give Vodafone a call and see what they say.
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  6. Top free site for android apk for latest apps/games versions 2017; APKTrusted
  7. I installed the actual mod, compatibility zip an the right gapps on my Chuwi Hi12. Everything works great, but I have no HDMI anymore! How to fix this?
  8. Hi, I have the same issue. My Chuwi HI 10 plus have z8350 and clean Android OS. I have installed TWRP from here, Also installed boot image that disables dm-verity , got Root access as well. Allowed TWRP to modify system directory. However when i try to reboot or boot to recovery i can't access TWRP and get to standard android recovery with android image in the centre of the screen instead. Tried many times to reinstall TWRP - there are no result. Can some one to help me to properly install TWRP please?
  9. When you upgrade it detects new SD card you need to configure it as portable device. Windows detects my SD card
  10. Just checked WhatsApp and it's there as well (bottom right), not sure how you're managing that. Maybe restart the phone first off. I'm on the Turkish rom although I'll be surprised if that's the issue. Edit: I'm just updating WhatsApp (first time since the upgrade) so I'll come back when it's finished to make sure it's not an issue with the updated app. 2nd Edit: Nope, still there.
  11. I've been lurking here a while but I felt I needed to register to pass some comments on the new MM upgrade..............................if you haven't upgraded yet then don't do it. The main reason I upgraded was the ability to adopt the SD card, unfortunely it doesn't it hasn't been enabled for the SU6 which sort of defeats the purpose of upgrading, I know there is a post earlier to adopt SD by ADB but it doesn't work, it adopts the card but there's no way to migrate the data from internal, and the sd card cannot be seen by windows. Other main thing that has been lost is the ability to root, I know this is a new update and it could be a while before a method to root is found, but as it stands the MM isn't worth doing, IMHO what you are gaining is far out weighed by what your losing. I'm now on the look out for a new phone :(
  12. Looks like you'll have to go for a £10 PAYG monthly sim from them, you don't have to actually use it for the month I'm guessing?
  13. The stock camera app, there's no option. Same goes for messenger and WhatsApp.
  14. Oh God, this. I'm also having the same problem since my phone's motherboard was replaced.
  15. Same for me the imei is not listed on the database.
  16. I've also order Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro on aliexpress after two month of waiting on delivery aliexpress give me back 100% of price it was send by aliexpress standard shipment so if you will ordering on aliexpress make sure it's send by this shipment metod so You can count on 100% return
  17. Very good china brand is Teclast on aliexpress is many offer with discount also LeEco is selling with large promotions
  18. Just received a replacement SU6 direct from Vodafone, and updated it to 6.0.1, great I think until I drop my sim card in and find it's locked! I've now tried 3 different unlock guys from ebay, including the guy that unlocked my original one, and all 3 have had to give me a refund as the imei is not listed on the database, had a chat with the original unlock guy and he stated that replacement phones always give trouble So, have I got any other options I could explore to get it unlocked? I'm just about to pick up a new sim from Vodafone and run it a few days then ask them to unlock but I'm not confident that they will as I've never used Vodafone for a few years now Cheers
  19. Can some one tell me were i can dowload USDL_P726CV1.00.00 checksum please
  20. Portuguese one too
  21. Yep I had the same thing, orange light was on when charging but wouldn't switch on. A long press sorted this.
  22. Certainly there on Open Camera and the built-in camera. What are you using?
  23. If you mean on ZTE's site then the Turkish one is already there:
  24. Am I the only one who can't access the front camera? There's no option at all.
  25. Last week
  26. Anyone know when the new ROMs with the new update will be out ?
  27. Thank you! Perhaps I can use one of the gpt.bin files available there.
  28. I waited maybe... 8 to 10 minutes yes. OK I will try it again, i'm not really patient :)
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