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  3. Stylist Cool OS 10 Theme v1.1.1v

    Stylist Cool OS 10 Theme v1.1.1 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Stylist Cool OS 10 Theme Download New OS 10 to own beautiful OS icons, HD wallpapers and tons of themes. Blue Os 10 is a user theme with wallpapers of the most high definition Multi colors and pretty Simple OS icons. It lets your Android phone run smoother and smarter, while at the same time, offers you a perfect experience. New OS is the latest among tons of themes. You can find any theme you like. Whether you are into comics, sci-fi, photography or automobile, Love, Friendship, Office we have all of the most beautiful themes you want. Apply your favorite theme at any time and show it off on your phone. Download the New OS Launcher theme now to Give Your Android Phone Classy Look. Download New OS 10 Theme and more surprises are waiting for you! HD wallpapers and exquisite app icons bring you extreme visual pleasure. You can own the latest OS 10 Abstract themes, 3D themes and New OS 10 Decent live wallpapers. Updated OS 10 is an Android theme with 3D special effects, 3D weather widget, beautifully themed app icons and Dreams Fantasy Prince Love Eagle wallpapers. Smart OS 10 is suitable for most Android phones, including Samsung, Huawei Mate8, MI, Oppo and so on. Install the New OS Android and 3D launcher to enable your wild experience and make your phone look cool. What more can you get by downloading the New OS 10 Theme? Beautiful Abstract Designer lock screen with Multicolor: Beautiful wallpaper will be there once you swipe up the lock screen. This offers full protection over your privacy. Specially designed app icons: When you turn on your phone, the perfectly applied icons make your phone shinier. Stunning interface: 3D Motion weather forecast plus New OS 10 wallpaper and WWW app icons can bring your phone to life. Theme Center: You can find all kinds of free themes, such as the popular golden theme that gives your phone a luxurious look. Additionally, you can also choose from a list of cool 3D, Halloween and Christmas audio themes. Wallpaper Center: Wallpaper center offers HD wallpapers of different styles and New OS 10 Theme Live wallpaper. Apart from that, we update thousands of HD wallpapers daily, so you can change as many as you want. 3D themes and live wallpaper: Dozens of 3D effects to go with the New OS 10 Theme and make your phone look cool. Smart New OS 10 Theme live wallpaper plus different special effects triggered by gesture input merge smart and Cool into one experience. It lets you feel the beauty of New OS Theme and experience the most advanced mobile technology at the tip of your fingers. When you lightly tap on the phone, you can experience the effect of snowflakes and rain drops at the tip of your finger, and let them slowly slip through your finger. Moreover, you can let hearts sparkle on your phone. Other benefits: We update themes, wallpapers and icons of different styles daily, so you can choose based on your preference. You can also find soccer, basketball and even celebrity and cartoon related themes that you like. Every theme you want can be found here. New OS 10 Theme Supports All Android OS & Smart New OS 10 Theme Look very Classy on One Plus 3, Mi 5 , Nokia 6 Nokia X6, Samsung Galaxy Edge, Samsung galaxy edge, Moto G Phones More Info: Download Instructions: Stylist Cool OS 10 Theme v1.1.1 APK Download
  4. Smart Thermometer v3.0.6

    Smart Thermometer v3.0.6 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Smart Thermometer is a simple app to use the temperature sensors in your phone to show the temperature near your phone. With a beautiful design and great precision, this will be your default way of checking temperature instantly! Please make sure your phone has a temperature sensor, otherwise this app can only show you temperatures from web services like any other weather app No ads, use of internet connection is optional, and internet + gps are only required for devices not having an integrated temperature sensor. This app offers an upgrade package which adds charts with historical data of your phone's readings plus better widgets. Designed with Full HD in mind, so it's a perfect match for the Galaxy S4, but will work on any other device as well, provided GPS and an internet connection is available Permissions breakdown: INTERNET - required for uploading data, and getting stats in return GPS - optional for associating the temperatures with a location, and required for getting temperature data on devices which don't have a temperature sensor Download Instructions: Smart Thermometer v3.0.6 apk Download
  5. FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING: 3D ARPG Lisensi Resmi SE v1.7.2 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: When nine and nine meet nine, here we come! The first 3D ARPG of FINAL FANTASY in Indonesian has launched, and will bring you to the creation of the world. SQUARE ENIX authorized, the first 3D ARPG of FF in Indonesian, with exciting action experience and film-like CG, FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING will lead you into the world of FINAL FANTASY. [Game Features] Back to classic. Brand new experience SQUARE ENIX authorizes, the first 3D MMOARPG of FINAL FANTASY in Indonesian. Film-like CG. New experience of story Inherit the world view of FINAL FANTASY Type-0. Highly restore the original storyline. A wonderful visual feast with more than 200 CGs. No turn-based anymore. Experience new JIT The first ARPG of Final Fantasy in Indonesian. Fluent action experience and cool battle scene give you a fantastic Final Fantasy world. Eidolon arrives. Summon the final reason Eidolon, the symbol of power and death! Bahamut, Ifrit, Golem, and Shiva offer you support to success! More Info: Download Instructions: FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING: 3D ARPG Lisensi Resmi SE v1.7.2 APK DOWNLOAD
  6. OK thanks anyway you did a soft and very good software and the best of all I've tried so far is what I did for lolipop 5.1.1 that blocked you all the time, but the one you have done you work perfectly. Many thanks, and congratulations for your work I wish you a nice day
  7. Rooting and Unlocking the HTC ChaCha?

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HTC Phone “Hi, do you know any way that I can recover deleted contacts from my HTC One M10? I accidentally deleted some of the contacts on my HTC phone yesterday. I really need the deleted contacts. Thank you very much!” Asked by Julie Julie is not the only HTC user who has this problem. You can find many similar questions about recovering deleted contacts from HTC phone in HTC communities online. They don’t have backup file for their HTC phones. And they want to get back their deleted contacts. The only answer to this question is “HTC Contacts Recovery”. You can use this software to scan your HTC phone and SD card to find the deleted contacts and other data from your HTC and recover deleted contacts from HTC to your computer. You can also use it to recover deleted text messages from HTC phones
  8. Yes the play store issue has been resolved, still working on getting the sensors to work properly, before uploading another build
  9. Help with Tesco Hudl1 restoration images

    Hi Kirt7, Thanks for your reply. The issue has been solved. Regards onio
  10. Honor 8 EMUI 5 / Nougat beta test

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  11. Samsung Galaxy Beta Programme goes live in UK

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  13. Honor announce the £225 Dual Camera 6X

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  14. Rooting and Unlocking the HTC ChaCha?

    Thank you, Clifford12 for your quick response. I also have a similar issue. It works! Spanish translator
  15. It is possible to erase everything from phone. Do a factory reset.
  16. Deodexed TW ROM for the Padfone 2

    Thanks! I really appreciate! Keep up your good work. json formatter online
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  18. Hi everyone, I´m looking for root my htc mytouch 4g but in many forums, they say that need a version Visionary+11, not the +13 or more.. is the only works fine in a version 2.3.4 if is possible, someone give me a link active of this version.? Thank you.
  19. How to root MY TOUCH 4G 2.3.4

    yours Links don´t works :(
  20. Miui 8 and miui 9 (probably miui 7 too) does not support 3G on both cards. Only sim1 is 3G capable.
  21. no sim 2 not supported, only sim 1 that supported 3g switch
  22. 2nd sim card should be in sim.card settings
  23. Hello, something else has been solved with the software? about the play shop
  24. Mobile network, sim card network
  25. finally! thanks man :) btw how to switch 3g in this rom ? are you using DualSimControl ?
  26. MIUI 9 - 7.9.7 patch. Including: -Greek Language support -160 greek characters sms support - Added stock music player - Added Buttons & Gestures menu. post# 25332
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