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    Offer Watch: Buy a Chromebook, get a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    You probably already know that here at MoDaCo were really love our Chromebooks, so here's a tempter for those thinking of buying one.

    @hecatae has spotted this great Chromebook offer that Samsung are currently running for Chromebooks purchased between 1st August and 3rd September.

    You can get your hands on a Chromebook with a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone in one of two ways. You can choose the Chromebook Wi-Fi or the Chromebook 3G. With the 3G offer, you also get £50 cashback and a SIM card from Globalgig, combined with a 12 month data plan of 100MB per month. This data plan isn’t just restricted to the UK – it extends to a network of 36 countries, including many in Europe,as well as the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.


    Qualifying Models appear to be

    • Series 3 (XE303C12-A01UK) - The ARM one, £210 on Amazon
    • Series 3 3G (XE303C12-H01UK) - The ARM one, £288 on Amazon
    • Series 5 (XE550C22-A01UK) - The superior 550 model, £299 on Amazon
    • Series 5 3G (XE550C22-H01UK) - The superior 550 model, £379 on Insight

      And the 'valid UK stores' are

      • Amazon (EXCLUDING Marketplace purchases)
      • Argos
      • Currys
      • PC World
      • John Lewis
      • Shopdirect
      • Tesco
      • C-Learning
      • Misco
      • Insight
      • Stone
      • RM
      • XMA
      • If you purchase either of the non-3G models you can claim a FREE Samsung Galaxy Mini smartphone (worth about £60)

        For those grabbing the 3G models can claim a FREE Samsung Galaxy Mini smartphone, a FREE 3G Sim Card pack and £50 Cashback.

        Small print on 3G Sim Card Pack reads:

        The card is supplied by Globalgig and participants will be required to supply a valid billing address and debit or credit card details at the point of activation so that Globalgig can take payment for any usage over the 100mb per month limit. Participants have the option to upgrade to one of Globalgig’s data plans. Participants must activate their Sim Card within 30 days of receipt, where receipt is taken to be 2 working days from date of posting. Participants will be sent their Sim Card and cheque within 28 days.


        As with all these redemption deals, you probably want to check out the full Terms and Conditions before diving in as these things can sometimes seem more difficult when you dig under the surface.

        Tempted by £60 worth of phone and £50 cashback?

        Via [ Samsung & @hecatae ]

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    I've seen the gf absolutely despair with her mini.

    There is a reason why they're throwing these things away free sadly.

    Unless rooting and custom rom'ing can change it dramatically it's not much of an offer i think

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    Yeah the phone is a bit rubbish but CeX will buy it from you for £45 :D
    really? That makes the 3g one less than £200, it's a bargain, I don't need a laptop but even I'm tempted

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    100mb per month, well that might last me anything from 5 minutes to an hour. I'll pass. I have a netbook with Linux on it if I'm that desperate for something really portable.

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    I think you can forget the 3g sim part of the deal, as you say, it's crap. You might as well get an Ovivo data sim and get their 750mb for free every month.

    The cashback and free phone are not to be sniffed at though. :)

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