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    • Elimination Chember 2018 WWE https://wwefreetv.blogspot.com/2018/02/elimination-chember-2018-live-wwe.html https://wwefreetv.blogspot.com/2018/02/elimination-chember-2018-live-wwe.html Elimination Chamber 2018 https://nostotv.com/2018/02/25/elimination-chamber-2018/ https://nostotv.com/2018/02/25/elimination-chamber-2018/ 2018 Elimination Chamber https://probowlfinal.com/elimination-chamber-2018-live/ https://probowlfinal.com/elimination-chamber-2018-live/ WWE Elimination Chamber https://www.wrestlemania33streamtv.com/2018/02/wwe-elimination-chamber-2018/ https://www.wrestlemania33streamtv.com/2018/02/wwe-elimination-chamber-2018/ ENjoy Elimination Chamber 2018 https://www.reddit.com/803uo5/ https://www.reddit.com/803uo5/  
    • Also, pressing the power button for a long time is doing nothing now. The battery was near full when all of this happened so I'm doubting that it's the battery,
    • Okay, so I have a bit of a big problem. I was downloading some images, when the screen got stuck for a bit, flashed some lines, then turned off. I held the power button, to reboot it, and it worked... for a bit. The usual "Powered by Android" screened showed up, before a blue flash covered the screen, and then nothing. Panicking a little bit, I tried to boot into recovery, but then something weird happened. It hanged onto the TWRP screen, before rebooting back into the "Powered by Android" screen. The next time I tried to go into recovery, it hanged onto the TWRP screen again, before now slowly fading out into black with blue colours, and then nothing. I have no idea what happened, but my phone is rooted, it has TWRP [obviously], and the internal storage was almost full when I was downloading the images. I'm a bit worried that the reason why my phone is glitching out is because the internal storage is way too full, but without a recovery I have no idea how I can fix that issue. Anyone know what's going on, or is my phone officially dead? Also the OS I'm rocking, or was rocking, was the Lineage 14.1 one by Nutsda
    • Why I can't download this utility? Can you upload some where else, please?
    • Hi Can you please add an English translation to your postsplease Thanks