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  2. It's a pain in the ass process for nothing. I don't think we lack the memory on /system on Y300 maybe only G300 but this isn't worth it
  3. Wow nice! Thanks a lot. That was quite fast :D
  4. I suggest you to flash Lineage-13.0-20170605-UNOFFICIAL-u8833
  5. but in compiling png are also optimizing with aapt (or aapr). i optimize framework-res.apk and got only 260kb less for ~ 80 minutes.
  6. june build: signature spoofing should working now, but no additional permissions in apps -> advanced -> apps permissions, tested with NanoMod-microG-14.3 after rom, flash spoofed-LOS13-june-u8833 october build: have working signature spoofing, tested, no need to patch. it is ported, deodexed, working a bit slow and has loooong boot... for now. or i could upload original october build, but BT and Camera do not work.
  7. Smart Cooler - Phone Cooler & CPU Temp Controller v1.1.5 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Smart Cooler - Phone Cooler & CPU Temp Controller is a CPU temperature detection app. It controls the operations of apps that heat up the CPU, to reduce CPU utilization and cool down your device. Product highlights: Heat-generating App Detection We use our original detection technology to precisely find which apps are running in the background and using too much of your CPU. One-Tap Cooling With a single tap, you can easily control the operations of heat-generating apps and reduce the usage of your device's CPU. Novel Design You have never seen such a simple and elegant function interface. We have designed understandable illustrations to show normal and abnormal CPU statuses. You will love them! Download Instructions: Smart Cooler - Phone Cooler & CPU Temp Controller v1.1.5 apk Download
  8. Home Street v0.7.7

    Home Street v0.7.7 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Enjoy life simulator games and want to decorate a house? Create your dream house in Home Street! Supersolid brings you a brand new Home Decoration and Life Sim Game where you can build your dream home, be who you want to be, and bring it all to life in a town built on friendship! Design your dream life in the perfect town with the perfect house! Live alongside neighbors and create your story with Home Street! CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME Design a home and extend or remodel your house to create the perfect pad Decorate and fit your home with hundreds of designer styles, gadgets, and goodies Build a house with great amenities like a relaxing hot tub, big-screen TV, and much more! The choice is yours! DESIGN YOUR OWN CHARACTER Create a character and customize with different face shapes, eye color, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, and more Designer clothes will help you perfect your style and create multiple outfits Express yourself in Home Street! MAKE AWESOME FRIENDS Choose the community you like most and meet your new neighbors from all around the world Build meaningful friendships by hanging out or helping neighbors to earn relationship rewards In your dream city, there’s always someone ready to lend a hand! A FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD AWAITS The town has tons of Neighborhoods to join so you can chat with friends in real-time (Level 10) Play fun Neighborhood competitions to win awesome prizes by collaborating with neighbors Neighborhood Events are constantly introduced with new and exciting themed decorations and outfits! More Info: Download Instructions: Home Street v0.7.7 APK DOWNLOAD
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  10. No, i just mean that it is possible to optimize graphics not only in the system, but also in default applications. Any .png file can be compressed)
  11. Ok thanks for your answer and sorry for annoy you with noob question :)
  12. It's not possible with any app or otherwise. Chuwi hasn't released Linux kernel source for Hi12. Prebuilt binary kernel extracted from stock Lollipop firmware doesn't work with Marshmallow userspace proprietary binary drivers.
  13. HI adeii at the link there are a lot of files, which one do i need to download for my huawei ascend y300?
  14. Is it possible to activate Deep Sleep in Chuwi Hi12 Tablet with external App like Deep Sleep Battery Saver?
  15. Android Magazine to close after 63 issues

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  16. New Lineage OS 14.1 build. -patch recently disclosed BlueBorne and KRACK vulnerabilities -Android security patch level: 5 October 2017 (merged)
  17. thanks, but the first deodex rom with Tickle My Android 14.4... and after all is it better to odex apps and frameworks?! Change signature and zip align also. Or level 9 zip compression level ?
  18. Yes, exactly) Also it is possible to compress .apk files almost the same way (change name to .zip -> unzip sources -> compress .png images -> change the signature of the apk file -> archive it back -> change name to .apk) As a result - compressed .apk have less size in operational and permanent memory
  19. Help. I have a huawei ascend y221-u22 that keeps on rebooting. I flashed it then it was okay. But after a few months of use it shuts down and when I start the phone, it gets stuck on the logo. I have reflashed it with the downloaded rom on huawei site but still nothing happens. It only shows the logo.
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  21. Up Easyteck

    I do unlock the bootloader but i'm still looking for a custom rom , anyone can help me ?
  22. I dont know what the fault with microG and Magisk. But try new build, ported june build with deodexed apps and frameworks from october build. MicroG works definetly, booting is long, but all works (except FM). ROM is not complete yet, boot is long, speed is not optimized. It is better to add Perf.control (to tweak CPU) and Lucky Patcher (to odex all apps, frameworks remain deodexed) and swap. UPDATE: - Installing new app could have bug - install button is not enabled, just turn off and turn on screen to enabled it. - FB messenger installing lasts forever and goes to blackscreen - it is possible to put Messenger.apk to /system/priv-app/Messenger folder and reboot.
  23. Thanks for idea: compressing .png but in source, before building? apps are already odexed to speed up execution, but take more space on /system.
  24. New build. -fix issue with slow wakeup from deep sleep -fix long press on capasitive home key (thanks to yener90) -patch recently disclosed BlueBorne and KRACK vulnerabilities -Android security patch level: 1 October 2017 (merged)
  25. Cute Monsters GO Launcher v1.184.1.102 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher ❤ Hello friends! We have a special gift for you today! A brand NEW launcher to customize your smartphone completely and to make a unique and awesome device out of it,Best GO Launcher Theme! Prepare yourself to be astonished by this wonderful launcher with cool icons and incredible purple shades! We hope you will enjoy it! Have fun! :) Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX! ❤ Brief Introduction: ❤ How to Apply the Theme: - Directly open the theme after successful installation. - Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone. More Info: Download Instructions: Cute Monsters GO Launcher v1.184.1.102 APK Download
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