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    Is this the HTC M4?

    Is this the rumoured HTC M4, the Mini One, the HTC First insides in a One body? It might just be.

    The device takes the very best features from it's big brother and shrinks them down, both in size, power and - one would assume - cost.

    Swapping out the 4.7" 1080P screen for a far more manageable 4.3" 720P unit, the M4 is also said to pack a dual core CPU rather than quad core and a more compact 1700mAh battery. The camera is likely to be the same Ultrapixel unit found in the One. RAM stays at 2GB, unlike the ROM which controversially shrinks to 16GB.

    Personally? I think this looks fantastic... the market needs a really desirable more compact phone and this could be it. I hope they give it a good name... any suggestions?

    [Via: ADVERT LINK REMOVED / @evleaks]


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    HTC Two ;)

    but then what will the One's successor be called?

    I think HTC One Mini would make the most sense from a marketing POV. Jump's on the One's bandwagon and uses Samsung's already recognisable 'mini' format.

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    If this is real, there could well be a Nexus 4 going up for sale. :)

    The Ultra-Pixel camera is what sways it for me.

    wouldn't let it sway you that much. still not convinced it's better than my One X's was in daylight. Much better in low light though, even better than my bloody eyes in some cases!! Zoe is badass tho.

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    The Mini One would seem appropriate. Lets hope when the specs are announced officially this doesn't turn out to be another Galaxy S3 Mini!

    That was an awful attempt at cashing in on the name with overpriced 'Meh' hardware.

    HTC do seem to be coming into some form.

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