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    Free Themes Update

    Next Launcher 3D Theme "Rings Pink" (FREE THEME) GOOGLE PLAY
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  5. Hmm, I connect my phone, selected a picture, checked if ADB sees him (he did), and pressed okay. He starts something with 3 dots on the end, I guess doing something, and then pop error in which I can only understand ADB XD Help?
  6. myke38

    [GAME] Police Car Chase

    Bonjour, Je suis content de vous présenter Police Car Chase - Cop Simulator, un jeu de police open world pour Android ! Devenez un policier et prenez le contrôle de 10 voitures de police dans un environnement immense de 16 km² ! Conduisez en ville et arrêtez les mauvais conducteurs qui ont commis une infraction. Personnalisez votre voiture a coup de peinture et d'autocollant. Accomplissez plus de 30 missions pour devenir le meilleur policier de la ville, et obtenez le rang le plus gradé, grace à un systeme de classement. Screens : URL : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pickle.PoliceCarPullOver Si vous rencontrez des bug, merci de me contacter afin que je les corrige au plus vite ! Et si vous avez des idées ou des pistes d'améliorations, n'hésitez surtout pas a m'en faire part ^^ Bonne journée, Michael
  7. Last week

    Can't Install Mobdro App on My LG GT540. Help Please!

    Since long long ago time i am using mobdro application. that was good and it will work all devices with out any problem Now i don't know why It's not working on your phone. Better you can follow the best alternatives for mobdro app. Here you can find the best alternative applications is Terrarium TV for firestick.
  9. hunkhank

    How do I delete my account

    pleas delete my account
  10. Hi i have found good information on rooting but none of them are offering how to unroot smartphone that's why i am sharing information on how you can unroot your device. http://rootunroot.com/samsung/how-to-root-and-unroot-samsung-galaxy-grand-i9082.html
  11. ACGroup

    Free Themes Update

    Next Launcher 3D Theme "Northern Lights" (FREE THEME) INSTALL ON GOOGLE PLAY
  12. If someone needs GenoTools... it would be nice to got translation or to know what partition is changed. The first option is for changing splashscreen, for others I do not know/read. This is my new splashscreen for U8833 (Y300), joking, of course.
  13. Will Lineageos 15.1 come? Translate : Google Translate
  14. Cyryl45

    Ask MoDaCo: The Teclast X98 Pro

  15. charlesbasil

    Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    I like big phone, this s10 pro, and the display big enough. I can set a mode of bigger word. I can see them clear and comfortable.
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  17. @adeii good rom and works properly with opengapps, but have some little bugs: - don't have the WPS function; - don't have the contacts app and the icon in the call app don't work; - the flashlight's icon in the quick settings don't work; - Play Store don't work (error code 0 or RH-01); - too many redundant apps: 2 calculators, 2 browsers (Baidu Mini is good), 2 music apps and 4 file manager (Total Commander is good).
  18. thanks for the guidance, solved the problem with the sound slowly
  19. thanks for the guidance, solved the problem with the sound slowly
  20. Ljudi, ne radi nijedan link. Da li moze re-upload? UPDATE: Nasao sam ova dva. Y300_firmware(Y300-0100,Android 4.1,Emotion_UI,V100R001C249B193,Serb-Telekom_Srbija,05011MEL).zip Y300_firmware(Y300-0100,Android 4.1,Emotion_UI,V100R001C242B195,Serb-Telekom,05011YLL).zip
  21. Mustafa Karakoç

    LineageOS 14.1 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    Hi everybody. I solved the low sound problem. but I do not know if the echo problem is resolved. I did not get a chance to try. solution Steps 1- Download flashify ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cgollner.flashify ) 2- Download system app remover(root user) ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumobile.manager.systemapp ) 3- Download Dolby Atmos zip ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=13100 ) 4- Download deep_buffer remover ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=13950 ) after download; Enter flashify application, select zip file, after select deep_buffer-remover.zip but not flash add zip file and select dap_r6.5.zip and start flash. your phone will restart. after flash; enter the system apps remover > select system apps > find audofx > remove audiofx login the options > applications > find audiofx > stop finally menu > dolby atmos > select your options good uses Echo problem not solved but low voice problem solved. Voice is very high
  22. Thank you, Ceastel! Can not find patch for 2.8.5/6/7, but have found where are problems! 1 - "Reboot to ..." freezing is solved by adding init.recovery.service.rc for 5.0+ and init.recovery.hlthchrg.rc for 8.0+ to init.rc & adding "on property:sys.powerctl=* powerctl ${sys.powerctl}" and "service adbd /sbin/adbd --root_seclabel=u:r:su:s0 --device_banner=recovery" for the case of emergency :) "Reboot to system" now reboot to recovery, "Power off" now power down device. No more need for battery replace. Test image TWRP 3.2.1 is here. 2 - Since Android 7.0, system and recovery need to read /misc partition! So, in BoardConfig it should change "BOARD_HAS_NO_MISC_PARTITION" to false! After cleaning /misc partition in terminal, recovery finaly reboot to /system :) :) :) For now, it has to been to done manualy in terminal: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p7 and reboot to system! Or as script misc.sh * Ignore partition is full, no space left, is just writes zeros to 4MB size partition! 3 - One of bugs left, mkdir /sideload didn't help, sideload can not be enabled. In 3.1.1, sideload disconnect device from PC, adb works normaly on recovery.
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  24. broken buttons are related to one of old twrp patch with that patch they broke reboots on our devices you must to one more time find that patch and revert it it was somewhere around 2.8.5 version as far as i remeber reboot and shutdown buttons then will be works just fine :--D
  25. I have got i1tfd revision. Last TWRP do not work.
  26. ACGroup

    Free Themes Update

    Next Launcher 3D Theme "Rings Red" (FREE THEME) INSTALL ON GOOGLE PLAY
  27. The Chuwi Hi 10 Plus tablet is dual boot. Now, I want/need to change the partition sizes on the 64GB internal storage. I would prefer to reduce the Win10 partition to maybe 10GB and add all the rest to the Android partition. Or, second-best would be to remove the Win10 partition completely, and have to whole internal storage for Android. How do I go about preferably the first choice? Thank you, Ross  (moved from general...., sorry, my fault)
  28. RMcM

    Killed my Droid

    Now that I have over-zealously stopped and/or restricted much of my apps....I have lost "touch" with my droid and it shows a poor dead Droid when I try to reset. What must I do???
  29. Hi I just find my old Acer Liquid S100 (256mb Ram) and I try to find an official rom. But all the link are dead... Is there someone who can help me ?
  30. chitra

    Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    #NOMU #M6 adopts 5.0” display and 2.5D curved design to make the phone more delicate, beautiful and more stereo feeling
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