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  2. Okay try flashing that one & then coming back to Lineage as there was firmware updates that came with stock marshmallow, which at this stage I suspect maybe the issue.
  3. no i didn't , and thx again for helping
  4. Not that one but the completely stock one from
  5. yes i did from here , and still use it :D but its randomly stop or restart so that why i want switch to this
  6. Just to rule it out, have you ever flashed the twrp flashable stock marshmallow rom?
  7. yes i try but stuck on the load screen that come after finishing the install and first restart i wait more than 45 mint and still nothing
  8. Okay, have you tried just Lineage with no gapps & no root add-on?
  9. yes i do full wipe and using twrp 3.0.2-0 ( thx for helping and fast answer ) recovery-twrp-3.0.2-0-p839v55 from here
  10. 1. Are you doing a full wipe by going to advanced wipe & selecting system, dalvik, data & cache? 2. What version of twrp do you have?
  11. Updated with your rom remix os and the standard patch without serial number (my model is HQ64G45170104616) and the same rotation problem continues. What can it be? Thanks for your time
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  13. i try to do that but it just stuck on loading screen , i use os13 it work fine but it always restart alone
  14. Just ignore the error, the ROM still installs & functions how it's supposed to.
  15. I'll look into tweaking the values & there is no support for vulkan.
  16. That's none of my problem then. I only provide support for my custom ROMs and you have posted on a completely wrong place. You've installed a ROM that is not meant for your device! If you install e.g. this Remix OS with the right compatibility patch, I'm sure everything will work.
  17. I installed remix os 2.0 (Android 5.1.1) instead of the android that came on the tablet (5.0) from the official installer of intel (Phone flash tool). The installation has gone smoothly, everything works correctly in remixes, the only problem is the rotation. Thanks for your interest
  18. ??? Which Hi12 compatibility patch did you install and have you tried with the other one? What stock firmware version was your device shipped with?
  19. Sorry, the state looking for the forum and I do not get the right one. I have remixOs, Everything works perfectly, the only problem is the rotation. Thanks
  20. Hello, I do not work the screen rotation on android, I have a chuwi hi12. Is there a solution for this? Thanks greetings
  21. Thx for ur hard work , but when i try to install i get error ( unknown command [log] ) , i try wipe every thing also format and still got the same error
  22. Cube iWork8 Air Noob Questions

    Hi, I just got mine cube iwork8 air pro tablet from Anyone has trouble with the google play store?
  23. LineageOS 14.1 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    ROM is quite smooth, notification light is too much high when charging, and screen light too high when I full the bar. And I have a question. What about Vulkan?
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