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    Uhans K5000 IP68 Rugged smartphone Except for those trendy full screen smartphones that UHANS keep on bringing to the market, we've already know that the UHANS team is also working on an IP68 smartphone. Now, this rugged smartphone, UHANS K5000, is globally open for sale on e-shops. How about the configurations? As the name tells, UHANS K5000 is fueled by a gigantic 5000mAh high density SONY battery, which means the powerhouse is powerful enough to back up the phone for 3 days of normal usage. If you are wondering how long will it take for charging such a big battery, maybe the 5V/2A fast charger will help to remove the worry. Another highlight of the UHANS K5000 is that the phone also sport walkie talkie function, with one press of the PPT button, user can carry on one to one or one to multiple communication. and by using this feature the users can enjoy wider signal covering range that with lower cost. As a phone designed for outdoor expenditure, the UHANS K5000 is also armed with a lot of navigation system and sensor, such as the Glonass, Compass, Orientation/Accelerometer/Magnetic-field sensors. The phone features 5.0" LG screen protected by solid Corning Gorilla Glass. While the phone body is seamlessly sealed by premium rubber and plastic combo. Therefore not a thing is destroyed even drop the phone from the height of 1.5 meters. and the phone survives from the depth of water up to 1.5 meters for half an hour. Powered by MT6753 Octa-core SoC clocks at 1.3Ghz, Android 7.0 OS, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM that with 128GB extendable storage along with the OTG function,the phone is strong enough for smooth operation and file storage. Both the 13MP rear camera and the 5MP front camera are applied with SONY sensor, and below the rear camera there located the fingerprint sensor. Stay tuned for more information.
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    Uhans i8 with Facial recognition Unlock system. Being a pioneer in the smartphone industry, iPhone has lead the trend in technology revolution. The 3D face ID that introduced with iPhone X, is now trickle down to Android smartphones. UHANS is one of the first smartphone makers to make facial recognition a highlight of its smartphone model UHANS i8. The good news is that you can win UHANS i8 by participating on the Uhans Mobile Facebook page. What’s more, this 18:9 smartphone has also joined the Black Friday promotion. UHANS I8 incorporates the recent trendy design in the smartphone industry, it incorporates 5.7inch, 18:9 display that takes up almost the full front face of the device. Most importantly, the phone now also sports a facial recognition system for device unlock. The authentication is based on the details collected via the front camera, user only need to cast a glance at the phone to unlock. It is more convenient and secure to get access to the phone. Note: Pictures taken from Uhans.cc for supporting the post. As for the rest of the UHANS I8 specs, the phone will get a 5.7", 18:9 HD+ display, MT6750T Octa-core chipset, Android 7.0 out of stock, Type C USB, 16MP + 3MP dual rear camera, 8MP front camera, and 3500mAh battery. Stay tuned for more detail.
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    I've been using this ROM for a while now, it's very stable and a great achievement from nutsda and wbrambley. Because of Google's need to botch external storage handling more and more with each update, I had problems using the external SD as portable storage but got the xposed module xinternalsd v4.8 to work reliably now. Xposed famework 89 works really well with this ROM. Check out gravitybox module it adds a lot of the customization you get in other ROMs like resurrection remix ect. Multi view windows is the best feature of nougat. Mixplorer is a good file manager to replace the new gimped system file manager. There is only one issue left to fix and that is the call echo and in call volume controls not working which is the cause of echo. Lowering the levels in mixer_paths_mtp.XML stops echo and lowers the volume. If this gets fixed I think it should be given -Final stable build status. Anyone else found issues? (Tumble weed rolls past) Good work.
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    Attached archive contain simple Win32 based program. The program is editing QCN file, make a copy of it and replace mac address for a new one. The original file remain intact. Program is able to generate random mac addresses on request. Any one want to test it ? Delphi 5 source codes on demand. Sorry for all misspelling errors :P English isn't my native language. v0.3 - minor code changes and clean up. MACChanger_v0_3.zip v0.2 - set mac address to default location, when the file was already patched. MACChanger_v0_2.zip v0.1 - initial release MACChanger.zip
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    Disclaimer I'm am not responsible for bricked devices, flashing custom ROM's/Recovery's is done so at YOUR OWN RISK! Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/kc24uht4cudghck/lineage-14.1-20180118-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip Installation I recommend doing a full wipe before flashing! Flash ROM using TWRP Flash GAPPS 7.1 arm package of your choice Reboot & wait for Android to boot For root access flash the addonsu-14.1-arm-signed.zip available from https://download.lineageos.org/extras Version Information Status Beta ROM OS 7.1.2 Nougat ROM Kernel 3.10.107 Created 2017-11-15 Updated 2018-01-18 Thanks goes out to @wbrambley for his involvement in testing & helping to solve / fix bugs!
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    I contacted him and he said no problem, so here is my last tested build! (20180218) https://cloud.utc.fr/index.php/s/esCfNqYPBoFaZ1F md5: 00b3f67f16d5f87622e02f8855b0f19d You can flash it on top of KonstaT's build, but I recommend to erase all and do a clean install, and don't forget to make a backup! I did not made any modifications, I just built it using a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 installation. If you want to build it yourself, I made a compilation from various guides with the exact commands that I used: https://gitlab.utc.fr/amaldona/lineageos13-openC-build-guide/wikis/home I'll post a new build every month or so, keep tuned!
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    NOMU S10 has established popularity and fame among NOMU lovers. Now NOMU has a bigger and stronger version: S10 Pro with IP68+ water-proof and 5000mAh ultra big battery. Why not give it a try? IP68+ rating NOMU S10 Pro outdoor sport, waterproof, shockproof smartphone is one of a kind, features a 5.0" screen, dual SIM cards and dual standby design Survivor under whatever kind of extreme hard environment and certain occasion. Take with it to go over mountains and cross streams, 5000mAh power super long time standby, nothing can't stop you from moving ahead. Stay tuned for more info.
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    The phone only has 1.5GB of internal SD card and expects you to add your own external SD card. Which is fine except just about everything favours using the small internal card instead of the large external one. The android folder where the obb files go, .android_secure where apps moved to sd go, external data downloads for apps. So 1.5GB won't last you long! You can however swap which card Android thinks is the internal and external. So mine now thinks it has 32GB of internal SD space and 1.5GB external and uses the 32GB for everything. To do this, first of all you need root. Then download this file: http://blade.windows98.co.uk/downloads/vold.emmc.fstab (right click the link and use 'save as') Copy it to your phones SD card Now using a root file explorer go to /system/etc and rename the file vold.emmc.fstab as a backup in case you ever want to revert this swap Using your file explorer, copy or move the file from your sd card into /system/etc Reboot A CWM installer to do this for you: http://blade.windows98.co.uk/downloads/bladev-swap-sd.zip WARNING: This is best done on a clean phone. Or at least make sure no apps have been moved to the sd card.
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    can you imagine the gaming performance on the Rugged smartphone UHANS K5000? The fact is it will shock you with its perfect hands-on gaming experience. In the video we have played 2 popular games, check the video and see what you will get.
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    @KonstaT Apparently the kernel source for the Lenovo Yoga Book (X5-Z8550) is available here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/dk/en/products/TABLETS/YOGA-SERIES/YOGA-BOOK/downloads/DS118515 Under 'Operatins Systems' select 'Android' and the kernel source code .zip is available for download.
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    As an IP68 smartphone, UHANS K5000 not only tough in construction but also powerful in battery durability. The test started when there is 95% power left, as the video shows the UHANS K5000 last for 7 and half hours with video playback (with Full volume and high display brightness)
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    New build up lineage-14.1-20180118-UNOFFICIAL-p839v55.zip I strongly recommend doing a fresh clean install as there has been a few background changes that may cause conflicts! Added VoLTE (I am unable to test so don't know if it works or not) Fixed charging LED Fixed battery profiles & made some improvements (most battery gains will be from when the phone is idle)
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    This is my port of CyanogenMod 11.0 for ZTE Blade. It is unofficial and unsupported by the CyanogenMod team. This ROM is mainly for developers/testers/advanced users. IMPORTANT NOTE: This ROM is for testing/preview purposes only, backup everything before you decide to try it out. !!!DO NOT ASK FOR ETAs, it's annoying to say the least!!! !!!IMPORTANT!!! - READ ME FIRST: As from build 18.1 (18 January 2015) You'll need at least 186mb system partition for the ROM and gapps to fit. You need to use the latest recovery (with SELinux support) to install this build (as from 18.1.15) Upgrade from any previous release is not supported, full wipe is necessary. Since int2ext is not part of this ROM anymore it's important to take full backup Download ROM, GAPPS on your SDCARD: *** IMPORTANT: THIS BUILD MUST BE FLASHED WITH CWM RECOVERY (v4 - 18.1.15) - LINK BELOW *** ROM: (Last Update 25-JANUARY-2015): DOWNLOAD MD5: 8B290825CA41842DFBE3672E9D0B5013 *** IMPORTANT: THIS BUILD MUST BE FLASHED WITH CWM RECOVERY (v4 - 18.1.15) - LINK BELOW *** GAPPS DOWNLOAD (DOWNLOAD) MD5: 771DF0A5AE9B6A308AAC78B58F5F8AD2 CWM RECOVERY (v4 - SELinux support)- DOWNLOAD MD5: 1088D808D28C9FB6DF829D94120CCBE4 Boot into Recovery, Clockwork. Optionally, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: BACKUP YOUR CURRENT ROM!!! Wipe Data/Factory Reset Wipe Cache Mounts/Storage > Format System (Mandatory if you're coming from any other ROM!) Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache Install from zip > Select downloaded ROM Install from zip > Select download GAPPS Reboot (might take a while,pls be patient!) ROM contains int2ext script by default, sdext should be recognized automatically, do not install any other scripts/apps. As from 18.1.15 ROM does not contain the int2ext script by default. LatinIME Dictionaries have been removed (except for English dictionary) due to system partition limitations. If you want to link/mirror this ROM, please link to this topic & give proper credits. Working: Wifi Wifi Tethering RIL (mobile network & data) GPS Bluetooth (& bt-tethering) Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc) Camera Camcorder (Video recording & playback) Hardware acceleration (and OpenGL rendering) Hardware video decoding & encoding SD card USB-storage & adb MTP / PTP USB modes USB-tethering Touchscreen/multi-touch Sensors LEDs SELinux Not working: FM Radio Sources: As any of my other work, this ROM has been built from sources Device Proprietaries Kernel Androidarmv6 parmv6 Credit: CyanogenMod team & everyone who's been working on CM11.0, especially Androidarmv6 team, PlaguedByPenguins & KonstaT
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    As a rugged smartphone, UHANS K5000 can withstand water immersion under 1.5 meters for half hour. Also it survives the drops from 1.5 meters. It is a perfect tool for outdoor exploration. Check the video:
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    The rugged smartphone UHANS K5000 that water-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof also features a interesting function - Walkie Talkie. Check how it works ?
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    Thanks for review. which online shop is save and good ?
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    I think everyone has such impression on NOMU S10 Pro if they have used the phone --- super waterproof, super loud speaker, fast and precise motion control, large storage capacity, just like the guy said in the video Such features are all so important for a phone. By the way, its speaker is really nice, the voice is very loud and clear.
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    root should be possible as the img is available (I think)
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    This is my port of CyanogenMod 10.2 for ZTE Blade. It is unofficial and unsupported by the CyanogenMod team. This ROM is mainly for developers/testers/advanced users. I'm really not interested in hearing whining about non-working things (and questions when they will be fixed), actually I couldn't care less if you have issues with this ROM. ;) There's instructions/sources in the third post to build CM10.2 yourself. If you must have something fixed right now - you better do it yourself. cm-10.2-20131220-KonstaKANG-blade.zip http://konstakang.com/devices/blade/CM10.2 md5:11913723d5473145aa34176627337dc4 gapps-jb43-20130924-KonstaKANG.zip http://konstakang.com/devices/blade/CM10.2 md5:e655452666f072f5a345b4c19bc33973 You'll need at least 185mb system partition for the ROM and gapps to fit. Both gen1->gen2 and G2 TPTs are available at Amphoras' site. Gen3 patch for CM7/9/10/10.1/10.2 available at my CM9 thread. Working: Wifi RIL (mobile network & data) GPS Bluetooth (& bt-tethering) Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc) Camera (photos, camcorder & panorama) Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering Hardware video decoding & encoding SD card USB-storage & adb USB-tethering Wifi-tethering Touchscreen/multi-touch Sensors LEDs FM radio Not working: ??? Sources: Device Proprietaries Kernel legaCyMod Thanks: CyanogenMod team & everyone who's been working on CM10.2 AndroidMeda @androidarmv6 & PlaguedByPenguins Like my work? Donation Hall of Fame
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    Is 3G and hanging up calls also working? Because in my theory it shouldn't work, but please confute me. :D
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    Here's the manual instructions: First you need root Then you need to edit the file called vold.emmc.fstab in the \system\etc folder The 2 lines beginning # are commented out and are how these lines appear in the stock rom. The 2 lines following them are modified to swap the SD cards. So, using a root file explorer, copy the vold.emmc.fstab file to your sd card, connect the phone to your computer via usb, edit the file in a text editor and copy the edited file back to system/etc #dev_mount emmc /storage/sdcard0 20 /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.3/mmc_host/mmc0 #dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.1/mmc_host dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 20 /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.3/mmc_host/mmc0 dev_mount emmc /storage/sdcard0 auto /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.1/mmc_host Swapping these cards has another advantage too. I believe the CWM we have atm is looking for .android_secure* on the external card? Which is where it will be if the cards are swapped but not if they are stock. *where apps moved to sd card live.
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    I have just posted a patch version of the Google Wallet APK - which removes device / region and root patches, giving you access to Google Wallet on your NFC device wherever you are hailing from! Details on how to install the application, which requires a rooted device (or at least a way to push a file to the /system partition), can be found in this topic in our Android Software forum.
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    Google have announced that they are today adding in-app subscription functionality to the Google Play Store. Developers are now able to sell monthly or annual subscriptions directly from their apps! Subscriptions created using the in-app billing model are auto-renewing and developers need only set the price and billing interval for Google to handle the payment processing via Google Wallet, as for existing in app purchases. As a user, an in app subscription will be presented in the same familiar Google Store user interface, with purchased subscriptions displayed and managed via a new tab in the 'My Apps' section of the mobile Play Store application. Not only are Google rolling this out on mobile devices, they are also implementing a new API that allows these purchases to extend beyond Android. By using the new API, publishers can potentially offer content outside of the application based on the subscription status. For example, a user signed up to a subscription in the application of web site X could potentially automatically have access to premium content in the website on their desktop. Pretty neat! :) More details can be found at the Android Developers Blog, in the in app billing documentation or by checking out the updated in-app billing sample code. I'm sure we'll see some pretty innovative uses of this feature.. interesting times ahead. Now, Google... coupon codes next please? Thanks! :)