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  2. Here u r.. It's compatible with miui 9. Fully customizable. (button remaping for pro users)
  3. I dont know, but it is official build. Should work.
  4. Well, not possible, only xiaomi phone with same chipset as ours is redmi note 3g
  5. Psiphon was first an android app which lets you use the internet beyond the normal limits. It became so popular among android users that people also started searching for ways about how they can use Psiphon on PC.
  6. Music Paradise Pro is an application which lets its users download music for free. We can listen all my new track here. And I never tried it gonna try it Thank you Anita Paul
  7. Sure, but 4.4 gets outdated by Google and apps developers - many apps require Android 5.1+ already. That's why I have switched to Lineage based on Android 6.0.1 and finally all apps that I needed work here, but I would switch to MIUI if it was based on any Android 5.1+.
  8. Official miui for f1 is on miui 8 and its full of bloatwere, also its 4.4 There wont be any newer android in it, since there isnt source for our kernel to get modification There are some port of MM and LP But again, no need since there are issues, i find 4.4 rly good And miui has extremly good UI ^^
  9. What about MIUI for F1? Does it use any Android base newer than 4.4? (like Lineage or ResurectionRemix ROMs)
  10. Visiting Africa with the Huawei P9

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  11. Amazon recalls power adapters for some UK Kindle Fire tablets

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  12. Win a new phone with MoDaCo and TinyDeal

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  13. AGM X1 Dual Camera IP68 smartphone.

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  14. Here's how you convert a Zuk Z1 from ZukUI to Cyanogen

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  15. Honor announce the £225 Dual Camera 6X

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  16. How to root your Hudl 2

    The files are now here
  17. Yes but not for redmi note 3g
  18. Coming Soon: MoDaCo and the Honor 6X

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  19. Hi, does MIUI 9 ROM use Android 7.0?
  20. @KonstaT Lenovo has released the Android N 7.1.1 update for the Yoga Book (Intel Atom x5-Z8550) earlier than planned. It's out now. I don't want to nag you, simply just ask if this is something you're going to look into with regards to the Vi10 Plus?
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  23. I'm looking for a stock rom for a Y300-0151 (Canada - Virgin Mobil/Bell) ver. Y300-0151V100R001C557B184 I'm looking for that one specificy because that's whats on my phone right now and I want to have a back-up of it in case I need to go back to it. Thanks
  24. You should have a nandroid backup of the stock firmware if you've followed installation instructions... Stock firmware packages are available on Chuwi forum ( You can try if that works on your device (likely not if yours is from a newer batch with hardware changes). I can't help you without stock firmware where camera is actually working.
  25. Hello people, please, could someone upload here oeminfo for Honor 5C (NEM-UL10)? My phone froze and help me only if oeminfo session for this model anywhere on the internet I could not find it for download. command to download it: adb shell su -c "dd if=/dev/block/platform/hi_mci.0/by-name/oeminfo of=/sdcard/oeminfo"
  26. Last week
  27. unfortunately I don't have a nandroid backup in twrp and I don't remeber wich firmware it's installed on tablet when I receive it... I can say only I've received it last week and s/n is HQ64G4217070.... Can you help me? Thank you. P.S. on windows 10 the camera work perfect.
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