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    • That's true. A case can’t withstand the drop impact, maybe works a
      little, but all in all it mostly will get scratch, pieces. This phone
      deserves a try. By the way, wearing a case makes phone ugly and makes
      operation inconvenient. I think when most people choose a phone, the
      appearance is a major factor to consider, including the color. But in
      fact most people will put a case on the phone for fear of breaks, then
      it changes the phone look. As a NOMU fan, I strongly support it as I
      never need to wear a case to it as it is super drop-proof.
    • Hello, I have finally managed to gain access to my Dropbox account where I have managed to get my hands on a compatibility patch that we used for these devices. Assuming you now have CM11 installed, this may help matters. Let me know your email in a Private Mail message and I can get the compatibility patch to you.
    • New build up lineage-14.1-20180118-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip I strongly recommend doing a fresh clean install as there has been a few background changes that may cause conflicts! Added VoLTE (I am unable to test so don't know if it works or not) Fixed charging LED Fixed battery profiles & made some improvements (most battery gains will be from when the phone is idle)
    • @KonstaT Wasn't you maybe trying to port 3.10 kernel to this device?
    • so does the walkie talkie have scan functionality