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  3. Thanks for the reply unnilennium. It looks like file transfer works OK but I still can't see photos in their default folders. If I move them to another folder can see them using the file transfer option. The photo transfer option doesn't show anything in Dolphin or Windows Explorer.
  4. Is there a possibility to have this rom based on 371 rom? I am going to reset my phone, and i want to try it if you update new base rom.. thank you for your beautiful work supporting modding for this phone
  5. I've this phone, and no problem transferring files, i use linux mint 17.3, and after i connect h7 via usb, i choose flie transfer from phone menu, and magically my nemo application can see all files in phone memory or sd. No other app required. I don't remember installing apps to use this function. In windows, i've windows 10 and hisuitedon't work, but i can browse files when i connect h7, after unlock screen and choose file from the menu of the phone. Otherwise, if you don't unlock phone, you cannot see nothing
  6. Aaah yes, you're right. Sorry 'bout that.
  7. Is there a method to transfer files/photos to a pc without installing HiSuite? HiSuite is fine for my home pc, but I don't want install it at work or on any other pcs. Also, is there an alternative method for connecting to Linux? Specifically Linux Mint 17.2 KDE I've followed the instructions on the phone (installing mtpfs) and can see the phone folders on the pc but can't see any files inside the folders. This is all a complete pain in comparison to my previous phones.
  8. The user from xda have send me the file :-) 1 search plus Home User Control Panel Private Messages Inbox Re: coolpad 64bits rom XDA Control Panel htc_black Today, 05:20 AM Member 47 posts Thanks: 6 Re: coolpad 64bits rom thanks[/QUOTE] The patch is only for installing f2-A rom to f2-fhd version, even the spec is similar but I don't think it can successful flash to your device.[/QUOTE] Hello Can you send me the patch? Maybe can be usefull to "port" it to my device. Thanks[/QUOTE] Here the patch i am using, and should flash via 64bit recovery(TWRP). If you are using 32bit recovery, please don't try to flash it. Link(MEGA):!tYgwWBIR!14F2SCabVn0rOuzY9edCTQ
  9. I changed the passcode to a new one yesterday to avoid others using my phone. Currently, my kids and wife both know the old password. Unfortunately, I can't remember the new password for now. and being locked out of my G5. How could i regain access my phone?
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  11. hi how i can enable all 8 core in honor 4x che2-l11 to play 1080p 10bit x265 without leg .
  12. The zip package provided by that link is corrupted, you download it unzip it and at 99% it returns: Error: The file is corrupted (i tried to unzip it with Windows Explorer, WinRAR and 7-Zip)...that's why i created this thread...
  13. If so desperate, why didn't you look in the very first thread of this section?
  14. Yeah, I can reproduce that. Will be fixed if/when there's another build. Can't be bothered to release a patch right now because it would mean updating compatibility patches for all variants.
  15. Yes, I can't live without xposed on my phones!
  16. Does anyone have problems when trying to move apps to SD with CM12.1?
  17. Tested. It worked perfectly... Thanks again
  18. I got it, thanks! What is the different between Remix OS and CM12 ? Which is better ? pls. comment
  19. Finally I flashed the rom sucessfully and it worked smooth & great! No problem found up to now! Thank you very much!
  20. Hello, and sorry for opening a topic on this but I'm kind of desperate here: I really need a STOCK ROM for Romania doesn't matter which one, but the archive on ZTE Support Site is corrupted and their Customer Support sucks... Could someone please provide the archive via cloud? I really need it to fix my phone!! Thank you in advance!!
  21. oh right, thanks i'll defo try that, cos it would be nice to be able to use xposed still! (does your's still work?)
  22. Okay. so I bought a Hudl2 with a broken screen off eBay and swapped the main board over. It booted up fine and after restoring factory settings I logged on to my Google account and let auto-restore did it's stuff. Not a difficult job but not for the ham fisted.
  23. I have sent a message via But if anyone has with MD5 c5ab95be210c56cd60822d58ed465826 then please share if you can.
  24. I reinstalled again from scratch. Errors is no. Everything works fine. I worked on the tablet two hours. Install and uninstall different applications. No problem, and no errors. Many thanks for your work!
  25. You can get them on ebay.
  26. Hi - I've installed the calsto Jellybean launch on my skate. Looks good and is fast. My question is how to use the widgets functionality. When I select widgets, I get the 'add to home screen' menu and don't get mauch further. Thanks
  27. I had installed this version long ago, fonz had made a topic for it in modaco, i dont remember it having good performance.
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