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    Google+ for Android gets its UI overhaul

    Following on from the recent major update of the Google+ app for iOS, it's the turn of the Google+ app for Android to get a UI overhaul. And it's shiny!

    The update, which wears version 2.6 and is available immediately from the Google Play Store, emphasises improvements to 'polish and performance' according to a launch post on the Google blog.

    New features in the release include...

    • Start a hangout on the go
    • Edit posts inline—as well as a stream that celebrates the rich content shared across Google+
    • A navigation ribbon that slides in and out, providing quick access to just about everything
    • Download photos directly from Google+, and turn them into wallpaper

    I've just downloaded the app and given it a quick whirl... so what's it like? It sure is a lot more 'flashy' in its design, but at first glance it feels a little busy... hopefully not design at the expense of usability?

    There's no doubt that Google are putting significant effort behind Google+, but I still have trouble determining exactly what will get the network to the point where it can become a significant challenger to Facebook and Twitter's dominance.

    Share your thoughts!


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