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  2. LineageOS 15.1 likely to be built into this phone?
  3. Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    The battery is good, i can download whatever i need, but if there is bigger memory, more perfect.
  4. It destroyed my phone huhuhu my internal storage was 16 gb but now only 10 gb why? My model is Sony XA F3115
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  6. How do I delete my account

    Please, delete my account. Thanks.
  7. Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    It’s pretty awesome, a mirror-like phone. How’s they figure out? Expecting more surprising design on this rugged phone.
  8. It's just a built-in security feature that until now has been disabled to allow Lineage to work, but now I have fixed the issues allowing it to be enabled & help make the system more secure.
  9. Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    Amazing! NOMU creates a slim rugged phone? Maybe i should buy one for my dad who loves outdoor activities.
  10. @nutsda I hope... What is your latest SElinux enforcing update?
  11. I am unable to test it, so I don't know if it works or not, hopefully someone on here can let us know.
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  16. [Game]Get ready for blast off on April 9th....

    What happened to the ios release? not showing in the store?
  17. Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    #Nomu, leading the strong performance of #rugged phone, unlocking the future trend of science and technology.
  18. New build up lineage-14.1-20180416-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip Fix MTP not working on Windows Fix Camera not working for some people SELinux now set to Enforcing
  19. Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    Breaking the habitual thinking, the rugged phone can also be the beauty pursuer. #NOMU #M6 is more fashionable and thinner while guarantees the high quality!
  20. atIs LineageOS 15.1 likely to be built into this phone?
  21. Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    NOMU never do the ordinary thing. For the M6 which qualified with IP68, they mixed water with milk and oil to check it. See how’s it going. Nomu is Going to participate in upcoming The HongKong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition. The event will hold from 18th to 21st April. Nomu will display M6 and Upcoming M8. I am very excited.
  22. How do I delete my account

    Please delete this account, thanks in advance. Still getting spam and phishing mails thx to the data breach of this site (I've been using my email adress for this site only, which makes it very obviously where it leaked from).
  23. Nomu M6 - 3D Glossy back Cover Rugged Phone.

    #Nomu #M6-redefine the role of your phone! A. Intelligent-Good assistance of your work B. Fashionable-Style Icon with charming appearance C.Tough-#IP68 waterproof
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  26. How do I share my location
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