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    Ok, I tried the ROM, I was using instagram and the pictures never load, boomerang records videos in green colors and the cam records videos with lots of bugs, it's super laggy; and the battery lasts like an hour xD But at least the cam works. Also I'm going to try to use gapps to see if there are improvements since some apps I use require them to be able to work, there are lots of useful tools and that's wonderful, it's also funny everytime you read something. I'd love to get a new update with wihich videos are playables in apps like intagram and the gallery, also the camera sometimes crashes even taking pics not only recoding videos. Amazing job, thanks
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    Sorry, mistake, should be repaired soon. update: flashable zip added in 1st post.
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    Camera works (because of bigger VM heap values, but that slow down whole ROM and cause lagging), RIL works, video - recording maybe, short clips should works, video calling - didn't try, video watching - some codecs exists but all video works with MX Player free, GPRS and EDGE also works but sometimes blocks, 3G was bugs.
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    No, jellybean nor kitkat kernel dont work on marshmallow rom. but ultra kernel for slimkat legacy also works on dirty unicorns rom v.8.2 (kitkat)
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    @chil360 Slim6 is great ROM but it has one big bug, when talk to someone (when I call someone or someone calls me) I can hear everyone perfectly but other side hear my every 10-th word I say, while viber calls works fine.
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    Eu uso a miui 7, fiz umas pequenas modificações praticamente 0 bugs
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    Also check if you have any sort of authentication switched on. In RR I had to disable it for Polish APN's and it started to work.
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    @naudysp18Thanks for suggesting . Snapchat videos don't work because is missing hardware decoding .
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    Not "[ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.1 UNOFFICIAL [29/12/2015]" ? I'm actually on AOSP MOD with Android 4.1.1 and i've been surpised to not be able to install some apps. Maybe a more recent android version (than 4.1.1) is important...
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    You have found right ROM! KitKat/4.4.4 is the fastest, according to my experience from 4.1.2 to 6.0.1. So flash the latest SlimKat 9.0 legacy rom from 29.12.2014. and enjoy.