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    HTC announces the HTC One mini

    HTC have announced the HTC One Mini, the much rumoured more compact sibling to the HTC One, featuring a 4.3" screen and measuring in at 132 x 63.2 x 9.25mm vs the original's 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm.

    Specs on the HTC One mini, formerly codenamed the M4, are pretty much the same as we and others previously reported - the 4.3" screen has a 720P resolution, Android (likely / hopefully 4.2.2) is powered by a dual core Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.4GHz with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The device retains the signature experiences from the full size One with the Zoe equipped Ultrapixel camera (no OIS?), BoomSound and Blinkfeed all present, as well as that beautiful design and aluminium body of course, this time with a plastic ring around the edge of the device.

    As you'd expect, connectivity includes LTE support and the whole thing is powered by a 1800mAh battery.

    So... what do you think?

    I reckon it looks great. I think that the important specs are there to make this a very desirable device. Yes, it is a little bit lower specified than the flagship One, but that is to be expected. The inclusion of a 720P screen is key (as opposed to the qHD screen in the S4 mini) and although the Snapdragon 400 is 'only' dual core, I expect it to be no slouch. The drop from 2GB to 1GB of RAM is a little disappointing, but again, we will have to quantify these factors against the - currently unknown - cost. The HTC One mini will be available in select markets from August and rolled out globally from September.

    The final question... what's your preference - Glacial Silver or Stealth Black? :)



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    i could consider this as an upgrade from my S2 (still going strong), but this will only be doable for me is it has either lots of internal storage (which it doesn't) or an micro SD card slot which judging by the amount of internal storage seems very likely. looks good though and if i do go with this i shall be going silver.

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    Last question first Silver. It just has a certain je ne sais quoi.

    A device I would consider for my younger children, I currently accept the 16Gb I have on my Nexus but I would have liked more if ever purchasing a non Nexus phone.

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