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  2. Cube iwokr8 Air Android OS Only (Solution)

    can someone tell me how to flash? i already do step 1 and 2, but stuck at 3 because i don't know how to flash the rom. and most of the guide in the internet is not for this tablet
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  4. How do I delete my account

    Delete my account please. Send me an email confirmation when complete. Thank you!
  5. Thanks for using and reply. I also use Opera mini, but in Developer mode check "force gpu for 2D graphics" (something like that). No more ROM updates, sorry. Since that is CAF rom, with Lollipop kernel, do you have problem from the start of browser(s) or just when you upload files?! Also problem may cause chrome webview / libwebview / non-classic webview framework... or some library may missing.
  6. ACGroup Themes 2017

  7. Hi @adeii, greetings from Venezuela. I'm testing your ROM on a Y300 and works flawlessly with Pico Open Gapps. Just a little problem and it's the same that report @Bolero Robert, when you install Opera mini or Brave browser the rom fails (random reboots, boot loops) but strangely works without any problem with Chrome. Are you developing an update?
  8. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    I always know that the S10 Pro has a stable structure, and the waterproof properties are good. But I'm surprised at the freezing of the NOMU S10 Pro.
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  10. http://www.myphone.gr/forum/showthread.php?p=7464466#post7464466 :)
  11. I can not wait to try the new version of nudsta I am really grateful for the improvements. I will give feedback for new releases as soon as possible. we are looking forward to new updates .. :)) My english is not so good :(
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  13. By the way, wearing a case makes phone ugly and makes operation inconvenient. I think when most people choose a phone, the appearance is a major factor to consider, including the color. But in fact most people will put a case on the phone for fear of breaks, then it changes the phone look. As a NOMU fan, I strongly support it as I never need to wear a case to it as it is super drop-proof.
  14. ZTE Axon 7 Mini review

    ZTE Axon 7 Mini Build quality & display When it comes to size, the Mini is only slightly smaller than the Axon 7. In fact, the size difference is hard to notice unless you actually put both phones side by side. The Mini measures 5.8 by 2.8 by 0.3 inches and weighs 5.4 ounces, making it just a bit smaller and lighter than the Axon 7 (6.0 by 3.0 by 0.3 inches, 6.2 ounces), but not nearly as small as the more genuinely miniaturized Sony Xperia X. The phone hasn't undergone any major changes in design, either. You get the same metal unibody build available in gray or gold, the same gentlyback, and the same button and port placement. a volume rocker and power button on the right side, a USB-C charging port on the bottom, a 3.5mm audio jack up top, and a SIM/microSD card slot on the left (which worked with a 256GB card). The back is home to a responsive fingerprint scanner set below the camera sensor. The Axon 7 Mini's 1,920-by-1,080, 5.2-inch AMOLED display is smaller, and less sharp, than the 5.5-inch Quad HD panel on its larger sibling. It has 423 pixels per inch, compared with 538ppi on the Axon 7. That said, many other phones in this size range like the 5-inch Google Pixel, and the 5.5-inch Moto G4 also have 1080p panels. The Mini benefits from rich colors, great viewing angles, and a maximum brightness that's easy to see outdoors. Performance The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor. It's a midrange chipset, nowhere near as powerful as the Snapdragon 820 you get the larger device. There's also less RAM, 3GB instead of 4GB. Unsurprisingly, this results in significantly lower benchmark results. The Mini scores 46,859 on AnTuTu, which measures overall system performance, which is a lot lower than the Axon 7's 141,989. It's on par with other midrange phones like the Snapdragon 617-powered G4 (46,260) and the Snapdragon 430-powered X2 (43,984). That said, performance is still fairly smooth. While we encountered some stuttering when running lots of apps in the background, it wasn't any worse than you'll encounter on most midrange phones. A software update pushed out during testing seems to reduce many instances of sluggishness. The phone also handles games like Asphalt 8 and GTA: San Andreas without any difficulty. Camera quality Camera performance on the Mini's 16-megapixel rear sensor is solid, but it isn't particularly noteworthy. The phone takes good shots outdoors under brightly lit conditions, but compared with the 20-megapixel sensor on the Axon 7, it doesn't capture as much detail. In a shootout with the Axon 7 (in default Auto HDR mode), we noticed more instances of noise, a slower autofocus, slower shutter speeds, and notably worse low-light performance. The 8-megapixel front sensor is and still takes good selfies and video. Youtube Review Connectivity 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz 4G: FDD-LTE B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B19/B20 TDD-LTE B38/B40/B41 For more information please visit ZTE Axon 7 Mini. Thank you :)
  15. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    The first feature of the Nomu T18 will be the ability to connect an external digital camera. The second feature is the possibility of working as a walkie-talkie, that is, a walkie-talkie.
  16. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    That's true. A case can’t withstand the drop impact, maybe works a little, but all in all it mostly will get scratch, pieces. This phone deserves a try. By the way, wearing a case makes phone ugly and makes operation inconvenient. I think when most people choose a phone, the appearance is a major factor to consider, including the color. But in fact most people will put a case on the phone for fear of breaks, then it changes the phone look. As a NOMU fan, I strongly support it as I never need to wear a case to it as it is super drop-proof.
  17. ZTE Acqua stock ROMs

    Hello, I have finally managed to gain access to my Dropbox account where I have managed to get my hands on a compatibility patch that we used for these devices. Assuming you now have CM11 installed, this may help matters. Let me know your email in a Private Mail message and I can get the compatibility patch to you.
  18. New build up lineage-14.1-20180118-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip I strongly recommend doing a fresh clean install as there has been a few background changes that may cause conflicts! Added VoLTE (I am unable to test so don't know if it works or not) Fixed charging LED Fixed battery profiles & made some improvements (most battery gains will be from when the phone is idle)
  19. @KonstaT Wasn't you maybe trying to port 3.10 kernel to this device?
  20. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    so does the walkie talkie have scan functionality
  21. UHANS i8 vs Xiaomi Redmi 5

    Uhans i8 Vs Xiaomi Redmi 5 Similarity: 4G, Dual SIM, Display, Resolution, OTG, Navigation Uhans i8 better than Xiaomi Redmi 5: Memory, Storage, cameras, battery, Face ID, Type-C and price Xiaomi Redmi 5 better than Uhans i8: CPU, Operating System Winner: Uhans i8 Check the Price and more detail: Uhans i8: https://goo.gl/fQE3Ws Xiaomi Remdi 5: https://goo.gl/hVsgp8
  22. zte blade 3 lollipop rom

    can anyone give me lollipop rom for blade 3? :( pleease! :( :(
  23. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    the screen is very sensitive. Wet finger can work on it, even I wear glove, it’s still ok. In terms of this, it’s much better than my old phone, BV8000 Pro. And the drop-resistant ability is also better than BV8000 Pro. It got little damage after I dropped it for many times.
  24. How do I delete my account

    Please permanently delete this account. I don't use it anymore Thank you
  25. How to use this room with the gapps alternative microg? Has anyone done it with success?
  26. Vodafone smart ultra 6 partition table

    Unbrick pack for hard bricked vsu6 (for Qfill Rom) My edit T60 qfil rom for vodafone smart ultra 6.Rom flash qfil flasher and unbirick phone.Go recovery and install custom rom and root.My english is so bad that I write turkish, so do not blame. Arkadaşlar öncelikle bu yöntemin hard brick olmuş vodafone smart ultra 6 cihazını unbrick yapmak için kullanılabileceğini ifade etmek isterim. Cihazımın hard brick olması üzerine (ki cihazım açılmıyor ve recovery moda da girmiyordu. Şarja taktığımda ya da bilgisayara taktığımda şarj almıyor, home tuşunun ışığı yani bildirim ledi yanıyordu bilgisayarda aygıt yöneticisinde de Qualcom HS USB aygıtı olarak görünüyordu) yapmış olduğum uzun araştırmalar sonucunda böyle bir yöntem geliştirdim ve cihazımı böylece unbrick yaptım. Şunu da önemle belirtmek isterim ki bu yöntem kullanmak sizin sorumluluğunuzdadır. Cihazınızda oluşabilecek herhangi bir sorundan dolayı mesuliyet kabul etmiyorum. Bu yöntemi geliştirmek için www.mobilkulup.com sitesinde bykaya27 arkadaşımızın paylaşmış olduğu Türkcell T60 Qfil romunu kullandım. Kendisine de paylaşımından dolayı teşekkür ediyorum. Download Qualcomm Usb driver and install yor pc https://mega.nz/#!kEFXgB6Y!aHkajx2D779ahnqh_EOkv7azL7UeO4CgS0JN5sytqX8 Download Qfil and instal your pc. https://mega.nz/#!FZkRSKIA!p2Y9x0JSSDy9lGj0uFHn-lW14DyuxHh4DocBhxqVHf8 Qfil programının bu sürümü benim bilgisayarımda sorunsuz bir şekilde çalıştı ancak başka sürümleri ise çalışmıyordu. Ancak sizin bilgisayarınızda sorun olursa başka sürümlerini denemenizi öneririm. Daha sonra da bu adresten Türkcell T60 Qfil romdan vodafone smart ultra 6 için düzenlediğim Qfil romu indirin. Download VSU6 Qfil rom (UNBRİCK PACK) https://mega.nz/#!EMEiRKLS!A9XWvY1brQSFstReDpm8gTggIDMo2qdj1d0k-nh7ubA Hard brick olmuş vodafone smart ultra 6 cihazınızı download moda yani aygıt yöneticisinde QualcomHS USB Com cihazı olarak görecek şekilde bilgisayara usb ile bağlayın. Bu işlem için çeşitli tuş kombinasyonlarını kullanarak yapabilirsiniz. Örneğin ben Qfil programı ya da bilgisayar cihazı Qualcomm HS USB cihazı olarak görene kadar Power + ses açma + ses kısma tuşlarının hepsine basarak yapıyordum. Qfil programı ya da bilgisayar cihazı Qualcomm HS USB cihazı olarak gördükten sonra tuşları bırakarak Qfil programı ile normal yükleme yapıyorum. Burada Qfil programı ile yüklemenin nasıl yapıldığını uzun uzadıya anlatmayacağım zira sitede de var internette de var. Qfil ile yükleme işlemi bittikten sonra usb kabloyu çıkarıp power tuşuna 5 saniye kadar basılı tutup bırakın. Sonra power tuşuna basıp cihazı açmayı deneyin. Eğer sistem açılırsa ne ala. Yok açılmaz ise Vodafone smart ultra 6 sd card romunu sd card aracılığı ile kurmanız gerekecektir. Ben sd card romdaki system klasörünü system.img şeklinde paketleme işinden pek anlamadığım için sd card dan orijinal sistemi yüklemeyi tercih ettim ve paketteki rawprogram0.xml dosyasını da ona göre düzenledim. Eğer siz system.img dosyasını oluşturup eklemek isterseniz aklınızda bulunsun rawprogram0.xml dosyasına ilgili satırı eklemeniz gerekir.( notepad++ programı ile düzenleyebilirsiniz.) Bu aşamada orijinal sistemi yükleyip marsmallow’a güncelledikten sonra cihazı root yapmak için twrp yüklemek gerekecektir. Bunun için de Qfil programı işimizi görecektir. Öncelikle bu dosyayı indirin. Download Pack is Qfil install TWRP pack (For orijinal marsmallow) https://mega.nz/#!5B1CCDwA!X7daokxhM1XpiZoSebq5f-wwau4byED60ExCp8tDFG4 ve Qfil programı ile yükleyin. Böylece cihaza TWRP yüklemiş olacaksınız. Daha sonra da twrp’den yüklemek üzere bu dosyayı indirin Download pack is TWRP root pack for marsmallow https://mega.nz/#!oU8CTCTQ!naklNI7kaoiZz_JaZVcECBx9gFjyjpb4IsTkjffh2VM ve twrp’den yükleyin. Yükleme işleminden sonra cihazı açın. Açılış biraz uzun sürebilir ANDROİD yazısı iki kere geleblir bekleyin. Cihaz açılınca orijinal marsmallow romu root’lamış olursunuz. Arkadaşlar ben bütün bu anlattıklarımı kendi cihazımda uyguladım ve uyguladığım şekli ile anlattım. Ancak sizin cihazınızda aynı şekilde mi olur farklı şekilde mi olur o kadarını bilecek kadar uzman olmadığım için baştan da uyardığım gibi mesuliyet kabul etmiyorum. Ayrıca bu paylaşımım bireysel kullanıcılara analarının ak sütü gibi helâldir. Teknik servislere vs ise hakkımı helâl etmiyorum. Çünkü hiçbir emek sarf etmeden başkalarının emeği üzerinden haksız kazanç elde etmektedirler.
  27. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    For a long time, rugged phone has been recognized as heaviness and ugliness. But I don’t see any on this phone. The appearance is very cool and unique. And its NFC, OTG, fingerprint unlock, walkie-talkie provide a easier and more convenient user experience to me. And I’m also very satisfied with its drop-proof and water-proof function.
  28. Nice competition, the future looks bright. Cant wait. Molly - Technician
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