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  2. Has anything been done to upgrade this tablet from Android 5.1.0?
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  4. How do I delete my account

    Please delete my account too. Thanks
  5. Help with rom 6.0

    Wait really? That's amazing. Installing it as we speak, hope it works for me.
  6. Help with rom 6.0

    thx guys for all who help :) im good now
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  8. Total Soccerv1.5.5

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  9. Help with rom 6.0

  10. Help with rom 6.0

    Try it and see, Nutsda has done a great job of getting our kernel up to date. No problems with apps anymore and no real noticable performance hit I've come to expect when jumping android versions.
  11. Help with rom 6.0

    ok i will try thx
  12. Help with rom 6.0

    There are fewer bugs on LOS 14.1(yeh i said cm, old habits ive used cm since cm6) Just flash stock LP rom, you cant use stock recoveries to flash custom stuffs.
  13. Help with rom 6.0

    i think i have the old room twrp backup can i make it as zip and try flash it by this recovery
  14. Help with rom 6.0

    umm , so what i should do now >.<
  15. Help with rom 6.0

    Not if it has the same bug as CM 13,1 though.
  16. Help with rom 6.0

    You'll have to start again, flash LP rom update from SD card. Turkey rom seems to work for most. Root that. Before rebooting use rashr app or similar to flash TWRP.img as root is only temporary at this stage. Boot to recovery and flash!WcwVVL5R!HQCa5pLwSc19tkn4bt-UgqaU_rFg3-sgY0tUwUmYO0U (look at this zip file first, there may be a zip inside. If there is extract and flash that. Been a while and i CBA downloading 1.35Gb just to check) Its not pre rooted but you will be wanting to flash CM 14.1 over it anyway im guessing ;)
  17. Help with rom 6.0

    Yes the main recovery and as u know bootlooder for ultra 6 can't unlock to get back into twrp
  18. Help with rom 6.0

    So what happens when you try to boot recovery? Stock mm recovery?
  19. i try to install the rom installed ok but when i try install su the phone restart and i lose twrp recovery now i stuck with os 6 and cant root it also , i try most of root apps nothing work even apk or pc version any one can help plz , they rom that i use from here
  20. i try to install the rom installed ok but when i install su the phone restart and i lose twrp recovery now i stuck with os 6 and cant root it also any help ?
  21. How do I delete my account

    Please delete my account too. Thanks
  22. Got it! If anyone needs twrp for q-box 2/16 s905 let me know.
  23. If I could find the vensmile u1 rom in flash able zip format I could then root it, it works on the q-box but cannot get into twrp to root. Your build is awesome if it just had my wifi working I would be a happy camper.
  24. Got the Bluetooth working but I still can't get the wifi on track, gonna give up i think, tons of hours now at this, very discouraged.
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  26. Merhaba bu rom vodafone smart 6 ultra için mi ve twrp nerden indirebilirim nasıl yuklerım yardımcı oolurmusunuz
  27. LineageOS 14.1 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    I saw at qualcomm's site, they talked about upcoming support for 4xx series but I don't see any phones around.
  28. If you can find me a phone anywhere that's Snapdragon 615 msm8916 with vulkan I'd be very grateful.
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