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    I'm here to present you, the ZTE Blade Unlock Code Generator! No more messy websites, publishing IMEI, or anything else like that! A simple application, your phone, and a locked carrier's SIM is what you need! Requirements: A PC with Windows XP (and up) installed .Net Framework 2.0 ZTE Blade phone Locked carrier's SIM To-do: Download application, and run it! Use *#06# in dialer, type in IMEI into first field! Press generate Now switch off your phone, insert the locked SIM card, and switch it on When prompted, enter code from second field. Your phone is now unlocked! WARNING! Unlocking voids warranty and also, in some countries, unlocking is ILLEGAL! So anything happens to your device, it is YOUR fault, not mine! You've been warned! Thanks goes to MDCFan for publishing the simplified algorithm! Thank you very much! And also, if you like this application, you can thank me the efforts, by donating (donation link is in the app, and in my signature too!)!
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    Finally fixed camera :-) - fixed focusing - color spots - distortions - quality Like see one the screen after and before - the same distance from the wall ... Fixed files soon
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    OctOS KitKat for Huawei Y300/G330/G510 Excellent CM-based CAF ROM A lot of customization in QuickSettings panel > Tentacals Lovers of Dirty Unicorns 8.2 will also love this ROM Installation instructions . Format (System will be formated by flashing) Data, Cache & Dalvik/ART Cache (factory reset) . Install ROM . Install OpenGApps (if required) or flash odexed OpenGapps nano addon . Reboot FLASHABLE ROM Download Links . . . MEGA.NZ folder (~200 MB) or mirror at AFH folder, OpenGapps . . . official releases Other Links OctOS G+ community - https://plus.google.com/communities/102188586220747781076/stream/5abec31e-4edd-4909-9758-89d091156b5a Github - https://github.com/Team-OctOS/platform_manifest/tree/kk-4.4 Huawei Device tree - https://github.com/adeii/OctOS_manifest/tree/kk-4.4 (to be updated, with patches) Credits/Thanks to chil360, at the first, developer who made whole device tree, kernal and SlimKat-Y300 Team OctOS ContributorsadeiiROM OS Version: 4.4.4 KitKatROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.xBased On: CM 11
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    AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!! Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CM when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features. There are RANDOM bugs. This rom isn't CM supported so no need to report errors or bugs to them!! ScReeNShoTs (10 pics) download from MEGA.nz (Y300, G510 , G330) About: - Every thing should works, but FM (no FM on CyanogenMod 11 for now, unless this commit) - Switched internal/external SDcard works for explorers, at least. - Fine system, sometimes touchpad freezes. UPDATE: - new u8833 build has working FM and signature spoofing!
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    Hi Adeii, i build this kernel https://github.com/weritos666/3.4.x_i6/tree/lineageos Kernel not overclocked, test version for OctOS one-sim http://sendfile.su/1351740
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    how can i delete my profile?
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    Hi guys I wrote a small tool that lets you decompile Android XML files. Well its more just a GUI for AXMLPrinter2. What you need: .NET Framework 3.5 Java SDK HowTo: Just click on File -> Open XML File. You can then edit it in the Textbox below. If you want to save your XML file click on File -> Save XML File. Thats all. Screenshot: Greetings, BigBear AXMLPrinterGUI.rar
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    I have had this problem for the past week. not much information on this except from this forum. I am not amused by Tesco doing this, basically bricking our Hudls without any kind of notification on what they planned to do. I have sent this message to Tesco. "Why has Tesco appear to have prevented factory reinstalled hudls from working when i felt my tablet was running slow i did a factory reinstall? I cannot get past the tesco update page so i can use my tablet as normal, i have had this problem for over a week now. I believe you(Tesco) have damaged a item i paid for and belongs to me. Please either sort this problem out asap or give me full refund of £99 (what i paid when i bought the hudl) so i can purchase a item that will not be destroyed by the manufacturer."
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    Hello guys .. I finally rebuilt camera.gmin.so with KonstanT source ! But still problems wirh picture quiality ... I attached source and prebuilt lib for test . I need help to fix that ... Source_prebuilts_for_camera camera.gmin.7z Source_vendor_camera3hal.tar.bz2
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    Can someone please upload a backup of their Y5II 3G (CUN-U29) please ??? Or maybe tell me where I can find the stock rom for the device? I can't find it on internet :(
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    No need to port, can be build directly, but --- it would asking for much more time (better to build 2 MM roms instead) + it will not be bootable (no kernel and recovery supporting nougat for huawei msm7x27a boards yet).
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    thanks, it's surprising good phone that still working over 4,5 years.
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    Installed it with microG, yalp store, etc, and it rocks! I just love the tweaks, and torch on lockscreen! Most certainly faster than CAF version of Slimkat with Gapps, and perhaps without. I replaced launcher with Smart Launcher Pro 3.24.xx and installed Thumb keyboard = kinda lower memory and I like how it looks. Do you have other suggestions for launcher (more lightweight), since Launcher 3 doesn't save apps moved to SD on display? They disappear once you restart. Upload over wifi works for system apps, as stated before. Tested it with Hangouts 2.x. Bluetooth works without any issue, so does calls and messeging. FM radio works. Swap files in apps2sd are doable, no problems. Everything basicly works fine so far. Bugs or suggestions: Music, calendar app were missing when I installed, easly downloadable via Fdroid. Phone app keypad doesn't appear if you set animation to 0x, you have to exit then click again. Doesn't matter for me, since I rarely use it. You can easily set it the way it should be anyway. Will add if I find some other minor things. P.S. @adeii Huge thanks for these ROMs, it means a lot to me! It seems you are into education, since the number of ROM has increased as the summer holiday started in Serbia. Good job for AICP, looks damn good, but not having FM radio is dealbreaker for me. :D Keep up the good work, and best of luck!
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    it's surprising to see someone still working on this ancient phone :P
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    And where these amendments to get from? ;) Yet if anyone do anything with this wakeup delay, it would be brilliant! :)
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    I was able to find the cm11 kernel, but I installed it on the slimkat and it's okay https://www.mediafire.com/file/oazgdq17v2owd4p/Synopsis Kernel Cm11 11-07.zip
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    Some of lines from kmegs and logcat before/after uploading via wifi adb and swiFTP: <3>[ 486.189566] ath6kl: updating target stats <3>[ 487.566148] init: Warning! Service auditd needs a SELinux domain defined; please fix! <6>[ 520.641368] MDP: unknown ioctl (cmd=40a86da4) received! <3>[ 520.800313] [LCD_DEBUG] leave mipi_otm8018b_lcd_off <6>[ 520.832346] request_suspend_state: sleep (0->3) at 520832109955 (2017-08-08 10:44:17.179724956 UTC) <6>[ 520.832396] request_suspend_state: goto late resume.state 1 <6>[ 520.832441] request_suspend_state: end of function. new_state 3, old_state 0, requested_suspend_state 3 <6>[ 520.832481] early_suspend: state 1 <6>[ 520.834271] PM: early suspend of devices complete after 1.803 msecs I/auditd ( 3449): Starting up E/auditd ( 3449): Failed on audit_set_pid with error: Protocol not supported I/auditd ( 3449): Exiting D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): RX ctrl_iface - hexdump(len=11): 53 49 47 4e 41 4c 5f 50 4f 4c 4c D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): eth0: Control interface command 'SIGNAL_POLL' D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): nl80211: survey data missing! W/Adreno-GSL( 3551): <get_panel_settings:3802>: Android framework reported version 2. So, don't force ES30 I/Adreno-EGL( 3551): <qeglDrvAPI_eglInitialize:381>: EGL 1.4 QUALCOMM build: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_KK_2.7_RB1. (CL3869936) I/Adreno-EGL( 3551): OpenGL ES Shader Compiler Version: 17.01.10.SPL I/Adreno-EGL( 3551): Build Date: 12/09/13 Mon I/Adreno-EGL( 3551): Local Branch: mybranch2092625 I/Adreno-EGL( 3551): Remote Branch: quic/kk_2.7_rb1.15 I/Adreno-EGL( 3551): Local Patches: NONE I/Adreno-EGL( 3551): Reconstruct Branch: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_KK_2.7_RB1. + NOTHING E/SELinux ( 3564): SELinux: Loaded file_contexts from /file_contexts E/SELinux ( 3564): SELinux: Could not open /data/system/packages.list: Permission denied. D/OpenGLRenderer( 3551): Enabling debug mode 0 D/Documents( 3551): Loading roots for com.android.externalstorage.documents V/Zygote ( 3585): Switching descriptor 33 to /dev/null V/Zygote ( 3585): Switching descriptor 9 to /dev/null W/IInputConnectionWrapper( 3355): showStatusIcon on inactive InputConnection I/ActivityManager( 582): Displayed com.android.documentsui/.DocumentsActivity: +998ms I/ActivityManager( 582): Start proc com.android.externalstorage for content provider com.android.externalstorage/.ExternalStorageProvider: pid=3585 uid=10006 gids={50006, 1028, 1023, 1015} I/Timeline( 582): Timeline: Activity_windows_visible id: ActivityRecord{41f74378 u0 com.android.documentsui/.DocumentsActivity t8} time:711345 I/Timeline( 3551): Timeline: Activity_idle id: [email protected] time:711379 I/ActivityManager( 582): Killing 2965:org.cyanogenmod.themes.provider/u0a15 (adj 15): empty #11 D/Documents( 3551): Current stack: D/Documents( 3551): * null D/ActivityThread( 3585): handleBindApplication:com.android.externalstorage D/ActivityThread( 3585): setTargetHeapUtilization:0.25 D/ActivityThread( 3585): setTargetHeapMinFree:524288 D/ExternalStorage( 3585): After updating volumes, found 2 active roots D/Documents( 3551): Updating roots due to change at content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/root D/Documents( 3551): Loading roots for com.android.providers.media.documents D/Documents( 3551): Update found 7 roots in 1708ms D/Documents( 3551): Used cached roots for com.android.providers.downloads.documents D/Documents( 3551): Loading roots for com.android.externalstorage.documents D/Documents( 3551): Used cached roots for com.android.providers.media.documents D/Documents( 3551): Update found 7 roots in 79ms D/Documents( 3551): Before filtering 0, after 0 D/Documents( 3551): Before filtering 64, after 64 D/Documents( 3551): Found 2 of 2 recent queries done I/ActivityManager( 582): Killing 1689:com.android.gallery3d/u0a33 (adj 15): empty #11 E/Sensors ( 582): sensors_poll_context_t::pollEvents, line 202: receive event #### i=3, nb=1 I/auditd ( 3601): Starting up E/auditd ( 3601): Failed on audit_set_pid with error: Protocol not supported I/auditd ( 3601): Exiting D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): RTM_NEWLINK: operstate=1 ifi_flags=0x11043 ([UP][RUNNING][LOWER_UP]) D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'eth0' added D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): nl80211: if_removed already cleared - ignore event D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): RTM_NEWLINK: operstate=1 ifi_flags=0x11043 ([UP][RUNNING][LOWER_UP]) D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'eth0' added D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): nl80211: if_removed already cleared - ignore event D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): eth0: Control interface command 'SIGNAL_POLL' D/wpa_supplicant( 2783): nl80211: survey data missing! E/Sensors ( 582): sensors_poll_context_t::pollEvents, line 202: receive event #### i=3, nb=1 E/ThermalDaemon( 176): Sensor 'MSM_THERM' - alarm raised 2 at 45.0 degC
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    HQ64 TWRP works in all Hi10 Pro HQ64 devices(?) regardless of serial number I've been told. There's different CM12.1/RemixOS compatibility patches for different HQ64 batches, though. Do you see any errors when booting into TWRP? If there's some errors about mounting partitions, you need to format /data partition first (also erases internal storage). What are you trying to achieve in the end? If you're planning to install a custom ROM (CM12.1/RemixOS) you can just skip the dm-verity patch. That's only needed if you're planning on using stock ROM and want to modify it somehow (root, etc). Custom ROMs already come with dm-verity disabled. You can place files on internal storage, external sdcard or USB memory stick and switch storage in TWRP.
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    What stock firmware (that is fully working on your device) are you flashing from Chuwi site? Use TWRP/patches that match that stock firmware version.
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    Please read first. I't near impossible to 'brick' these Chinese Cherry Trail devices (unless you're flashing the wrong BIOS). Even if everything else fails you can always just flash stock firmware from Chuwi forum with Intel Platform Flash Tool.
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    Did you flash the correct recovery for your device? Check stock firmware version your device was shipped with and serial number on the back of the device. There's several production batches of Hi10 Pro with different touchscreen hardware.
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    Did you install SDK platform-tools? There's also a platform-tools standalone package available these days (https://dl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools-latest-windows.zip). You need to have adb&fastboot in your PATH.
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    adeii you're unstoppable!!!!!!!Thank you very much for your endless support!!!!Unfortunately I don't know if I will ever test this rom,but if I wiil I will let you know as much as possible about my experience!
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    Try reflashing your baseband, it is simply (only for European phone models): 1) Download this file: http://huawei-g510.weebly.com/uploads/4/5/7/6/45760017/europe_baseband.rar 2) Extract .rar file and send .zip file to device storage 3) Go to recovery and flash recently downloaded zip file 4) That is it NOTE: FIrst Reflash this ROM with full wipe and then flash this file I hope I helped you
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    I've tryetd ril.zip patches from mega, they do not help. Also, my problem is that other caller doesn't hear ME( My y300 is single-sim and european. But I did not try u8951's build, may be it will help, thanks)
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    Hi Adeii, i use gcc-linaro-4.9.4-2017.01-i686_arm-linux-gnueabihf. For work wifi in cm13 need replace toybox from old rom. For kompile Weritos kernel need more changes in mach-msm,etc, use Meld for diff, in test kernel OctOS ramdisk from 4.4 rom, for full work in cm13 need replace ramdisk files from cm13.
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    Yes! G510 and Y300 got almost the same hardware.
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    Good rom! Faster than SlimKat. @madix-333 your kernel is compatible with Y300?
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    It's a pity! A member called weritos in xda, that you know probably, stopped developing for vee7. He could to help a lot. Anyway, I still have l7ii. If you need any tests you can just tell me, included for other roms. Thank's!
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    Hi Adeii, see https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix/platform_manifest_old
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    Hi Adeii i testing Carbon and OCT-M-COMMUNITY, carbon not usable, oct not working camera and bluetooth. In logcat all cm13 07-22 18:59:40.315 560 600 E KernelWakelockReader: 07-22 18:59:40.370 560 600 E KernelWakelockReader: Failed to parse proc line: ! fix replace in /kernel/power/wakelock.c line 141 #ifdef CONFIG_HUAWEI_KERNEL to #if 0 All last rom bug, I am back to RR.
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    Update: all is working. From DNX mode, I entered twrp with the img file, and from there all was fine (flash twrp, disable dm-verity, flash cm12.1 + gapps). Thanks for the support!
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    I wouldn't hold my breath for it. The last Hudls were sold a year ago so Tesco doesn't have to have the Hudl servers running today. Stick around and I'll let you know how I've been getting on with finding a solution. But it's been a right pain up to now because this is 2017, and the old threads with the old tools are four years old. JMc
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    @adeii Maybe this help for creating Android N kernel, but this is MSM8827 chipset :( https://forum.xda-developers.com/nokia-lumia-520/development/nokia-lumia-520-booted-android-nougat-7-t3512011
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    GRETEL GT6000 Dual Camera with 6000mAH battery Long-lasting battery life, clever software, dual rear cameras and fingerprint scanner make the GT6000 a compelling midrange choice with the cheapest price ($100). You won’t find a prettier device anywhere else on its price level. And the front fingerprint reader is easy to reach, faster to unlock and safe for daily life. Here is the video review: In this video, they show off fingerprint Sensor works, dual Camera normal and Bokeh mode and USB OTG cable of the Gretel GT6000 phone.
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    Thanks for review! Do you mean apps2sd (not app2sd, not the same app)? It is great app, you can turn on/off zRAM also, for testing performance.
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    I have seen that some ZTE phones and modems were unlocked changing some files on the EFS. But i didnt found a EFS folder. Investigating, with the QPST (A few Qualcomm tools that are downloadeable by anyone), we can access the EFS of the ZTE KIS P752E. It can be unlocked this way?
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    please reupload the zip files.... 0mb file downloaded to me... i need zipsigner v1.1. please upload it asap
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    Let's get some custom ROM tweaking going on for our 8s! :) Together with my own MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Honor 8, I've created a custom ROM starter template for anyone who wants to have a go. It's a bit different. Basically, this ROM template will let you create your own custom ROM VERY easily. Easier than ever before. All you have to do is... download my ROM template zip make the changes to the system of your phone just as you'd like them for your custom ROM run some commands on your device via ADB add the resulting files to the template zip That's it! No messing around with install scripts, no rebuilding anything complex, just mod - and go! ;-) Preparation ONLY if you are completing the process for the first time, you need to set up a file on your microSD card - so launch an ADB shell and type the following commands... touch /sdcard/exclude echo app > /sdcard/exclude echo priv-app >> /sdcard/exclude echo delapp >> /sdcard/exclude ROM build Once you have your system up and running how you want it, and you're ready to distribute it (just the system and cust dirs mind, it won't pull the data dir, so your personal data is safe), reboot to recovery, launch an ADB shell and type the following commands: mount /system tar -X /sdcard/exclude -zcvpf /sdcard/system.therest.tar.gz /system/ tar -zcvpf /sdcard/system.apps.tar.gz /system/app /system/priv-app /system/delapp mount /cust tar -zcvpf /sdcard/cust.tar.gz /cust You'll then end up with 3 new files on your SD card - system.apps.tar.gz (which is apps and priv-apps from system), system.therest.tar.gz (which, as the name suggests, is the rest of the system partition!) and cust.tar.gz with is the cust partition contents. Update the template zip with these 3 files and that's it. It's ready to distribute for people to flash via TWRP! If you have updated the boot image, you'll need to replace that too, the easiest way is to do a TWRP backup then pull that file from the SD card and drop it into the template zip as boot.img. That's really it! I hope this inspires a few people to start playing around with custom ROMs for the 8... more cool things coming soon! :) Oh and the all important template file... DOWNLOAD - r1-customromtemplate-honor-8-frdl09-frd-b101.zip [ROMRAID] MD5: d08ae99f09aebb256905e277706eebb8 P

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