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    New build. This will be most likely the final CM12.1 build. http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus/CM12.1 -fix lights HAL to allow lower minimum brightness -fix capasitive home button on Hi12 -integrated kernel build -fix Skype login issue (thanks to zltnngy)
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    @patiient81 you need stock recovery then install 5.11 09b stock Rom then you can update to 6.01
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    I just installed the new zip plus the Hi12 patch and wiped cache/dalvik. I didn't wipe system or reinstall gapps. No problems so far and Skype login working and win logo home button. Performance seems good too, 58k on Antutu, no lag in Chrome. Added 10 euro donation :)
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    Hi everyone! If you do not know, you can have destop as well as on Windows... Put and delete schortcuts that you want... It is necessary to go to the "Experimental Featueres", than turn on the "Enable Launcher File Mode"... For me, this is an excellent option!!! If someone described this, sorry :-)
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    Should be possible when there's a full firmware package available at ZTE support site. All Android devices are stuck with the kernel version they initially shipped with. Same kernel version doesn't mean it's still the same kernel - it's not. There's plenty of changes for Marshmallow (including patching those vulnerabilities you've exploited to gain root access). Bootloader is updated with the firmware update. Best to run Marshmallow ROM with Marshmallow bootloader/radio. There could be all kinds of strange issues otherwise.
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    It's actually done using Santa's naughty list. You get it depending on whether you've been naughty or nice. I know why I've not gotten it yet...😀
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    And its through phases.. Here in Portugal some have it others dont
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    The update comes through imei so some ppl Will get it first
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    Not a single thing in that post is true. There's plenty of msm8916/msm8939 devices receiving official Nougat (including Snapdragon 410 Android One device that received Nougat update directly from Google on the very first day Nougat was out). Even much lower end Snapdragon 210 devices (msm8909, 32-bit 4 x Cortex-A7, Adreno 304) have Qualcomm Nougat BSP (board support package) available. https://wiki.codeaurora.org/xwiki/bin/QAEP/release OpenGL ES 3.1 or Vulkan is not a requirement. Neither is hardware backed encryption that was also speculated before Android CDD (compatibility definition document) was released. Qualcomm just most likely decided not to release Nougat BSP for B-family (msm8974/msm8226/msm8610) purely from business perspective. msm8974 is still even today a beast and it easily outperforms anything that Qualcomm currently offers in their midrange.
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    New build. This will be most likely the final build. http://konstakang.com/devices/kis3/CM13 -rebrand to LineageOS -patch known vulnerabilities in kernel (CVE-xxxx-xxxx, and more) -Android security patch level: 1 January 2017 (merged)
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    You most definitely shouldn't use gparted (or any other regular filesystem tools) to resize or remove partitions. I've explained partitions in this post. android_persistent partition is used by Google's factory reset protection feature so that won't work. There's shouldn't be any android_esp partition and recovery shouldn't be mounting those two partitions anyway (I guess you do need proper TWRP for Hi12 after all). You can get your partitions back by flashing firmware with Intel Platform Flash Tool.
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    Hi KonstaT, thanks a lot for your great work. My Chuwi HI12 runs great with your CM 12.1 build. Made a donation yesterday. I have two questions. Today I recognized that I have installed this ROM on my chuwi: cm-12.1-20170128-chuwi_vi10plus-Hi12-451609XXX.zip but I'm not owning the latest version, mine is 45160403568 (This version already has stylus support and DUAL OS). So my question is should I stay on this Rom or install this one: cm-12.1-20170128-chuwi_vi10plus-Hi12.zip. What are the differences? Another thing is that I installed this ROM with TWRP-Version Is version available for the Hi12? Are there any advantages in updating?
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    @KonstaTNo luck on that site :) Was able to pull this though: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ZxZ3TuJzwFSUw3dG90eWRRNFU/view -- I know, I know, but would you just take a look in each folder, please.
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    Hah, I really don't mind. Nice work as always! :) Yeah, that commit came from CAF so probably not a good idea to have it enabled on non-Qualcomm devices. Here's a patch will fix audio lag in some games. All credits to zltnngy for debugging and fixing this issue. cm-12.1-chuwi_vi10plus-fix-audiolag.zip https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=457095661767133387 md5:e1124840f4914a5c0b0be7991834ad93
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    Yes, you can update from previous version without losing any data. Just flash the ROM (+ compatibility patch if necessary) in TWRP. No need to wipe anything or even flash the gapps again. Thanks. Much appreciated. :)
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    New build. http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus/CM13 -rebrand to LineageOS -fix bluetooth audio -fix lights HAL to allow lower minimum brightness -integrated kernel build -Android security patch level: 1 December 2016 (merged)
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    IDK, it might need a new compatibility patch. What stock firmware version does it ship with? You need to install the Hi10 Pro compatibility patch! I'm getting tired of repeating this same stuff over and over again. Is there something unclear in the installation instructions (that I can improve somehow) or are people just too lazy/stupid to read that far?
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    When you upgrade it detects new SD card you need to configure it as portable device. Windows detects my SD card
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    Check this out https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/resize-android-partition-the-easy-way-for-x98-serie/ You might get some answers from that.
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    because there are a lot of people using this phone. In Turkey, there is no option to buy any phone with installment because of government regulation. You can only buy mobile phone with cash. However vodafone gives this phone with $1 additional payment to their telephone bill. I can say that 1/3 of total vodafone users have this phone. Turkcell and Turk Telekom give their phones but not quite good. So ZTE knows the potential customers. Then ZTE started to sell their new products.
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    Just to let you know Full turkey mm rom is already on zte site
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    I dont know for hi12, but for vi10 plus cm12.1 is just smooth. Linage have small annoying things like very sensitive power botton and slow wake up. Small things i know, but Cm12.1 is just perfect.
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    i formatted the sd card like in the link said, but when i connect the phone with my computer it only shows the real internal storage and not the extendet sd storage in the phone itself it seems to look good. anyone has also problems using the sd? *edit* nevermind, i first hat to migrate the data to the external
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    That's latest 5.11 there isn't official 6.01 on zte site atm
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    Guys vodafone launch the marshmellow update.. hope now we will have new roms with this version.. i hope.. Srry for my bad english kkk
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    https://mega.nz/#F!3dwFiT5S!XiESHfSxKAu93AmcEDEqjg Dumped by Skrittles.
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    I use programs for USB information and detect in my case a pny drive, but not mount it, i tried stickmount and other but not mount, Any comand,program or script for mount? Thanks
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    OK, after the third Installation its now working correct. I have forget, to wipe "system" in twrp. Thank you for support.
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    Hi from Spain, i AM very happy with this rom because accept my USB 128gb extfat directly, but the problems it's that can only use one USB, if i put another Pendrive on second USB it not mount. PleaseAnyone can help me?
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    On the way! Downloading AOSP 6.0.1_r78 (the newest one) source... and will try to compile it against Slim6 device tree (with camera fix [CMA=n] and CM13 RIL). I hope this could be finished...
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    I posted a link to a tutorial on how to do that...and if you do that, then you can no longer change the "Default Save Location" Ok then now i get it[emoji1]
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    Please stop spreading this rumour. It's based on nothing. I have used Android for a long time and never have I heard of an operating system update beeing distributed by IMEI. If you have any real proof(vodafone/zte representatives quotes) feel free to post it here. For now, nobody knows how the update is distributed.
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    Well thanks to KonstaT the Lineageos website has the chuwi vi10 plus up in 258th position now in the installs league table...with 112 installs. Impressive!
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    Did some of those who didn't get the update yesterday get it today? I didn't, my phone keeps teeling me my software is up to date
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    No, it wakes every minute or so just like with stock firmware. You can easily test this yourself (e.g. renaming that file is less intrusive than removing and you can easily restore it).
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    Just installed the latest UK 5.1.1 update and so far, no software update and no Marshmallow. So either the user was lying or the update still hasn't reached all phones in UK.
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    If fully powered down (not just screen off) drain should be negligible (should last for months). Remove power plug before shutting down or it will boot to battery monitor OS so won't be completely off if you latter remove charger cable.
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    Troubles with baseband version maybe? @adeii Maybe you should try to build AOSP, in theory it should be the lightest ROM.
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    I've try with different USB with "set-force-adoptable" as "false". You are fully right, it's work with fat32, exfat and ntfs filesystem without problem. I tried with two different USBs before, and both fail with "set-force-adoptable" as "false". I formated then (partition table included) and the same problem. I thing they just need a travel to the trash. Sorry a lot for wasting your time :( Other thing, I try to use "long press" option in Setting - button - long press (I don't know if is wited exactly as that in english) in capacitive button (Chuwi HI10 plus) and doesn´t work. I think it's because if you do a "long press" the tablet really do as if you pressed it repeatedly very fast. For check I go to /system/usr/keylayout/gslX680.kl and changed "key 102 HOME VIRTUAL" for "key 102 BACK VIRTUAL". Then if you long press the capacitive button it do "BACK" very fast repeteadly, If I try in Nova Launcher with the origintal option (HOME) the screen blink as you press HOME a lot of time (in Trebuchet I think you can't see).
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    I also had troubles with SD card on my Hi12, tried different cards and formats. Actually my card is recognised both in Android and Windows. Finally I use Samsung EVO 64GB. I formatted it in exFAT (Standard) and performed full formatting. Standard means 128kb cluster size. In Windows I changed the driver to an older Windows 8 driver Here the link were I found the solution for the Windows SD card problem. https://techtablets.com/forum/topic/reading-sdxc-card/ Until now it works on my Hi12
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    Hi :) Since several days i use (my daughter) use this rom, it seems very good. Our mains apps for listening music and viewing photos works perfectly. Thanks for your work and your recommandation :) But my daughter would like to play some little games (PEGI 7 max) and all games i tried doesn't work at all. Is this rom able to play some games ? If yes, do you have any recommandations about goods littles games ? Thanks
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    Done it: In frameworks/av/services/audiopolicy/AudioPolicyManager.cpp delete the elseif block on line 1643-1646. In cm13 the bug doesn't appear because of https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av/commit/439e4ed408c21bd65711d279bd5251cef7e83440 The final cm12.1 release came a day early:)
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    Yes this is definitely a cm12.1 only issue because i built a pure aosp 5.1 rom from source, and audio is ok, there is no lag.
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    Thanks Franck Black! You saved my Skate with this post. Works like a charm :) Cheers mate.
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    Can request now free bootloader unlock code from DC-unlocker without installing anything: https://forum.dc-unlocker.com/forum/modems-and-phones/huawei/149765-free-huawei-phone-bootloader-unlock-codes and for all models, unlike with previous service that they had.

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