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    • As Destiny133 said, You are a real legend man!) Thank You for the great rom. Pls clarify, have You a plan to make the same ROM based on Global version of MIUI 9.2.2 ?   
    • I think I’m gonna try this one. Two of my friends have bought it. I’m
      done with my iPhone 7. Yesterday I just shot some snow-covered landscape
      pictures, and it turned off with no reason. I thought it may because of
      the cold weather as it always, so I put it in my pocket for a while and
      warmed it up, and then turned it on. And as expected, it powered on
      successfully with 50% of the electricity. Very annoying.
    • In case i got latest version plus performanceX2, and i just do flash without wipe, do i need performanceX2 again You are a legend!! :D ty
    • MIUI 9 - Stable version on COOLPAD F1 by Jpower73 Only English /Chineze  Tweaked. Z-Ram activated Idit.d support Nvram Wifi error-> fixed Bluetooth mac address changing on every boot-->Fixed Gps issues-> Fixed All themes are free. Gapps preinstalled ALL IN ONE ROM (AIO)   installation: on TWRP: -wipe cache                        -wipe dalvik                        -wipe data                        -wipe system              (repeat 3 times each wipe) on PHILZ (cwm): - wipe dalvik                                - clean to install a new rom Flash rom + performancex2 ready Also, U may flash it over my latest version without wipes after the PerformanceX2 patch installation, the system will reboot by itself. Don't worry Flashing procedure (clean or dirty): 1. Rom: https://mega.nz/#!0Nw3HCoJ!1YOBZONq8_dsS4l_AD8L0IhA4kTL4ZFHLeJm4NBw_Yg 2. PerformanceX2 patch: https://mega.nz/#!JUxRwIIR!Bq9oAIdECp5RUszS0lGxFFy74FlkYLyzP1oobJ04ZNo   in cace u need Xposed framework apk, here it is:  https://mega.nz/#!xUxmXYiB!zJ_zT9S5NcAsLVkqrYMasITKAF8aJG1NU2ynPz25SNE   Ported from REDMI NOTE 3G.    Enjoy...