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    Dazzozo isn't a dev of Nexus 5. @andrea G300 and Y300 are most the same. All what works on Y300 will work on G300 too.
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    @Tillaz OK sending phone off later today 1st class my new phone on way I decided to get LG optimus 4X HD also as I'm no longer having this device I just want thank all devs for hard work @Tillaz, @Dazzozo, @Kra1o5, @Joestone, @Jostalito and all over devs from modaco to HTC Mania etc... And I wish this device best of luck :)
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    This is kernel for our y300 and g510. Features: -3.4.2 kernel version -New Freq Table - 19Mhz / 65Mhz / 98Mhz / 196Mhz / 320Mhz / 480Mhz / 700Mhz / 1008Mhz / [1046Mhz - y300] / [1209Mhz - g510] -Underclock -Dynamic fsync v2 -Increase available ram (depends on version which you choose) -CPU voltage control VDD sys interface (only for y300) -Schedulers : fiops / noop / dedline / cfq / sio / sioplus / row / vr / zen / fifo -Governors : interactive / conservative / userspace / powersave / ondemand / ondemandX / preformance / smartassv2 / smartassH3 / smartmax / badass / asswax / wheatley / dancedance / intellidemand / lulzactive / hyper / lionheart -TCP congestion control algorithms: westwood / vegas / veno / cubic / reno / bic / htcp / lp / scalable / yeah / llinois / hybla / highspeed -TCP westwood as default -Optimized AES and SHA1 routines -LowMemoryKiller management of not killable processes -Timer slack controller -CK3 Tweaks -Optimized SLUB memory allocator -Dynamic management of the minimal timer slack value during suspend/resume -Compile with -O3 -ARM flags optimization -Linaro 4.6.2 -FRandom -Swap support -Lowered swappiness 60->45 -Zram (?) -usb OTG (only for CM[?]) -Dynamic dirty page writebacks -Doubled readahead values -Fast Charge (untested but i think it need some fixes) -A little bit overclocked gpu [gpu freq steps : 192Mhz / 245Mhz / 320mhz] -Different compresion type -Disabled Gentle Fair Sleepers for better UI performance -and much more ... (look at the changelog) CeXstel v0.62 for CM10: v0.62 (407MB ram) v0.61 (407MB ram) v0.60 (407MB ram) v0.59 (407MB ram) v0.58 (407MB ram) v0.58 (~400MB ram) v0.58 (393MB ram) CeXstel v0.62 for CM10.1: v0.62 (407MB ram) v0.61 (407MB ram) v0.60 (407MB ram) v0.59 (407MB ram) v0.58 (407MB ram) v0.58 (~400MB ram) v0.58 (393MB ram) CeXstel v0.62 for Stock: v0.62 (407MB ram) v0.61 (407MB ram) v0.60 (407MB ram) v0.59 (407MB ram) (reuploaded) v0.59 (393MB ram) v0.58 (407MB ram) v0.58 (~400MB ram) v0.58 (393MB ram) From v0.58 version the images aren't tested by me. I only check does it bootable. Older versions: CM10 : v0.57 (407MB ram) v0.56 (407MB ram) v0.55 (407MB ram) v0.55 (~400MB ram) v0.55 (393MB ram) v0.47 CM10.1 : v0.57 (407MB ram) v0.56 (407MB ram) v0.55 (407MB ram) v0.55 (~400MB ram) v0.55 (393MB ram) v0.54 v0.5 v0.47 Stock : v0.57 (407MB ram) v0.56 (407MB ram) v0.55 (407MB ram) v0.55 (~400MB ram) v0.55 (393MB ram) v0.54 v0.5 v0.47 v0.3 Not fully working builds : Changelog Buglist: Special features: Sources : https://github.com/Ceastel/CeXstel-kernel-msm8x25 Thanks : Kra1o5 Christopher83 IbizaHerrero Dazozzo ZolaIII
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    If your phone can't boot or is ''bricked'' you can fix them. Thanks to Snap.IT NOTICE: NOT WORKING ON WINDOWS 8! If you have WINDOWS 8 install VM Ware Player and install WINDOWS XP (recomended), Vista or Win 7. I'll give you direct instructions but i won't write a tutorial on the subject because i simply don't have the time. I'm going to ask you to unpack it to c:\DFU, it's unimportant where you actually unpack it but i'm using that path in my instruction. 1. Since you have the drivers installed i'll skip this step. 2. Download and unpack http://www.mediafire.com/?xwp44vbn4hfb4th to c:\DFU 3. Start your phone in DFU mode (press and hold vol- and vol+ as you attatch the USB cable) 4. Use the filemanager (explorer) to navigate to c:\DFU and start the executable MAL_DFU_tools.exe 5. On the upper right side, enter c:\DFU\update1 6. On the left side ONLY click the checkbox next to recovery.img MAKE SURE ALL OTHER CHECKBOXES ARE CLEAR 7. On the lower right side there are two buttons, click the one to the left 8. Wait for the process to finish, remove the back cover and the battery, wait a few seconds and insert it again 9. Press and hold vol+ and power until you get to CWM recovery, flash whatever ROM you'd like. I don't know if this will work since i don't know what you have done with your phone and you refuse to point me to the file you tried to install but the alternative is to get a dd from someone elses phone. THERE IS AN EXAMPLE HOW DFU TOOL LOOK:
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    Finally flashable ClockWorkMod Splash screen image. Maked by: HACKER-001 & odmetnik81 How to install: Boot in recovery mod, flash ''ZTE-Blade-III-Splash-FlasherNEW.zip'' REBOOT YOUR PHONE! TO DOWNLOAD CLICK ON SOME PICTURE... Thanks to: KonstaT odmetnik81 peksan
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    After a lot of recompiling and "borrowing" stuff from the Chinese versions of CM7, I have finally got a build that appears to work. I have rebuild the rom to use the stock GB kernel. You should be able to install another kernel if you wish, but this is untested so you do so at your own risk (make a backup first). As a result, the kernel settings will no longer work, but I have included No Frills so you can configure Governor & Scheduler. There is no over-clocking with this kernel, but I have found the performance and battery life to be much better with this kernel than the previous one. Rom file will only work on 109808 Baseband, so also flash the patch file below if using 2030. Given the number of changes there is no update patch this time, It's best to do all the wipes before flashing this rom. Installing: Do the usual wipes before installing Rom 18/11/13 Build - http://www.solidfiles.com/d/af7d8e4822/ 2030 Baseband Patch - http://www.solidfiles.com/d/a253266b58/ Gapps - http://www.solidfiles.com/d/75598e3493/ Use Spirit FM you want FM radio - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1059296 Latest Changes: Now based on stock GB Kernel, should also work with other kernels. Added No Frills CPU Control as the Kernel Settings will no longer work KNOWN ISSUES:- Sim Pin lock is temperamental, turn this off in your existing rom before installing. Reboot the phone if you get an error when turning on WI-FI tethering. Logcat don't work with 2030 baseband
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    PAC-man ROM is a combination of the three Super ROMs Available Paranoid Android + AOKP + Cyanogenmod = PAC-man This ROM packs all the tweaks from the three super ROMs into one. Why choose among ROMs, When you have All-in-One !! Soon!
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    I just go mine this morning, but so far I am very impressed. Android 4.3 is really neat compared to earlier versions, and it gives this phone a number of advantages: After installing Google Keyboard, gestures are supported. The phone has unified storage memory, so you cannot run out of app storage (unless all the memory is full). Everything is nice and fluid, either because of better software or better hardware. It seems to be compatible with every app except for NowTV. The hardware is also quite nice: It supports USB-otg, so you can connect USB devices such as a keyboard using a simple adapter. The camera does not have many pixel, but the pictures are quite decent. The light is very bright. The screen is really nice - good brightness, although the minimum level could be lower. My only questions are: Can I connect an external screen? I know it does not have an HDMI connector, but maybe there is a USB adapter? Is there a way to root it? I guess it is not essential, but still nice for a few apps. Overall I would say this is absolutely brilliant for the price - this is just as revolutionary as the original ZTE Blade was.
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    Last year, the Nexus 4 redefined phone pricing, coming in at close to half the cost of its peers. Whilst the compromises made to get there were obvious, it was still astonishingly good value. But it wasn't really a cool device. It didn't seem to make the average person want a Nexus device. This year, the Nexus 5 has not had the same shock value as we were expecting the price to come in low. Just like with the Nexus 7, it actually saw a small increase in its pricing. Motorola have actually been the ones to provide us with the pricing shockwave this time around when they announced the Moto G. It is so shockingly inexpensive for a device that runs so beautifully that it has redefined value. In our opinion here at MoDaCo, it may not be quite as good a device as the Nexus 5, but it offers much better value. The 16Gb version of the Moto G is half the price of the Nexus 5. Half. Yet it has a super screen that is broadly the equal of the Nexus 5, equally solid build quality and performance that in every day use is almost identical. Yes, the Nexus 5 runs a later version of Android and should in theory be updated to the next version more quickly, but consider that the Moto X has received its KitKat update before any of our Nexus devices have got theirs. The only major compromise appears to be in the camera where the Nexus 5 has the Moto G beaten. But it is worth repeating that the Moto G is half the price. Half. Is the Moto G cool? Will teenagers want it? I don't actually know the answer to this question, but I do know a lot of parents of teenagers who are going to buy the Moto G as it is cheap enough to not cause concern of it being lost or broken at least to the same extent as the much more expensive mid-range offerings from the likes of Samsung and HTC. Consider also that Motorola are offering different coloured backs for the G and at reasonable prices too. This is a phone you can customise. Oh, and it runs BBM too! The Moto G is a cheap but fantastic phone. Probably the best value phone on the market today and quite possibly the most interesting release of the year. Have Motorola made cheap phones cool? What do you think and will you be buying one for yourself or your child?
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    So, there is the final release for rooting of the ZTE Blade III. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrIqcj6HF28 Stock Recovery (all country) http://www.modaco.co...y/#entry2141803 So, there is the final release of the CMW for ZTE Blade III. 1. Download and install drivers: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e0ohnaahiaja6m5/zte-blade-iii-drivers.exe 2. Download the CWM tool http://www.mediafire...oswzxh76rfbmw87 3. Once the download has completed, open -> ClockworkBlade3.exe (MUST RUN ''AS ADMINISTRATORS'') 4. USB Debugging must be enabled! 5. DO NOT TOUCH your phone during this process. Wait 3-6 minutes and enjoy with the CWM on ZTE Blade III 5. Enjoy... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Troubleshooting IMPORTANT!!! If your phone stuck on the android logo go to Device manager... Find the incompatible device... right click mouse... click on the upgrade drivers or something like this... I have a Disc... let me pick... and chose the file when you before extract the fastboot drivers on your desktop... chose ZTE Handset device... And that's it... Fastboot Drivers: http://www.mediafire.com/download/45b4aoh8dk9d48t/fastboot_driver_B3.zip I'm stuck on "Searching for device. Please wait..." or "<waiting for device>" for longer than 3 minutes. If you're stuck on "Searching for device. Please wait..." or "<waiting for device>" for longer than 3 minutes, keep the program open whilst it is still stuck. Disconnect your phone and reconnect it to a different USB port, then wait another 3 minutes. If you're still stuck after another 3 minutes, make sure you have correctly installed the USB drivers and setup your computer. If you have correctly installed the drivers, close the program on your computer, disconnect your phone and then turn it off and on again (you may need to remove the battery to turn it off). Then, reboot your computer, reconnect your phone to a different USB port and try again. I do not see ClockworkMod Recovery. Turn off your phone (remove the battery if necessary) and turn it on again by holding the Power onand Volume down button together for 20 seconds, until you see ClockworkMod Recovery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE SHARE AND POST COMMENT'S... :D Stock Recovery (all country) http://www.modaco.co...y/#entry2141803 Sony Xperia Z Walkman+ Xperia Z Launcher and TrackID for all ROM *flashable: http://www.modaco.co...e/#entry2145758 by: HACKER-001 only 14 years old
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    Waitin' 4 kit kat. Yay
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    you can add the tile torch in quick settings? please!!
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    Funny. I'm guessing later models have been partitioned differently, as the CM setup reflects how my device was shipped. Anyway, just make an sd-ext partition on your memory card and move your apps via Link2SD.
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    Yes, it's official :) https://github.com/PAC-man/android_vendor_pac/commit/1a72c144b2db41a82315f60f106320828063d9b4 For official builds, OTA and more, need wait a little :)
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    To be more exact, he is a dev of g300, y300, g510 and probably nexus 5 )
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    u can keep it, and here is flashable zip of twrp : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7oMj_IS38vfWXVVdWZBcWVyUms/edit?usp=sharing
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    Relaaaaaaaaaaaax. :p Other devices aren't a useful metric. Different Android versions require different amounts of work for different hardware. That said... things are looking pretty damn good right now.
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    This is a development section. The question shouldn't have been asked here. Crowding up this section isn't what we need. But now for info. Android 4.4 is optimised to run faster and is compatible with a device with a ram of 512mb Officially. No update will be released for this device, but as one user pointed out that the new cyangenmod is to come but its under development so there's only pre builds and alphas. But the answer to your question is maybe its up to the devs to work on :)
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    Yay, right in the development section
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    Issues:A few video decoding errors, mostly distortionPossibly some G510-specific issues, I believe I fixed the framebuffer dancing bug, if anyone can point things out it would be appreciated
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    Start again. You need either of the rom files, your choice, and the root file. Put them all on your SD card. Reboot into recovery. Wipe system, data, cache Install the rom zip file install the root zip file Reboot
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    here mate...http://www.solidfiles.com/d/bf4d59f54e/
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    Finally is released the flashable Sony Xperia Z Walkman+ Sony Xperia Z Launcher for ZTE Blade III LINK: http://www.mediafire...mgbj9lzeqdbq5dx How to install... Download the file, copy it to the SD- card, reboot in CWM, flash Sony_Xperia_Z_Walkman_By_HACKER-001.zip, wipe dalvik cash, REBOOT YOUR PHONE!. ENJOY... Finally is released the flashable Sony Xperia Z TrackID for ZTE Blade III LINK: http://www.mediafire...22rr8arh3cka4iq How to install... Download the file, copy it to the SD- card, reboot in CWM, flash MOD_TrackID™By_HACKER-001.zip, wipe dalvik cash,REBOOT YOUR PHONE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE SHARE AND POST COMMENT'S... :D Stock Recovery (all country) http://www.modaco.co...y/#entry2141803 HOW TO #ROOT, CWM *updated http://www.modaco.co...roubleshooting/ by: HACKER-001 only 14 years old
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    now I've learned the rules'' behavior'', no more copying works without adding credentials. somewhere I was answered that there will not be a copy.
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    factual? see, I have no time to argue with fellow'''' I currently have a mountain of work to do, I'm building a Sense UI ROM. And by the way let me say that I did not copy anyone's work with the XDA site
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    Stock Recovery (all country) http://www.modaco.co...y/#entry2141803 CyanogenMod 10 - Touch screen change http://www.modaco.co...-screen-change/
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    I'm sorry too... I was post this topic before almost 2 months ago.... But what's is wrong with this .exe ???
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    Ohhh, come down... I didn't change nothing... I've just post a topic... Now who want to read it let's read it................ :blink:
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    e sorry... nisam ni primetio, hvalati... jesi li uspeo da ga rutujes?