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  2. Chill guys. No one is going to give you any ETAs. I'm busy with other things and I said I'll look into it when I get around. Anyone is free to pick this up and do whatever they want with it (there's other people working on Cherry Trail as well). That's the beauty of open source. :) There's at least few significant issues Nougat bring up is going to introduce. If we want to use binary display drivers from the Lenovo N release (like we have to unless we can somehow shim the M blobs = hacky) we need to switch to building x86_64 Android. Unlike e.g. Qualcomm with open source audio/display/media HALs, Intel BSP uses prebuilt display HALs (gralloc, hwcomposer) which causes all kinds of issues with next Android versions. Lenovo N has 64-bit binary blobs - we end up with a crazy match of 64-bit Android N drivers and device/hardware specific 32-bit Andoid L drivers with some shims (camera) in between (stock firmware on this device is 32-bit Android L). Realtek bluetooth is all blobs from Medion M release in M (open source in L). I'm not aware of any N Realtek bluetooth blobs. That is likely going to be a major issue as well. This device was meant to run Android 5.1 and CM12.1 is near perfect. Every next Android version has its repercussions (as you can see the list of issues in the OP) and you also need to consider when it's worth the effort (or are we just playing a round of 'will it run' :P). I just don't see the point in releasing something utterly broken.
  3. Let's hear the list of people I "bull around". Tell you what, quit your "bull" around here and focus on the real topic. Your rants are pointless and a waste of time, I provided the source, gave proper credit, been discussing this with KonstaT in different posts and know the community has great interest in Android N for the Atom series. Back on topic. Excited to hear what @KonstaTmakes of it, no matter if it's good or bad news.
  4. Thanking you if you help to port nougat to these Chuwi tablets is perfectly fine and deserved, but this doesn't authorize you to bull people around.
  5. Does someone had problem with wifi uploading that restart phone?! Problem solved - repacked boot for latest u8951 build, with MM kernel (from Lineage 13 u8951) work well for Y300 and G510! download from AFH and flash it.
  6. Great thanks :) How about "Thanks for sharing this. Let's hope for Android N development for Chuwi tablets".
  7. If this was the purpose you should have used a PM. Try to calm down. Have you eaten something heavy? Peppers at dinner?
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  9. Yes, I found it over at 4pda ( link). Boot.img is uploaded in the second post. Kernel version (3.14.79) is the same as Chuwi Vi10 Plus (can be seen in the screenshot here All credits and thanks go to tank0412 (4pda/xda) for requesting the file and the uploader titoff1973 (4pda).
  10. Did I adress you? No. Did I talk about porting? No. I referenced this before, so he knows very well about this. Are "you're going to look into with regards to the Vi10 Plus?" was the question. I want to hear @KonstaT's thoughts on this and answers to this despite what it might be. Not yours, mind your own business.
  11. if there are no kernel sources and the sources of the various adaptations to the 7.1.1 aosp tree.. it's unlikely that Konsta will be able to port anything...
  12. Here u r.. It's compatible with miui 9. Fully customizable. (button remaping for pro users)
  13. I dont know, but it is official build. Should work.
  14. Well, not possible, only xiaomi phone with same chipset as ours is redmi note 3g
  15. Psiphon was first an android app which lets you use the internet beyond the normal limits. It became so popular among android users that people also started searching for ways about how they can use Psiphon on PC.
  16. Music Paradise Pro is an application which lets its users download music for free. We can listen all my new track here. And I never tried it gonna try it Thank you Anita Paul
  17. Sure, but 4.4 gets outdated by Google and apps developers - many apps require Android 5.1+ already. That's why I have switched to Lineage based on Android 6.0.1 and finally all apps that I needed work here, but I would switch to MIUI if it was based on any Android 5.1+.
  18. Official miui for f1 is on miui 8 and its full of bloatwere, also its 4.4 There wont be any newer android in it, since there isnt source for our kernel to get modification There are some port of MM and LP But again, no need since there are issues, i find 4.4 rly good And miui has extremly good UI ^^
  19. What about MIUI for F1? Does it use any Android base newer than 4.4? (like Lineage or ResurectionRemix ROMs)
  20. How to root your Hudl 2

    The files are now here
  21. Yes but not for redmi note 3g
  22. Hi, does MIUI 9 ROM use Android 7.0?
  23. @KonstaT Lenovo has released the Android N 7.1.1 update for the Yoga Book (Intel Atom x5-Z8550) earlier than planned. It's out now. I don't want to nag you, simply just ask if this is something you're going to look into with regards to the Vi10 Plus?
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