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  3. Possible unrecoverable Soft Brick?

    Also, pressing the power button for a long time is doing nothing now. The battery was near full when all of this happened so I'm doubting that it's the battery,
  4. Okay, so I have a bit of a big problem. I was downloading some images, when the screen got stuck for a bit, flashed some lines, then turned off. I held the power button, to reboot it, and it worked... for a bit. The usual "Powered by Android" screened showed up, before a blue flash covered the screen, and then nothing. Panicking a little bit, I tried to boot into recovery, but then something weird happened. It hanged onto the TWRP screen, before rebooting back into the "Powered by Android" screen. The next time I tried to go into recovery, it hanged onto the TWRP screen again, before now slowly fading out into black with blue colours, and then nothing. I have no idea what happened, but my phone is rooted, it has TWRP [obviously], and the internal storage was almost full when I was downloading the images. I'm a bit worried that the reason why my phone is glitching out is because the internal storage is way too full, but without a recovery I have no idea how I can fix that issue. Anyone know what's going on, or is my phone officially dead? Also the OS I'm rocking, or was rocking, was the Lineage 14.1 one by Nutsda
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  6. Why I can't download this utility? Can you upload some where else, please?
  7. BedavaMobilVeriKazanma

    Hi Can you please add an English translation to your postsplease Thanks
  8. View File Eglence Zamanı Sıkılmadan oyun oynuyabiliceksiniz hemde hiç internetinizden yemeden Submitter ferhat gzl Submitted 02/24/2018 Category Tools - Fun  
  9. Eglence Zamanı

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Sıkılmadan oyun oynuyabiliceksiniz hemde hiç internetinizden yemeden


  10. BedavaMobilVeriKazanma

    apk linkine tıklayarak şarzınız bitip kapanana kadar bedava internet kazanıyorsunuz
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  12. If you want a stable phone for dialy use, i am recomeneeded Android 4.X.X Based ROMs because Android 5.X and 6.X are unstable for these devices and you can't boost this device on LineageOS 13
  13. Hello, please add full substratum/oms/rro support, really hate that black systemui :(
  14. Honor 9 absolutely dead

    Edit: I have fixed my phone completely , if anyone need help, contact me just did same thing today will try to unbrick if i succeed,i will contact you for ubrick BTW need to remove back of phone to recover it
  15. Free Themes Update

  16. [GAME] Police drift car driving

    Hello, A little trailer is available here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRrFjBFQSmU Tell me if you like the game. Thank you
  17. Can anyone confirm if the volume controls work while in call. Make a call, then try to turn the volume up or down, does it work?
  18. Honor 5C kills background apps

    Me and my girlfriend have this exact problem with our 5Cs. Did you find any solution for this?
  19. Thanks. It's working . :-) But still can't hang up calls :-( How can I fix it? And how can I speed up my phone ? (except developer options > animations )
  20. Try this dual sim ril bz madix-33 u8951D-RIL
  21. Nutsda So far so good im using it for a while, thanks for all your work. =)
  22. Not Working ! :-( Can anybody upload new ril_u8833d.zip for lineage os 13 ?
  23. I contacted him and he said no problem, so here is my last tested build! (20180218) https://cloud.utc.fr/index.php/s/esCfNqYPBoFaZ1F md5: 00b3f67f16d5f87622e02f8855b0f19d You can flash it on top of KonstaT's build, but I recommend to erase all and do a clean install, and don't forget to make a backup! I did not made any modifications, I just built it using a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 installation. If you want to build it yourself, I made a compilation from various guides with the exact commands that I used: https://gitlab.utc.fr/amaldona/lineageos13-openC-build-guide/wikis/home I'll post a new build every month or so, keep tuned!
  24. Flash stock firmware and reflash CM 13
  25. Hello. Lineage os 13 , Slim6 and CM13 are good and beautiful roms for huawei y300 u8833d but I have some problems : Sim cards are not detecting before I flash u8833d-ril.zip and after flash , sim cards work but wifi not working. I detected this problem Originates from boot.img . And I cannot hang out calls . How can I slove this problems ? ( Sorry about my bad English :-) )
  26. Google offering 10% discount on Play Store purchases

    Thanks a lot for the mention it here get control panel in windows 10 looking really very wonderful and the features are also looking the amazing. According to me this works really good and I also give good rating for this features and the function.
  27. Orange San Diego Is Now Rootable

    There are many type of folders in the computer and according to the format the automatically decide to go in the particular folders if we discuss about the save documents windows 10 you should to know about them here. Which is really a good function container.
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