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    EXCLUSIVE: New details on the forthcoming HTC Endeavor superphone (Part 2)

    our exclusive details on HTC's forthcoming Endeavor flagship phone... our tipster has some more details for you! :)

    Following on from

    We already covered a lot of the basics in our earlier post, but now we have some more specifics!

    First and foremost is one of the key selling points of this phone. We don't have exact dimensions but it's THIN, without compromising HTC's renowned build quality. There's a lot of thin devices out there now, but many leave something to be desired in the construction... the Endeavor will buck that trend.

    There has been a lot of discussion about the button configuration and although leaks have shown hardware buttons on the front, we can confirm that the keys will be on screen, with only a power button and volume rocker adorning the device. If you are a fan of the multi colour LED on the Galaxy Nexus i'm afraid you're going to be disappointed here... the Endeavor is packing a green / amber notification LED only.

    As you'd expect, the audio experience on the device is 'Beats' branded both in software and on the back of the device and as with the Sensation XE / XL, the device will ship with a pair of Beats buds in box. Like the Galaxy Nexus, the Endeavor has a 5-pogo-pin setup for a speaker dock that is also likely to be Beats branded as is an optional Bluetooth speaker bar... let's hope HTC can ship in a more timely fashion than Samsoogle! :P

    Another feature the device shares with the Galaxy Nexus is no microSD slot! Nope, no microSD expansion... although at least the device has 32GB of onboard memory as standard, which, intriguingly does support mass storage mode, which isn't offered in stock ICS. That said, i've been told by someone with one of these mythical beasts that, as usual, a relatively small slice of the 32GB is lost immediately to system partitions etc.

    If you're coming from anything but a RAZR or an iPhone, get ready to trim your SIM. In the quest for thinness, only microSIMs are welcome here.

    Power comes for a 1800mAh battery, we're not sure if this is removable as yet.

    The Tegra3 processor is now confirmed as a 'nVidia AP33 1.5GHz / XMM6260' device, so we shouldn't be short of horsepower, along with 1GB RAM. The 4.7" HD720 screen is of the Super LCD variety... no OLED here - whether that is a positive or a negative i'll let you decide. Whether this means the device will or will not have a pentile matrix configuration a-la-Galaxy Nexus i'm not sure... if it doesn't that'll be a definite bonus.

    We spoke of the quad band HSPA radio before, this will be HSDPA 3GPP Release 7 compliant with a 21Mbps peak rate and HSUPA for the upstream with a 5.76Mbps peak rate. Bluetooth 4.0 is present (we'll see this grow in popularity over the coming months) along with 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz).

    All the usual array of sensors are present... A-GPS, motion sensor, FM radio (this is a GOOD thing in my book), a digital compass, proximity sensor, light sensor and gyro. NFC is included as you'd expect for a flagship device now.

    The camera is a 8 Megapixel item with a backlit sensor (so the snaps should be pretty decent) and LED flash, 1080P recording with stereo mics (also used for noise reduction)! The front facing camera is 1.3MP for HD video calls.

    Software wise, as you'd expect Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 is on board, although our sources tell us this is likely to get bumped to at least 4.0.5 prior to launch. This is combined with Sense 4.0, which streamlines HTC Sense and sources say will be much more appealing to both existing Sense users and power users.

    I don't know about you, but i'm putting my name down first on the list for one of these babies... ;)

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    Sounds like I won't be buying a Galaxy Nexus after all (particularly in light of the possible cancellation of the 32 GB model and the ongoing delays in the desk and car docks). If the above specs are correct I'll be waiting for the Endeavour and buying yet another HTC. The only negatives I can see are the notification light and possibly the screen (sorry, I really like the AMOLED on my Desire).

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    If at all possible, I will get this phone. It sounds amazing. My Desire has an SLCD screen (cracked, so I can justify a new phone!) and I actually prefer it to my Legend's AMOLED.

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    This should come out just as i'm ready for an upgrade and by the look of the specs I cant wait. After owning 2 HTC phones I was thinking about jumping ship over to Samsung as HTC have fallen behind a bit but hopefully this is the phone to get them back. I Need to know a bit more regarding the battery size and if its going to be removable or not, if there definitely is no MicroSD slot and the screen type so I look forward to finding out more soon.

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