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    Huawei Update Extractor After messing around a bit with the perl tools available for extracting Huawei update.app files, i got the idea to create an own (windows) tool. Requirements .Net Framework 3.5 Install Extract the content of the zip to a folder somewhere on your system. Execute HuaweiUpdateExtractor.exe I'm planning to create an installer sometime. Usage Press the browse (...) button and select an update.app file. Select a device or unknown and press on the open button. You'll see the content of the update.app file in the listview. Select one or more files and right click. Choose Extract selected from the context menu. Choose the ouput folder and press ok. Or just right click on the list and select Extract all, choose the output folder again and press ok. Press close on the extract window. You can sort the list on sequence, filename and size. Just press on the desired column header. Command line: HuaweiUpdateExtractor extract input output [profile] HuaweiUpdateExtractor repack input output profile Profile The profiles.xml file is used to identify the files in the update.app file. Every file in the update.app has a sequence or type, which is also shown in the list. Those sequences or types are used to identify the file/device partition. Example: <Profiles> <Profile name="Unknown" author="worstenbrood"> <Files/> </Profile> <Profile name="Huawei G510-0100" author="worstenbrood"> <Files> <File sequence="00000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p17">system.img</File> <File sequence="40000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p13">recovery.img</File> <File sequence="80000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p03">baseband.img</File> <File sequence="EC000000">version.txt</File> <File sequence="E4000000">splash.raw565</File> <File sequence="FC000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p12">boot.img</File> <File sequence="70000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p16">cust.img</File> <File sequence="30000000" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p18">userdata.img</File> <File sequence="FE000000" signature="true">signature</File> <File sequence="FF000000" checksum="true">crc</File> </Files> </Profile> <Profile name="Huawei P6" author="worstenbrood"> <Files> <File type="system" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p16">system.img</File> <File type="cache" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p17">cache.img</File> <File type="cust" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p18">cust.img</File> <File type="userdata" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p19">userdata.img</File> <File type="modemimage" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p13">modemimage.img</File> <File type="boot" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p12">boot.img</File> <File type="recovery" partition="/dev/block/mmcblk0p11">recovery.img</File> <File type="md5rsa" signature="true">signature</File> <File type="crc" checksum="true">crc</File> </Files> </Profile> </Profiles> <Profiles> - Root tag of the xml file. <Profile> - Identifies a device - attribute name: name of the device - attribute author: author of the device <Files> - File root tag <File> - Identifies a file - attribute sequence: sequence of the file in update.app - attribute type: type of the file in the update.app - attribute partition: destination partition on the device - attribute signature: used to identify the signature file - attribute checksum: used to identify the checksum file - value: file name You can add or edit devices. If you want them to integrate in newer version, pm 'em to me. I'm gonna make some auto update for the device file somewhere in the future :) Roadmap - Next version will have repack function, need to do some ui adjustements - You tell me ... Credits Zebadger ([email protected]) for figuring out the file headers S34Qu4K3 for the P6 partition layout Changelog v0.9.1.0 - Create update zip works now, this requires to have a PERFECT device entry in the devices file. The sequence is used to identify the file AND partition. Only files that have these two will be included in the zip. USE WITH CAUTION, MAKE SURE THE PARTITION IS CORRECT OR YOU'LL END UP FLASHING THE WRONG IMAGES TO THE WRONG PARTITION !! I'M NOT RESPONSAbLE FOR bRICKING YOUR DEVICE! IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, THEN DON'T USE IT! v0.9.1.1 - Added Type to the filelist (shows INPUT for g510 roms, but shows some useful info on P6 roms) v0.9.2.0 - Files now can also be identified by the type attribute in devices.xml - Added P6 device v0.9.3.0 - Crc check during extract - Crc check during creating flashable zip - Added row to see file is flashable v0.9.5.0 - Added repack - Added icons and tooltip - Added settings - Experimental, no signing on repack, crc file gets generated - Alot of stuff i forgot v0.9.6.0 - Added command line options v0.9.7.0 - Added G300 profile (thx ZeBadger) - Added detailed info about the file (libmagic) in the tooltip on the extract list. This way it is easier to identify files inside the update. (see screenshot). It will detect ext/fat/... partitions. v0.9.7.1 - Alot of devices added in profiles (Credits to ngamyarthar, thanks alot dude!) - Added android boot/recovery image recognition in magic.mgc v0.9.7.2 - Made setup Download - v0.9.7.2: HuaweiUpdateExtractor_0.9.7.2_Setup.zip Donate if you like my work &#33;
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    I don't make any advanced change in cm11.. it's practically cm11 by dazzozo with voip fix and last cm changes.. In the next week i want to start make cool changes and improvements on performance
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    For fix battery charging animation need build kernel witch CONFIG_FRAMEBUF_SELF_ADAPT_HACK=y CONFIG_FB_MSM_ALIGN_BUFFER=y and add in /recovery/ramdisk/sbin/charge.sh # Don't start recovery if we're in charge mode. Turn off soft keys light. if [ $recovery == 0 ] ; then echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/button-backlight/brightness + echo 1 > /sys/module/msm_fb/parameters/align_buffer exit 0 fi
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    https://mega.nz/#F!cpIDyAya!zmiVZYEANW7ghPCZyEYRcQ If blackscreen is caused by proximity sensor trough and after call, add line "gsm.proximity.enable=false" to build.prop and use xposed module Disable Sensor! Leave Acceleration and Light sensor, disable only Proximity! No turn off screen during call and after! UPDATE: No blackscreen for 2 weeks!
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    Thanks for testing Luisk22. The reboot/shutdown problem wasn't related to busybox but to TWRP bugged code itself. I've made some changes and hope it will be working good. Y300 new build is ready (in first post) about G510 .... I will compile it one day ... Greetings
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    Hi,i am working in a dark rom but i need some help, anybody knows how i can change the power menu background?¿ picture l some apps are totaly dark now ,and the shutdown popup confirmation too
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    During the Asia World Expo Hong Kong Gretel displayed new devices. I liked Gretel GT6000 because of it’s powered by a massive 6000mAH battery with quick charging ability, stunning look, 5.5 inch HD resolution display, 13MP Dual back cameras, 5MP Front camera, Front fingerprint sensor, MT6737 chipset with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, and Android 7.0 out of box. There are the standard aircraft grade aluminum version of the phone that comes in blue and black.
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    @adeii I didn't have any blackscreens after callls. And thank you, that script(150MB) worked well. I got another swap file ( /dev/__), and I'm able to manipulate it in app2sd. Battery life, due to Gplay services, is a little worse, but nothing that effects me that much. Clash Royale works well too, tested.
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    Good to know that! Do you have blackscreen after phone calls?! Maybe this init.d script(s) enable swap for you: 150mbSWAPonCache.zip (wipe /cache and flash zip) Swap-cust-60MB.zip (caution: for 60MB swap in /cust, must wipe /cust and lose operator custom files logo,rings,etc!!!)
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    @adeii Tried both MicroG and OGapps. Basicly feels the same, although I would suggest older version of Hangouts, runs better. Also, uploading works on it too. Thanks for suggesting Gapps build, it's clear winner. This is suitable change for legacy for me, no more boxes in browser - rejoice! No blackscreen related to idle state or anything, just due to some heavyworkload for a couble of sec. The only thing thats bothering me is that i'm not able to enable swap, even though it has different priority. Am i missing something simple here?
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    In my phone BS last approximately 2 seconds with screen timeout off or with time set for 60 or 20 seconds. Thanks Ceastel for your great work with TWRP.
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    Good russian forum witch guide for build from source http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=209610
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    Thanks for reply madix. I'd already add PRODUCT_PREBUILT_WEBVIEWCHROMIUM=yes ANDROID_COMPILE_WITH_JACK := false DISABLE_DEXPREOPT=true WITH_DEXPREOPT=false WITH_SU=true USE_NINJA=false into buildconfigcommon.mk But can not to bypass Apps compiling error ( ...Bluetooth_intermediates/with-local/classes.dex error and others apps and services). Using java7 instead of java8 also makes errors. Maybe enable EMMA_INSTRUMENTS and NINJA could work? And yes, this is march build on AFH https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=173387
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    not stop, wifi uploading RESTART phone. adb via wifi and fb lite can upload files and do not reset phone. do not need to use microG, try build with integrated OpenGapps pico (and zRAM 128MB). if use G510 build, also download Y300 kernel (128MB zRAM) maybe overclocking is not working and can not boot.
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    I had this information about a month ago but due to an issue I wasn't able to sign in and post this. The new Smart 8 phones are shown on Vodafone's IF design page. There will be 4 main devices: Prime 8, Ultra 8, Platinum 8, and Platinum Mini 8. They all have a metal and/or glass construction, something very welcome. The platinum Mini 8 is a new addition with a 5.2" screen, and looks very interesting. Here is the link: http://ifworlddesignguide.com/profile/2960-vodafone/ Enjoy! :)
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    Hi PaulOBrien, Many thanks for your work to provide tools for Honor 6x. That's just one week that i have my Honor. But, I hope I can make my Honor 6X like stock Android rapidly. At this time, i'm just frustrated because I can't change Dialer. Google Contacts works fine on my phone with the version downloaded from APKMirror. I downloaded Google Phone app 7.0 from APKMirror too, install is ok but when i type a number phone, emui dialer appears. If I try "pm hide com.android.dialer" (I don't know if it's the good name). Do you think that google dialer will be used by default? Same thing for contacts "pm hide com.android.contacts", good idea or not? I come from Windows Phone and all of this is really new. In all of case, thanks again for your website... And sorry for my English...
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    Lights HAL source code is here (https://github.com/CM-CHT/android_device_intel_cherrytrail-common/blob/cm-12.1/lights/lights.c). It totally depends on the device (backlight device path, min/max values, etc) if that one works. That's a very simple one only meant for managing display backlight. It gets more trickier if your device has button backlight and/or notification LED. You can just flash the min brightness patch (http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus/stock-fix-freeze-kbwake/) for more recent CM13 builds.
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    These things are more: who has the time and energy to work at this problem
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    Bugs Found for Huawei Ascend Y300: Also the black screen when entering Recovery Mode. The screen goes to sleep hence screen is black. I was able to figure out a temporary resolve, just press power button twice quickly when you notice you are on recovery mode but aren't seeing nothing then the screen will pop up. Other than that excellent job. Thanks for your brilliant mind. We owe you a million :-)
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    We were talking about nougat. There won't be official Nougat for any Cherry Trail device as Intel pulled the plug from the whole platform. Compatibility patch is meant for that specific build but people have used it with newer builds regardless. I can't support Hi12 anymore either way. There is no kernel source available for Hibook Pro/Hi12 and issue with device entering deep sleep can't be fixed without it. It would be possible to build CM12.1 for pretty much any Cherry Trail device.
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    Even if you reboot to the bootloader while in recovery, the phone just boots normally. There does not seem to be an accessible fastboot mode on this phone, ZTE have it locked down. Fairly sure the OEM unlocking does nothing.
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    I tried that, but it seems I am unable to reboot into the bootloader. I have both USB debugging and OEM unlocking enabled. When I do 'adb reboot bootloader' (or select "Reboot bootloader" from Flashify), the phone just reboots and starts the system normally. When I try "fastboot devices" when the phone is started, it doesn't return anything. I am using MM with root and TWRP (upgraded to MM from TWRP as suggested here, not using OTA).
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    I known that but i want to use Titanium backup Before flash another rom! I need root to do that ;-)
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    I've noticed something in the BIOS settings that I've only noticed a couple times, this being the second time. Anyway, there's an option 'Android-IA' in the Boot Override section under 'Save & Exit'. Not sure what it means or what it's for, but I did try to boot with it. Nothing happened, but I'm hoping someone here knows what this option does, if anything.
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    Hi everyone, Giving a little heads up if you're installing the Marshmallow OTA. I wanted to go back to stock because I was having issues with Cyanogenmod (phone getting warm, distorted audio on video recording, etc...) So I downloaded the 5.1 update and the Turkish stock recovery, and the phone was back to stock 5.1. I then installed the OTA update to Marshmallow and that was fine. But when I went to downgrade back to Lollipop to root and install TWRP I noticed that the recovery was different this time. It also won't install either the older Turkish recovery or the stock 5.1 ROM. Don't know what to at this stage, guess I'm going to have to live with stock Marshmallow The recovery has some 'interesting' options like mount /system and view recovery logs which you can use to view the kernel logs as well.
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    That's not how i read it. They are testing for the fault
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    Actually Teclast tbook16 power Cherry Trail T3 Z8750 has Android 6.0, don't know about brand of wifi/bt adapter, updates to Android 7 is for privileged devices (like nVidia Shield) maybe it's easier to asseble wifi/bt adapter of another company, anyway tendention of upgrading to 7 is looking good.
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    Hi Ceastel, yesterday I tested the new TWRP version and I find the following bugs: 1. The recovery clock showed wrong time, for example 2:30 pm it displayed 2:20 pm, this morning I entered in recovery mode again and the time was ok. 2. In terminal mode, reboot command doesn´t works. 3. In reboot menu, when I taped on reboot recovery it booted again but in system mode. 4. When phone is off and I connect charger, the battery charging animation turns center to the right side and viceversa. I don´t know if this is a special effect or a wrong behavior. Thanks for your work and attention.
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    Some Day Ago Huawei Released Android M EMUI 4.0 For Huawei Mate S Smartphone.The Mate S Is Run 1.5GHz octa-core Kirin 935 processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. Internal Storage Is 32/64/128 GB That Can Be Expanded Up To 128GB Via A MicroSD. It Has 5.5 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors , With Resolution Of 1080 x 1920 pixels . It’s Lets You Snap Brilliant Dual 13-Megapixel Camara And 8-Megapixel Front camara For selfie. Some Days Ago Many Users Asking For How To Downgrade To Marshmallow Rom.Here Also Huawei Started Android M Beta Test Program On Many Device We Already Uploaded The Mate S Android M Beta Ota Zip. Here The Guide And Marshmallow Firmware Link You Can Easy Install To Android Marshmallow 6.0 .Huawei Mate S Android M Firmware Details :-Android Version:- Marshmallow v6.0Ui Version :- Emotion UI 4.0Firmware Versions:- B321Huawei-Mate S :- CRR-L09Release Date :- 20.Apr.2016Firmware Name :- CRR-L09C432B321Region :- Europe ⇓⇓ Download Android M For Huawei Mate S ⇓⇓ DOWNLOAD LINK Guide To Install update.zip :-Create A Full Backup Of Your Phone.Download OTA Zip File & Extract It.Copy Dlode Folde To Root Of The Sdcard.Swich Off Your Phone & Hold The “Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button“.Automatic Phone Detect Update File & Flashing Will Start.After Flashing Done Your Phone Automatic Reboot & Enjoy Android M. credit :- gizrom

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