• If you run a small business and you want to take card payments, the associated costs are often high. The market is blighted by monthly fees, hardware costs and large percentage costs for small volume payments. If you're a budding market trader, cake maker or computer fixer, cash might still feel like your only option. We've been trying out iZettle, who are looking to resolve this problem. And it's great.

    While Google Maps has matured nicely over recent years and other free alternatives such as HERE have also appeared, CoPilot, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and voted best sat nav app by Auto Express 3 years in a row, has long remained a favourite here at MoDaCo. The app, which offers both online features and fully offline navigation, is 30% off for a limited time AND we have 2 copies to give away!.

    The newly-release OnePlus 2 blazes a trail by being one of the first Android devices to be released with USB Type C. While there are some benefits to this (such as the reversible connector), it's also primarily a bit of a pain in the posterior for most of us who have an abundance of microUSB chargers. OnePlus actually have a thoughtful solution to this issue.

    This is the OnePlus 2. The £239 / £289 '2016 flagship killer' (we'll be the judge of that) has now arrived in the MoDaCo office and we'll be putting it through it's paces ahead of a full review in Android Magazine and on Little Green Robot (as well as some special features on MoDaCo), but now is your chance to ask any questions you have now we have the device in hand. How's the fingerprint reader? Does the standstone finish feel nice? Is it huge? How is OxygenOS? I know you've got questions. Fire away! 😄

    Friends-of-MoDaCo Honor (have you seen our brand new co-branded forum area?) love the community and want members of the community to be at the launch party for their new 'Honor 7' device on the 27th of August... so they are giving away two tickets to the event! The competition is open to UK residents only who make your own way to London should they win the Twitter / Rafflecopter based competition.

    What started out as really positive PR for EE has turned into a bit of a nightmare. EE are recalling a batch of their 'free' Power Bars due to a risk of fire / explosion (!). The Power Bars, which relate to batch E1-06 (the batch / model number is written on the side of the device) apparently 'could pose a fire safety risk', something that unfortunately appears to have become a reality as seen in the news over recent days. If you do have one of this batch of devices, you should stop using or charging it immediately and return the device to an EE store as soon as possible.

    Guess what just arrived in the MoDaCo office today? An Elephone P8000, the £100 powerhouse courtesy of Focal Price. The device itself is as surprising as it is predictable, sticking largely to the Chinese import device formula but throwing in a few surprises. Cheap? Monster specs (with a questionable battery size)? Strangely named? Dodgy initial software build? Check. Surprisingly solid build with a metal edge, quick delivery and a pledge of ROM updates and kernel source? Working fingerprint sensor? Surprisingly, yes!

    HTC have today released the Android 5.1 update for European M9 models. Weighing in at a 831.88MB download, the update brings the device to the latest Android release - 5.1.1, with the only other entry in the sparse changelog indicating a 'charging time improvement'. The 5.0 variants of Android Lollipop have been fairly roundly criticised for being rough around the edges and in particularly, power hungry. This release should improve the device across the board.

    Honor, the 'just don't call it Huawei' sub-brand of the Chinese giant, has announced revenues of $2.63 billion for the first half of 2015, easily eclipsing sales for the whole of 2014 with over 20 million total devices shipped. An increase of 69% on 2014, this outperforms the parent company which itself grew shipments by 39% to a total of 48.2 million devices. Honor expect to ship an impressive 40m units in total by the end of 2015.

    Snapdragon 615 + 2GB RAM. Thin. Light. 16GB storage. microSD expansion. 5.5" FHD screen. Impressive 13MP camera. 5 Megapixel front facing camera. Available in black and white. Unlocked for under £4. Sounds like a pretty nice device right? How about if I told you that the price for this little beauty was just £125 on PrePay? I think we may well have a new budget champion in the ZTE manufactured Vodafone Smart ultra 6, on sale now.

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