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    HTC One X+ now in stock at O2 UK

    We previously mentioned that O2's next HTC Smartphone would be sold without a charger, but we did not expect it to be the One X+, which is now available to buy!

    Why doesn't this phone come with a charger?

    • 70% of people already have their own USB charger
    • There are around 100 million unused chargers in the UK. That's equivalent to the weight of 1000 London buses and enough copper wire and plastic to wrap around the O2 arena 200,000 times
    • By not buying a charger you're helping to reduce waste - part of O2's commitment under the O2 Think Big Blueprint

    Some of the above reasons are fine, but when you are paying £479.99 for the One X+ on Pay as You Go, but I personally would expect a charger in the box. To make matters worse, O2 do not even offer you the option of purchasing an official HTC charger with the One X+, only the O2 Energy Efficient mains charger!

    Paul is busy finishing his review of the One X+, if there are any burning questions you need answering before purchasing the One X+, leave a comment on the #askmodaco article.

    If you are looking to purchase a One X+, O2 are offering it for £479.99 on PAYG, or free on a £41 a month 24 month contract.

    [Via: O2 UK]

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    Cue lots of blowback on O2 with people reporting their One X+ takes 8 hours to charge (because they're reusing their old 0.5A chargers).

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    Cue nobody wanting it because its £200 more than a Nexus 4....... even if it has 4x the storage.

    N4, unlimited data, long term updates & 18month contract > OneX+, 1Gb data, approx 1 year update life & 2 year contract (at a guess)

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