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    Ask MoDaCo: Fantastic 5?

    If there's one thing that was clearly shown at MWC, it was the fact that 5" 1080 screens are the new Vogue. We have three 5" toting devices in for test, the Sony Xperia Z, HTC Butterfly J and the Oppo Find 5.

    The reviews of these beauties in progress, but in the meantime, if you have any questions... ask away! :)


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    Never really considered a 5" but I've looked at the Xperia Z instore and am really considering getting one. The only problem I have is I also like the HTC one and with the S4 coming soon I'm happily indecisive. Anybody got a xperia Z or HTC can give a bit of info on them?

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    As I'm considering getting the note 2 (or perhaps the s4 if it wows me), the questions have to be

    1 Battery life - how much do those super looking HD screens really affect the battery life

    2 Whats the build quality like on the Oppo compared to the big brands

    3 How much of a tool do you feel holding these up to your ear to answer a phone call :)

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    just got the Sony z and I can say it's a lovely device I see what Paul say once you tried a 1080p screen it make every other device look small the clarity of the screen is grant I would recommend anyone to get it also love the small applications you can get to

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    My questions:

    1. How does the Oppo fare against its mainstream rivals?

    2. Is the Xperia Z display as bad as the reports say, i mean in a comparative way to the other 1080p screens?

    3. Any idea on the global availability of the Oppo :)

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